3 Weekend Hairstyles with Headbands

/ 09.25.2015
3 Weekend Hairstyles with Headbands
  3 Weekend Hairstyles with Headbands

Looking for easy weekend hairstyles with headbands that'll make you look good and help you keep every strand of hair in place? We've got some awesome ideas! Read on...

Ponytail with a Headband
Ponytail with a Headband

1. Ponytail with a Headband

Whether you are cleaning your apartment, running an errand or meeting a friend over lunch this weekend, wear this super cool hairstyle to keep sweat off your hairline and look sporty.

You can make a high ponytail or a low one and accessorize it with a fancy headband. While the pony will lift the weight of your hair off your neck, the headband will automatically hide dirty roots and keep flyways under control.

Side Braid with a Headband
 Side Braid with a Headband

2. Side Braid with a Headband

Going out on a date this weekend? Make a side braid and wear a cute headband to add a romantic touch to your hairstyle.

You can make a braid with a middle part or a side part. You can also switch the side braid with a fishtail braid or a rope twist braid. The headband will help to keep the face- framing strands in place.

You can transform this 'do into a fabulous day-to-night hairstyle by untying your side braid to get soft waves, and keeping hair off your face with the headband.

Chic Updo with a Headband
  Chic Updo with a Headband

3. Chic Updo with a Headband

A chic headband updo helps you fix your hair very quickly, especially if you have a hectic day planned. You need not wash or blow dry your hair. Simply tie all your hair in a knot (remember – the messier, the better!) and wear a thick headband to keep flyways and cowlicks under control!


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