3 Quick and Easy Ways to Style Your Bangs

/ 12.17.2015
How to Style Your Bangs
How to Style Your Bangs

We love bangs! They're just so versatile and can completely transform the way we look. They can contour our faces beautifully, cover up a high forehead, make long face shapes look more proportionate, make round faces look more angular, draw attention to our gorgeous eyes and cheekbones, soften up our overall appearance and lend it a playful touch. In fact, they can also take years off our face and make us look younger!

But all this magic happens only when you choose the right bangs to suit your face shape and features. If you, like us, are a part of the fringe fan club, here are 3 simple ways to style your bangs:

How to Style Straight Bangs
How to Style Straight Bangs

1. Straight Bangs

Spritz some strand smoother serum spray on your wet bangs and comb them through. While blow-drying them, keep the hair dryer's nozzle facing towards the floor and use a paddle brush to comb the fringe to the right for a couple of seconds and then to the left. Repeat this step until your bangs are completely dry. Hold the brush underneath the fringe and blow out your forelocks from the top with your dryer set on cool to tame flyaways. Finish off with a gentle mist of hairspray to make your straight bangs stay put and perfect throughout the day.

How to Style Side-swept Bangs
How to Style Side-swept Bangs

2. Side-swept Bangs

Side-swept bangs look quite elegant and help to add angular contouring on a round face.

To create flawless side-swept bangs, make a hair part, wrap your forelocks around a medium-barreled round brush and tug it away from the hair part (i.e., towards the opposite side of the part). Blow-dry the fringe, moving the nozzle from side to side; pin the section in place and allow it to cool off. Spritz your side-swept bangs with some fine hold hairspray to set their shape for longer wear.

How to Style Wispy Bangs
How to Style Wispy Bangs

3. Wispy Bangs

Wispy bangs look cool and playful. They soften up a face and lend it a charming appeal.

While blow-drying your wet fringe, keep the nozzle facing towards the floor and move your dryer from side to side to ensure that your forelocks do not fall flat against your forehead. When your bangs are almost dry, emulsify a tiny amount of deconstructing gum on your fingertips and smooth it over individual hair pieces, tugging the strands down as you go and tweak the tips ever so slightly to lend them a wispy finish.

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