37 Summer date night hairstyles you'll definitely fall for

/ 07.29.2015
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  •  Half-up ribbon hairstyle 
 Adding ribbon to a sleek half-up hairstyle like  Natasha Poly  is a cute, inexpensive way to ramp up the romance. Make sure you keep it elegant by choosing a color that coordinates with the rest of your look.
  •  Braided crown 
 When you want your hair up and off your neck in the prettiest way possible, try a braided crown. Once  you  master the technique , it's a cute, practical date night look!
  •  Braided faux half hawk 
 Give your date night hairstyle some edge with an asymmetrical faux hawk. Both the braid and the waves are super romantic but not too sweet.
  •  Side part twist 
 If you have a post-work rendez-vous, try a side part twist hairstyle. It's  polished enough to keep your boss happy , yet cute enough to make a great impression on your date!
  •  Braided updo 
 When humidity levels are soaring, a braided updo hairstyle is one of the best ways to keep your tresses under control and  frizz-free  for date night!
  •  Defined, natural curls 
 Keep things simple with some defined, natural curls for your next date. The texture speaks for itself, so  why complicate things with an updo ?
  •  Liya Kebede's chic blowout 
 Paired with a soft pink lip and understated eye makeup,  Liya Kebede 's layered blowout is polished, airy and so versatile it's guaranteed to look amazing with any outfit.
  •  Zoe Saldana's half-up waves 
 With some extra height at the crown, Zoe Saldana's half-up hairstyle has plenty of volume, while the tousled waves create movement through the lengths. When curling your hair, alternate the direction you turn the iron in for the most natural looking result.
  •  Eva Longoria's romantic tendrils 
 Whatever your go-to updo, leaving some pieces loose in front to frame your face à la  Eva Longoria  is an easy way to bring some added romance to the style. Curl the hair first to further soften the look.
  •  Jennifer Lopez's braided updo 
 Braided updos can be really simple, as proven by  Jennifer Lopez 's fishtail braided hairstyle. All you need to do is tie the hair into a pony, braid it, then pin it into a bun or knot at the back!
  •  Doutzen Kroes' half-up twists 
 If mermaid waves are kind of your thing, make like  Doutzen Kroes  and try some beautiful half-up twists! This hairstyle is romantic yet understated, and you can always balance it with a little black dress if you feel it's a bit on the whimsy side.
  •  Braided headband updo 
 A braided headband updo is a really cute daytime look that translates perfectly into an evening date night 'do. Spritzing your strands  with dry shampoo  before styling will give them extra grip while creating an on-trend, matte texture.
  •  Freida Pinto's wavy bob 
 If you're wondering how to style a bob for date night, take your cue from  Freida Pinto . Her loose waves are polished but relaxed enough to create a soft, romantic look when paired with a vibrant makeup look.
  •  Messy headband updo 
  Messy hair textures  can work really well for date night as they create a soft, sultry look. The trick is to keep your strands controlled and one of our favorite ways to do that is by teaming them with a headband! Simply secure your mane into a messy knot at the back, then pop your chosen headband on.
  •  Big bun hairstyle 
 If you want a hairstyle that's quick, easy and perfect for keeping your hair under wraps in the heat, try a big messy bun. Position it fairly low for an effortlessly chic look, and don't skimp on hairspray in order to keep frizz at bay!
  •  Sweet side braid 
 To keep humidity induced frizz at bay while showcasing the length of your hair, try a side braid. It's a really easy hairstyle that looks great with a headband, and it works with any ensemble.
  •  Messy ponytail 
 Date night hairstyles often look best when left a little undone, like this messy ponytail. It's effortlessly chic, and the loose pieces of hair soften the look and create some added romance.
  •  Blake Lively's braided updo 
 This cute updo from  Blake Lively  features some braided detail along the side of head. You can either French braid a section, weaving it into the rest of the hair, or create a separate braid and then pin it into place.
  •  Natasha Poly's sideswept waves 
 If your date is a glamorous one, try a classic sideswept wavy hairstyle like  Natasha Poly . Just make sure you curl the hair at the front away from your face, and clip each curl up to cool to ensure it sets properly!
  •  Doutzen Kroes' wavy ponytail 
 For an effortlessly pretty look, try a low wavy ponytail, as seen on Doutzen Kroes. The low placement demonstrates ease, while the middle part keeps the look pulled together.
  •  Reverse braided crown 
 With the braids crossing over at the back instead of on top of the head, a reverse braided crown creates a more original date night look. To add texture, use an old toothbrush covered in hairspray to muss where desired.
  •  Smooth mid-length waves 
 For casual dates, try a simple wavy hairstyle. A smooth, cascading look is always chic, however long your hair is! To add shine, spritz your locks with a glossy finishing spray after styling.
  •  Liya Kebede's sleek center part 
 If whimsy, romantic hairstyles aren't very you, try a polished center part like  Liya Kebede . It's a versatile look that works for the office, but can be dressed up with the right makeup by the time you're ready to head out to your date.
  •  Half-up braided headband 
 A half-up braided headband hairstyle creates a date night ready look in mere minutes! All you need to do is create two small braids, taking the hair from behind each ear, then pin them into a headband on top of your head.
  •  Big messy bun 
 You can wear a messy bun everywhere, so it's the perfect go-to updo for impromptu dates or any other surprises! On a practical level, it keeps the hair up and under control, and on a much prettier level, it looks gorgeous with every outfit!
  •  Half-up fishtail braids 
 If you've mastered  fishtail braiding , try some cute half-up braids with the distinctive herringbone structure. It's a slight upgrade from a regular three-strand braid, and it looks so pretty with every hair texture!
  •  Karlie Kloss's tousled waves 
 If you like your romance with just a little bit of drama, try some sultry waves like  Karlie Kloss . The understated texture offsets a subtle smoky eye perfectly, but it also looks stunning with a more fresh faced look.
  •  Headband updo 
 A headband updo couldn't be easier. All you need to do is loop the hair around a stretchy headband until it's all up! Spritz your hair with some dry shampoo before putting it up to give it extra grip and texture.
  •  Intricate braided updo 
 If you love braiding, this princess-like braided updo might your perfect date night hairstyle! Even if your skills are a little rusty, you can cheat by braiding your hair into three or four individual plaits, then pinning them into a chignon at the back.
  •  Natasha Poly's tousled braid 
 For a really summery look, try a beachy braid like Natasha Poly's. The texture creates plenty of volume, keeping the plait light and airy.
  •  Tousled low braid 
 Perhaps one of the easiest hairstyles around, after the ponytail and low knot, a tousled low braid is a simple boho date night hairstyle that's just adorable- the texture is so pretty!
  •  Zoe Saldana's faux bob 
 If you're going on a second or third date, try a faux bob like Zoe Saldana. It's a cute, polished look that allows you to play around with the length of your hair without actually getting it cut.
  •  Doutzen Kroes' chignon updo 
 For a truly elegant look, try a chignon updo like Doutzen Kroes. To make styling this look as easy as possible, simply twist and pin individual pieces at the back of your head, then loosen the finished 'do with your fingers afterward.
  •  Messy knot 
 When in doubt, a messy knot is the perfect failsafe hairstyle for any occasion! The texture lends it a romantic aspect while the practicality of keeping your hair up means you can wear it everywhere.
  •  Low, curled ponytail 
 A low pony with curled ends is a very sweet hairstyle that's perfect for the preppy girls among you, or anyone who wants to channel their inner Kate Middleton! To add some height, tease the hair at the crown before securing the pony.
  •  Voluminous waves with a headband 
 Tame unruly waves, or simply embellish them, with a cute headband! It's a really easy way to make messy tresses look styled, and it only takes a hot minute to do. What's not to love?
  •  Long, defined curls 
 A headful of long, defined curls is basically all you need. Just make sure you apply a smoothing cream before  blow drying with a diffuser  to encourage a smooth, frizz-free finish!

Pondering hairstyle options before a date can be kind of stressful, mainly because there are so many ways to dress up your tresses for the occasion. In the gallery above, you'll find no less than 37 date night hairstyles for inspiration. Which one will you fall for?

How to choose the perfect date night 'do

Date night hairstyles need to look great, but they should also make you feel comfortable and totally like yourself. So, if you usually wear your hair down, wear it down for your date, too. Similarly, if you tend to leave your curly locks in their natural state, don't straighten them for a romantic tête à tête unless you really want to.

That said, it can be really fun to play around with different textures as long as you're having fun with it. Just don't forget to apply a heat protectant beforehand!

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