26 Flawless wavy hairstyles for all hair lengths

/ 07.31.2015
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  •  Long, grungy waves 
 Matte, grungy waves are making something of a comeback right now, alongside other 90s staples like the scrunchie, and we couldn't be happier about it!  The messy-chic appeal of this hairstyle is endless. It's perfect for nights out, adds edge to a casual look, and can even be pulled off in a formal setting provided it's paired with the right makeup.
  •  Zoe Saldana's girl next door waves 
 Pretty, full of movment, and totally frizz-free,  Zoe Saldana 's cute curly mane is the hairstyle we all wish we could just wake up with. It's so adorable, and because the curls start around her ears, it frames her face beautifully, too!
  •  Long wavy hair 
 Part mermaid, part bed head, this long wavy hairstyle has oodles of downtown cool. It leans more towards grunge than beach, making it the perfect lazy girl look for a night out, or even a leisurely brunch the next day.
  •  Freida Pinto's wavy bob 
 The loose wavy texture adds movement and dimension to  Freida Pinto 's chic bob cut. It's slightly undone, but not exactly messy which makes it super versatile. It's polished enough for work, but just the right amount of chill for happy hour.
  •  Medium length waves 
 With some cute layers and a perfectly defined center part, mid-length wavy hair is a great go-to look for just about anyone. It can be tailored to look fabulous on any face shape, and it's easier to deal with than longer locks!
  •  Blake Lively's long, beachy waves 
 If we could only crown one person queen of wavy hair, it would have to be  Blake Lively  . Her trademark tresses are almost as famous as she is, and she rocks them au naturel in a Chanel gown #LikeABoss!
  •  Beachy bob 
 With windswept waves and some impossibly cute bangs, this beachy bob is almost too much. It's the perfect short haircut for thick hair and also works beautifully with naturally wavy strands.
  •  Long voluminous waves 
 With a little sixties inspired bouffant vibe, this voluminous wavy hairstyle is a polished 'do that packs a pretty punch. It's a big hair look, but it's not too big for daytime wear.
  •  Vintage blowout 
 If you consider the likes of Marilyn Monroe and Jackie Kennedy Onassis your main hairstyle icons, a vintage blowout with big, smooth curves is a must-try look! Just don't forget to set your finished hairstyle with plenty of hairspray.
  •  Messy bed head waves 
 Sometimes, the only way to style your hair is the lazy way. So, when all motivation deserts you, spruce up your bed head with some volumizing hairspray, backcomb and flat areas, and rock it like it was all deliberate...
  •  Karlie Kloss's beachy waves 
 We just can't get enough of  Karlie Kloss 's shoulder-grazing cut, and one of our fave looks from the model is this voluminous, beachy style. The full-bodied, sultry finish makes it perfect for a night out, while the texture keeps it casual enough for daytime wear. What's not to love?
  •  Air dried bob 
 To get messy, cool girl waves for short hair, swap your blowout for an air dried finish. You can always touch up any misbehaving tendrils with a flat iron once the hair is dry!
  •  Long princess waves 
 Cascading fairytale hair is always inspirational (in the sense it makes most of us pine for what we don't have) and with loose, romantic waves, it's almost too pretty! But we still totally want it. Like, yesterday.
  •  Long, tousled wavy hair 
 The definitive summer look, long waves with a tousled finish is the perfect hairstyle for the warmer months. There are all kinds of ways to get the surfer girl look, but we really love spritzing our hair with a texturizing spray, braiding it, and letting the waves set all by themselves- it's just so easy!
  •  Swept back wavy bob 
 A brushed back bob with a few subtle waves is a simple hairstyle that looks effortlessly cool in any situation. Even a 100° subway ride! Just make sure to keep frizz at bay by sealing your strands with plenty of hairspray.
  •  Long, air dried wavy hair 
 With really long hair, air drying is often preferable - all that length takes a while to dry with a blow-dryer - and, as long as you apply a smoothing product while it's still damp, a heat-free approach to styling can result in some beautiful, natural movement!
  •  Glam wavy blowout 
 All manner of 70s hairstyles are drifting back into the zeitgeist right now, like these ultra glamorous curls. It's the kind of look you can really strike a pose with, so throw on your favorite sunglasses and enjoy! You get extra kudos for pairing this 'do with a silk scarf.
  •  Hollywood waves 
 This classic red carpet hairstyle is about as glamorous as it gets. Having graced the heads of Tinseltown's A-list elite since the dawn of the cinematic age, it's a timeless look we return to over and over again.
  •  Mid-length curves 
 A smooth wavy hairstyle with uniform curves is a polished, pretty look that can be worn anywhere and with anything. Whether you team it with overalls or a wedding dress, this hairstyle can do it all!
  •  Doutzen Kroes' mermaid waves 
 Perfect bouncy waves are a go-to look for model  Doutzen Kroes , and it's not hard to see why! The movement, the swishability, the all-round cuteness of this style...
  •  Natural waves with bangs 
 Even though it can be way harder to maintain than it looks, natural waves with bangs is one of our favorite hairstyles! The texture, the face-framing capabilities, the effortless- looking  finish - this 'do has it all.
  •  Short 'barely there' waves 
 Even the shortest of bobs look stunning with waves, especially elegant, 'barely there' ones! There's a fragile beauty to this look, but the length  and bluntness of the cut is reminiscent of the rebellious flapper cuts of the 1920s.
  •  Long curved layers 
 These waves can be done with a flat iron to get the loose, unassuming texture just right. Just make sure you  apply a thermal protectant  beforehand to prevent any unnecessary heat damage.
  •  Long hair with curled ends 
 Curling only the ends of the hair results in a cute, almost preppy look that works with side parts, ponytails and half-up hairstyles. So, if you tend to recycle the same 'do for a few days between washes, this could be a great wavy option for you!
  •  Bridal mermaid waves 
 With a middle part and whimsy flower crown, these mermaid waves are perfect for the bride-to-be who knows how awesome her long hair is left down and feels no need to put it up for her big day! The perfect curves are more polished than regular beach waves, which makes it just that little bit more special- as  wedding hairstyles  should be!
  •  Caramel bronde waves 
  Bronde hair  looks best with wavy tresses as the bends and curves catch the light in all the right places. Try pairing a caramel shade with some loose curls or tousled waves to showcase the depth of your hair color.

Whether it's because we're battling heat waves in the dead of summer, or due to Blake Lively dropping new hairstyles all over Instagram, wavy hair is EVERYWHERE right now, and we think it's something to celebrate! From blown out waves to tousled bed head tresses, there are so many ways to wear waves, whatever your hair length!

To inspire your next wavy hairstyle, we've gathered some of our favorite textured looks in the gallery above. All you need to do is scroll through and get inspired! Who knows, you might find a new trademark hairstyle among them...

Styling tips

1/ Long lasting waves

When creating the perfect wavy hairstyle, the most important thing is to set the hair into waves that last. To do this, clip each piece of hair up to cool as soon as you're done curling it. Then, shake your mane out once it has all been curled, and finish with plenty of hairspray.

2/ Frizz prevention

There's nothing like unwanted frizz to put a dampener on any hairstyle, and it can throw a headful of beautiful waves totally off-balance. To make sure this doesn't happen to your strands, apply a smoothing cream before drying your hair, even if you let your hair dry naturally. Then, complete your chosen look with a high-shine finishing spray to create a protective barrier between your hair and any fuzz-inducing moisture in the air.

How do you like to style wavy locks?

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