3 Julianne Moore Inspired Hairstyles for Working Women

/ 09.21.2015
3 Julianne Moore Hairstyles for Working Women
  3 Julianne Moore Hairstyles for Working Women

As a working woman you probably have 10 minutes to style your hair every morning. In that restricted amount of time, you want to make a chic updo that embraces and enhances your personality, is easy to create and perfect for your place of work. If you're looking for some work hairstyle inspiration, we bring you three simple, stylish and easy-to-manage women's hairstyles sported by our L'Oréal Paris Spokesperson – the glamorous, Julianne Moore.

Each of these hairstyles can be created with medium-length to long hair. Let's get started!

Work Hairstyles: Glamour Waves
Work Hairstyles: Glamour Waves

1. Julianne Moore's Glamour Waves

With this incredibly glamorous hairstyle for straight or wavy hair, Julianne shows us how with the right styling, we can transform a run-of-the-mill hairstyle into a salon-styled look. Bid adieu to your old work hairstyle and follow these steps to give your tresses an ultra-glam upgrade:

1. Apply a frizz vanishing cream on towel-dried hair.

2. Divide your hair into vertical sections.

3. Wrap one hair section around a round hair brush, from mid-length to the end.

4. Spritz some heat protectant spray on the wrapped hair.

5. Blow-dry your hair and let the loose waves fall off the hairbrush gently.

6. Repeat Steps 3 to 5 for all section of hair.

Finish off by spraying a generous amount of extra hold hairspray on your glamour waves.

Work Hairstyles: Sleek Low Ponytail
  Work Hairstyles: Sleek Low Ponytail

2. Julianne Moore's Sleek Low Ponytail

If you're looking for a simple and elegant day-to-night hairstyle that you can wear to work, look no further than this sleek low ponytail sported by Julianne at a gala in NYC. Although sleek low ponytails look best with straight hair, don't shy away from trying it with your curly locks. Shiny, full-volume curls secured neatly at the nape of your neck will surely look amazing!

To get this work hairstyle,

1. Apply a good frizz vanishing cream on towel-dried straight or wavy hair. If you have curly hair, smooth-in a small amount of curl taming cream to make your curls easy to manage and keep them styled for longer duration.

2. Divide your hair into three sections and spritz some heat protectant on your tresses.

3. Blow-dry each hair section gently.

4. Part your hair using a tail comb; use a wide-toothed hairbrush to sweep-back all your hair and tie it into a low ponytail at the nape of your neck.

5. To tame flyways and add some extra shine to your hair, spritz a good strand smoother serum generously all over your hair.


Work Hairstyles: Low Chignon
Work Hairstyles: Low Chignon

3. Julianne Moore's Chic Braided Chignon

She may wear her silky smooth, shiny hair loose most of the time, but Julianne Moore can pull off a chic updo with equal grace. Take a look at her sleek low chignon above. Isn't it a perfect hairstyle for work? You can create this elegant updo with any type of hair. To get the look,

1. Prep your tresses with a good strand smoother serum spray to detangle knots.

2. Create a deep side part and gather all your hair at the nape of your neck in a low ponytail.

3. Braid your pony and twist it to form a braided bun.

4. Secure the braided chignon with bobby pins.

5. Spritz your favorite hairspray to tame flyways and set this work hairstyle for long wear.

Hope you liked these easy work hairstyle ideas. For more hairstyle inspiration, tips and trend alerts, do stay connected!

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