3 Ways to Add Texture to Straight Hair of All Lengths

/ 11.17.2015
How to Add Texture to Your Straight Hair
How to Add Texture to Your Straight Hair

Prim and proper hairstyles can get boring. A little texture can instantly make things more fun! Here are three ways to add texture to your straight hair of all lengths:

Bed head Hair
Bed head Hair

1. Bed head Hair: If Beyoncé can claim that she 'woke up like this', you too can create flawless bed head hair without doing much!

Just dry your hair roughly and while it's still a little damp, spritz your roots with some high-lift creation hairspray. This product will boost your strands and make them 'rise up' – literally! Gently massage the product in your hair, lifting the roots with your fingers as you go to build height. Spritz some fine control hairspray and quickly muss individual hair sections to create a sexy, bed head look!

Tousle Waves
 Tousle Waves

2. Tousled Waves: Let's zoom in to another cool way to texturize your straight hair – by creating beachy, tousled waves.

To prep your hair for creating these effortlessly gorgeous waves, spritz some tousle waves hairspray on your damp tresses. Next, twist a small chunk of hair around a round brush and blow-dry it till it's completely dry. Repeat this step until you've created loose waves throughout your mane. Run your fingers gently through your hair once it's completely dry; this will help to break up tight curls and make the wavy effect look natural.

Complete the look by spritzing your waves generously with hairspray.

Crimped Hair
Crimped Hair

3. Crimped Hair: This is one of the easiest texturized effects that you can create in your straight hair without heat styling. Just make multiple baby braids in your hair – damp or dry – and let the pretty curves set overnight. Untie the braids next morning and you have flawlessly crimped hair!

Make sure the braids are plaited tightly to make the crimped effect more prominent. If the decision to sport crimped hair is spontaneous and unplanned, mist your hair with water and make some tight braids; leave them to set for at least 30 minutes. Untie the braids after half an hour and seal the crimped texture for longer wear by spritzing your locks generously with strong hold hairspray.


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