3 Cute Hairstyles with Headscarves

/ 12.03.2015
Cute Hairstyles with Headscarves
Cute Hairstyles with Headscarves

Who said headscarves are only for spring? Bring the bandana out of your closet and rock it withpretty hairstyles to upgrade your style quotient this fall-winter. Long, short, straight, wavy or curly, no matter what the length or texture of your hair, here are three super cute hairstyles with headscarves for you to try:

Loose Hair with a Headscarf
Loose Hair with a Headscarf

1. Let Loose Hair

Whether you want to add a pop of color to your winter outfit or tackle a bad hair day, pair a scarf with your loose hairstyle and head out looking your stylish best!

There are many ways to wear a headscarf with a loose hairstyle. You can tie it up like a bandana, wear it like a turban or wrap it like a headband. Make your hair silky smooth and soft by spritzing some strand smoother serum spray along the lengths of your tresses and top off your loose hairstyle with a floral-print sash.

Or, crimp a few sections of your hair to lend it an interesting texture. Alternatively, mist your tresses generously with some tousle waves hairspray before curling them on a medium-sized curling iron to create gorgeous loose waves and wear your headscarf like a sleek bandeau to control flyaways and get a chic hairstyle to sport just about anywhere.

Updo with Bangs
Updo with Bangs

2. Updo with Bangs

This is one of our favorite street hairstyles with headscarves. While an updo helps to keep your hair off your face and back, a headscarf lends it a cool and funky appeal and bangs just lend your hairstyle an interesting variation. Together, all the three elements help you look your stylish best and stand out in the crowd!

Before creating an updo, work in a tiny amount of volume inject mousse through your hair. The product will infuse added bulk and superior hold to your strands and prevent your updo from falling flat even after tying a headscarf.

Gather all your hair at the back of your head and tie it up into a ponytail, securing the ends with elastic. Twist the pony around the base of the elastic and tuck in bobby pins to create a quick bun. Section off your bangs and tie a scarf around your head (like a headband), knotting the ends at the side to complete your cool street hairstyle.

Rockabilly Ponytail
Rockabilly Ponytail

3. 1920s Rockabilly Ponytail

No discussion involving headscarves is complete without a mention of the iconic Rosy the Riveter look. It is one of the most popular retro-chic hairstyles of all time and can be created with varying lengths and textures of hair. However, in this article, we'll tell you how to create a rockabilly ponytail with your long hair, while incorporating little details from the classic 1920s look.

Section off about 2-3 inches of your face-framing hair; gather the rest of your loose hair at the crown of your head and tie it into a ponytail using elastic. Tease the lower layers of your pony using a fine-toothed comb to lend it some volume.

Spritz some heat protectant hairspray on the section-off forelock and curl it on a medium-barreled curling iron. After the curled section slides off the iron, pin it up as-is along your hairline. Spritz some hairspray to set the curl and finish off your rockabilly hairstyle by tying a headscarf with a front-facing knot.

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