3 Pretty Ways to Wear a Chignon

/ 11.13.2015
Pretty Ways to Wear a Chignon
  Pretty Ways to Wear a Chignon

Whether you're at work or on vacation, you want to keep your hair off your face and back and tie it up in a chic updo. A chignon is the answer to all your hairstyling requirements. Wear it neat or messy – this ultra-feminine French bun will surely enhance your natural appeal.

A chignon suits every woman! Whether your face shape is round, oval, long or square – you can never go wrong with this chic knotted updo. It can be created in a variety of ways to leverage the natural type and texture of hair. It can also be worn anywhere – whether you're going for a job interview, out on a grocery run, attending a wedding or going on a date! Let's take a look at three of the prettiest ways to wear a chignon.

Side-Swept Chignon
Side-Swept Chignon

1. Side-Swept Chignon

A side-swept chignon is undoubtedly one of the most romantic bun hairstyles that you can create with your medium-length hair. This updo works best with wavy hair and although not completely disheveled, a slightly textured finish lends this chignon its trademark chicness.

To create a side-swept chignon, smooth in some frizz vanisher cream through your damp hair and comb it thoroughly to make it soft and smooth. Make a side part and gather your hair one the opposite side of your neck; secure it into a low pony using elastic. Divide the pony into 3-4 sections and roll each section around the base of the pony, securing the end with bobby pins. When you've rolled up all the sections, your chignon would appear like a flower bun.

Sprits some hairspray to set flyways and secure your bun for longer wear. Pull out a few wisps of hair to lend a romantic touch to your updo.

Deconstructed Chignon
Deconstructed Chignon

2. Deconstructed Chignon

A deconstructed chignon is all about great texture. It looks super stylish, suits everyone and works best with wavy to curly hair. It is also a perfect updo for unwashed hair!

To create a deconstructed chignon, work in a tiny amount of volume-inject mousse through your clean hair to add some weight and hold to it. If you're working with unwashed hair, spritz your roots with some dry shampoo to make your hair look cleaner while adding hold to the strands.

Gather your hair at the nape of your neck or at the back of your head and secure it with elastic to make a ponytail. Twist the pony like a rope and wrap it around the base of the elastic, tucking in bobby pins as you go to secure your deconstructed chignon. When done, pull out a few strands of hair to give your chignon an unkempt finish. Mist your updo generously with some fine hold hairspray and head out looking gorgeous!

Wet Look Chignon
Wet Look Chignon

3. Wet Look Chignon

Wet look hairstyles are in these days and can be easily incorporated into a chignon as well! No shampoo? No worries! A wet look chignon is also a great hairstyle for unwashed hair and lends your tresses a runway-inspired style.

To create a wet look chignon, work in a tiny amount of volume-inject mousse through your damp hair and make a ponytail at the nape of your neck or at the back of your head. Wrap the pony around the base of the elastic and secure it with bobby pins to make a regular chignon. Slick your hair with a tiny amount of clean style gel to tame flyways and lend your updo a smooth, polished, wet look finish.



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