3 Hairstyles for Your Honey Blonde Hair Color

/ 11.09.2015
Best Hairstyles for Honey Blonde Hair Color
Best Hairstyles for Honey Blonde Hair Color

There's nothing more that we love than a rich, multi-tonal blonde hair color. But if you're looking to warm things up a bit this fall, try honey-blonde. This gorgeous, deeper shade of blonde has brown tones and suits almost all skin complexions. It lends a brilliant multi-dimensional effect to the mane, making your strands shine and look vibrant. Besides, there are several tones of honey-blonde that you can try – right from lighter honey-caramel to slightly dramatic strawberry-honey.

We're totally obsessed with these three hairstyles for honey-blonde hair color – and hope that you'll like them too!

Piecey Bob for Light Honey Blonde Hair Color
Piecey Bob for Light Honey Blonde Hair Color

Piecey Bob for Light Honey-Blonde Hair Color

If you have short hair, which is either straight or wavy, a piecey bob hairstyle will complement your light honey-blonde hair color perfectly. While the choppy cut will add a sense of movement to your strands, the rich tones of the hair color will make your mane look fuller and your hairstyle super-gorgeous!

To make fine hair look thicker, dye your hair in honey-blonde hair color and add light blonde highlights. This will not only add a multi-tonal effect to your mane but also give you an on trend hairstyle!

Sleek Hollywood Waves for Medium Honey Blonde Hair Color
Sleek Hollywood Waves for Medium Honey Blonde Hair Color

Sleek Hollywood Waves for Medium Honey-Blonde Hair Color

Those of you with medium-length to long, naturally blonde hair who are looking to get a darker hair color for fall should try out honey-blonde. Style your hair into sleek Hollywood waves to make the multiple tones of your hair color stand out!

Honey-blonde is a very vibrant hair color that reflects light quite well and reproduces brilliant shades of caramel and gold. When you style your hair into loose waves, the overtones and the highlights of your hair color become more prominent with each curve and infuse vibrancy and movement in your lovely locks.

Mid-length Curls for Dark Honey Blonde Hair Color
Mid-length Curls for Dark Honey Blonde Hair Color

Curls for Dark Honey-Blonde Hair Color

Any hair color that has multi-colored highlights and lowlights looks good on textured hair; this is the thumb rule for honey-blonde too! Medium curls truly bring out the luster of this hair color. Every curl radiates the color differently – depending on the amount of light that falls on it – and makes the mane look full and gorgeous.

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