3 Styles of Bangs that Will be Hot in 2016

/ 01.26.2016
Hottest Bangs Styles of 2016
Hottest Bangs Styles of 2016

Bangs are the coolest hair accessory at the moment. They can be trimmed to suit any face shape and used to highlight any facial feature. They work well with almost every haircut – right from a short pixie to long, back grazing layers – and look good on women with glasses or without. Most importantly, they don't require you to empty your coffers at the salon – all they need is a willingness to change your look. So, if you haven't yet decided which trendy haircut to get in 2016, we recommend that you opt for a

sweet set of bangs to start things on a sweet note and take it from there.

Here are the three styles of bangs that will be hot this year:

Shaggy Bangs
Shaggy Bangs

1/ Piecey, Shaggy Bangs

Add a hint of adventure in your regular blunt fringe and go for a shaggier version instead. Shaggy bangs seem like a continuation of a swag haircut and are a prime example of a mainstream fad that mirrors runway style.

These eyebrow-skimming forelocks have a grown-out but youthful vibe about them. They frame the face beautifully, highlight your cheekbones and blend seamlessly with the longer layers of your hair. Once they grow out, you can part them in the middle and sport a '70s style fringe! Taylor Swift and Dakota Johnson have the best shaggy bangs in Tinsel town.

From a short blunt bob to a choppy long bob to an even longer layered hairstyle, shaggy bangs work with almost all lengths of hair. They suit women with square and round face shapes. Style them with a tiny amount of deconstructing gum for long-lasting piecey texture.

Baby Bangs
Baby Bangs

2/ Jagged Baby Bangs

'50s inspired baby bangs remind us of Audrey Hepburn's short, quirky fringe in Roman Holiday and are predicted to make a major comeback in 2016. Also known as micro bangs, these 'shorties' indeed make for a minimalist's dream fringe. They are extremely low-maintenance, but promise a big impact!

Baby bangs are compact with a hint of edginess. They are cut about an inch away from the eyebrows, with slightly wider corner pieces that frame the face beautifully and allow prominent facial features to shine through. The bangs cover up a high forehead, making a long face shape look more contoured.

Baby bangs or micro bangs look best on women with long face shape and angular features and can be paired with just about any length of hair. Apply a tiny amount of styling gel to arrange the pieces the way you want and make them stay put throughout the day.

Side-Swept Bangs
Side-Swept Bangs

3/ Soft and Wispy Side-Swept Bangs

Side-swept bangs look classy and universally flattering at teh same time. Whether you're growing out your bangs or aren't exactly sure whether you should get a fringe, they are a safe bet to go for without creating a fashion faux pas. Whether your hair is straight, wavy or curly, soft and wispy side-swept bangs will take its style up by several notches.

Although side-swept bangs flatter all women, they look especially good on those with round faces. The wispy pieces sweep down the forehead diagonally, creating flattering angles and diffusing the roundness of the face. Plus, they give you a very attractive side gaze!

Pair your side-swept bangs with just about any hairstyle without any second thoughts; it's bound to look good! Do apply a tiny amount of volume inject mousse on your fringe to lend added volume and hold to your the strands.


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