3 Vintage Party Hairstyles for Women

/ 09.10.2015
3 Vintage Party Hairstyles for Women
  3 Vintage Party Hairstyles for Women

Going to a party this weekend? Team your little black dress with one of these super glamorous vintage party hairstyles for women and have fun, the good old-fashioned way!

The 60s Bouffant

No other hairstyle epitomizes the spirit of the 60s like the bouffant. This big hairstyle was a major fashion trend back in the day and was synonymous with glamour and sophistication. With modern hairstyle trends reinventing vintage looks, the 60s bouffant has sprung back on the fashion scene.

This vintage party hairstyle is best achieved with short hair. To create this style with a chin-grazing bob or shoulder-length hair, you need to:

1. Thoroughly back-brush and tease the hair around your crown to create volume and height.

2. Set the teased hair with a strong hold hairspray.

3. Gently flip back the face-framing sections of your hair to cover up the teased tresses and even them out with a fine comb to achieve a perfectly smooth finish.

4. Spray a generous amount of hairspray to seal the look!

Retro Bouffant Ponytail

If you believe that 'old is gold', you'll absolutely love the retro bouffant ponytail! As the name suggest, this vintage hairstyle combines the glamorous bouffant with the cool ponytail, lending you the best of style and fun.

Ideal for medium-length and long hair, this hairdo is very easy to create. All you need to do is:

1. Create a side part.

2. Section off the face-framing hair pieces on both sides of the part and tuck them behind your ears.

3. Sprits a few pumps of lift creation hairspray around the crown of your head to lift the roots; tease this hair section to create volume.

4. Gently brush back all the tucked hair to cover the teased section and create a smooth bouffant.

5. Secure the bouffant with bobby pins.

6. Gather the rest of your loose hair at the back and tie it into a low ponytail at the nape of your neck.

7. Set the look with hairspray.

Half-up Beehive

If Beyoncé can rock the half-up beehive while calling out to 'all the single ladies', so can you! Given the sky-high pompadour, creating this vintage party hairstyle is not as difficult as it appears. All you need is a little patience and great back-brushing skills! To create this hairstyle,

1. Section out your face-framing hair and tuck it behind your ears with the help of bobby pins.

2. Prep your hair by spritzing a few pumps of lift creation hairspray on the roots around the crown of your head.

3. Tease up a storm by back-brushing your tresses. Remember, the higher you want to go with this look, the more you need to back-brush.

4. Gather all the teased tresses and secure them at the back of your head with bobby pins (just the way you create a half-up hairstyle). Try to keep the volume intact and the top as smooth as possible.

5. Sweep back the face-framing hair sections to smoothly cover the beehive and tuck in bobby pins to secure the ends.

6. Gently brush the rest of your loose hair and finish off with a good hairspray.

That's it!

Try out one of these vintage hairstyles on your next night-out and make heads turn wherever you go!

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