3 Tips to Pamper Your Hair This Weekend

/ 09.04.2015
3 DIY Hair Masks to Pamper Your Tresses over Weekends
3 DIY Hair Masks to Pamper Your Tresses over Weekends

Weekends are for putting your feet up and letting your hair down. They are for relaxing and recharging and doing what you love most. They are also for pampering your body and mind. With the mellow summer about to end and the weather getting a little nippier by the day, weekends are also for starting on a new body and hair care regime.

A busy work schedule, stress and pollution take a toll on your hair over the week. Dry scalp and frizzy, lusterless hair are some of the common problems that arise due to poor hair care routine over the week. Here are a few easy hair care tips that you can follow over weekends and get a head start in hair care:

1. Go For a Hair Spa Session

If you think spending money on hair spa treatment is a wanton expense, you are mistaken. A sinmgle hair spa session can do wonders to your hair!

A deep-nourishing and conditioning hair spa treatment addresses all possible hair problems and restores life, luster and leap back in your hair. Plus it improves blood circulation in your scalp and relaxes your nerves.

Choose a good salon and discuss your hair problems with an expert. If your hair is dry and damaged, do not go for a steam session as the heat will make your hair frizzier. Make sure the salon uses the right products that are suited for your scalp, hair type and texture.

2. Shampoo and Deep Condition Your Hair

Never underestimate the power of a good shampoo. A thorough hair wash not only cleans your hair scrupulously but also stimulates blood flow in your scalp and ultimately makes you feel relaxed and light-headed. Never use very warm water to shampoo your hair. Always rinse your hair with lukewarm or cold water to prevent any damage and get maximum shine. Follow up with a protein-rich conditioner that repairs damaged hair, makes your strands smooth and provided proper nutrition for your hair shafts to grow.

Do not take your shampoo or conditioner for granted. While choosing any hair wash product, the fragrance, foaming and price may affect your buying decision. However, choose your products judiciously, as per your hair texture and type.

3. Try a Hot Oil Head Massage

A head start: Don't be petrified by the idea of rubbing hot oil on your scalp. By hot oil, we only mean warm oil. With its nourishing and deep conditioning benefits, a hot oil massage is truly like manna for your hair and a great way to pamper yourself over the weekend!

The oil nourishes your scalp, restocking it with essential nutrients. It softens dry, frizzy hair and detangles knots. It moistens the scalp and keeps dandruff at bay. It also prevents fungal and bacterial infections and is great for relaxing the body and mind.

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