3 Trending Hairstyles for Men This Month

/ 11.19.2015
Most Trending Hairstyles for Men
Most Trending Hairstyles for Men

We're in the third week of 'Movember' and what a stylish month it's been in terms of men's hairstyles! As the gents gear up the holiday season, we're seeing a resurgence of classic, tailored haircuts that are all about purpose and precision. Let's take a look at some of the most trending hairstyles for men this month.

Ivy League Blowback Hairstyle
Ivy League Blowback Hairstyle

1. Ivy League Blowback

Ivy League blowbacks, featuring longer top hair and medium-faded sides, have so far been the most popular hairstyle for men this month. Despite their controlled and well put-together finish, they're far from being boring, suit every man and can be styled with ease.

The Ivy League blowback works for both formal and casual occasions. The tapered fade lends the hairstyle a neat texture. You can finger-brush it to create a cool, relaxed hairstyle or slick it with some hair gel and style it into a pompadour – no matter how you choose to wear your Ivy League blowback, it'll surely be a winner.

Slick Side-Swept Hairstyle
Slick Side-Swept Hairstyle

2. Ultra-groomed Slick Side Part

Slick and neatly brushed hairstyles, such as this ultra-groomed side-swept man-do, have been the 'mane attraction' of the month. They look terrific on all men and have a likeable, gentlemanly vibe about them.

Polished side-swept hairstyles work best with medium-length hair with slightly longer forelock. Work in a tiny amount of styling gel through your hair, create a neat side part and comb your strands in place to create a dapper look.

This coiffage is perfect to wear to work and doubles as a party hairstyle that looks both chic and classy. Sport this ultra-groomed hairstyle to a wedding, a cocktail party or on a date night!

Undercut Hairstyles for Men
Undercut Hairstyles for Men

3. Undercut Hairstyles

Featuring multiple textures, interesting fades and contrasting hair lengths, undercut hairstyles certainly pack a punch. They look quite dapper to wear to work and are full of personality to sport at a party.

Undercut hairstyles with buzz-cut sides and tousled pompadours have been most popular this month. Use some deconstructing gum to create a relaxed, windswept hairstyle or run a tiny amount of styling gel through your mane to lend your neat hairstyle a sleek finish.

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