3 Blake Lively Inspired Hairstyles for Long Hair

/ 11.16.2015
Blake Lively Hairstyle Inspiration
Blake Lively Hairstyle Inspiration

Blake Lively may have traded her gorgeous long hair for a short bob for an upcoming Woody Allen movie, but we still browse through the Gossip Girl star's long hairstyles whenever the need for some swoon-worthy inspiration arises.

If you are looking for some easy and unique hairdos to wear to a special event, here are three Blake Lively inspired hairstyles for long hair that you can recreate:

Vintage-Style Loose Hair with a Headband
 Vintage-Style Loose Hair with a Headband

1. Vintage-Style Loose Hair with a Headband

If you have long, wavy hair, you can recreate this cute vintage hairstyle in 15-20 minutes. This hairstyle has three main elements – a small beehive, wavy ends and a headband.

The beehive

To create a beehive, spritz the roots around the crown of your head with some high-lift creation hairspray. The product will give your strands an instant boost and prep them for styling. Using a fine-toothed comb, back brush your hair in this area to create an appearance of height and volume. Secure the teased section with bobby pins and mist it generously with some strong hold hairspray to prevent it from loosening or budging; smooth over the rest of your hair over it to lend a perfect finish. Spritz some more hairspray to set the beehive before moving on to create loose wavy ends.

Wavy ends

Divide your loose hair in 4-5 vertical sections and spritz the ends generously with heat protectant hairspray. Loosely curl the ends of your hair on a medium-barreled curling iron and spritz some hairspray to set the pretty curves.


To put finishing touches, smooth your front hair with the back of a hairbrush and complete the hairstyle by wearing a satin headband or an Alice band.

Wear this cute retro hairstyle to work, a date or to a party.

Half-up Waves
Half-up Waves

2. Half-up Waves

This is a super easy hairstyle for those of you with long, wavy hair. However, if you don't have natural waves, just follow the instructions in the 'Wavy ends' section above to create a beautiful waves effect in your hair. Remember to curl your hair all the way up to your chin for an effortlessly gorgeous texture.

To create a half-up hairstyle like Blake's, trace out a side part and leaving a few wisps loose, sweep back the rest of your face-framing hair with your fingers and secure it at the back of your head using bobby pins. Gently tug the pinned-back hair section to give it a tousled finish and spritz with fine control hairspray to tame flyways and set your hairstyle for longer wear.

Chunky Bubble Ponytail
Chunky Bubble Ponytail

3. Bubble Ponytail

Transform your regular ponytail into a glamorous one – this chunky bubble pony will not only keep loose hair off your face and back but will also make you look fabulous!

To make a bubble ponytail, work in some frizz vanisher hair cream through your hair to detangle all knots and make your strands soft, smooth and ready for styling. Tie a high ponytail and secure it with elastic. Tie a few more elastics along the length of the pony at 2-3" intervals to make loose bubbles. Gently pull out the bubbles with your fingers to make them look chunkier. Spritz some hairspray to smooth out flyways and have a party-ready hairstyle in minutes!

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