25 Straight summer hairstyles that are worth the effort

/ 08.10.2015
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  •  Swept back bangs 
 If you're in the process of  growing out your bangs , or want to experiment with a long fringe, try sweeping them back with a big barrette. You don't have to go straight back, you can opt for a sideswept look instead, or even part your bangs in the middle, then secure them out to the sides.
  •  Sleek half-up hair 
 Whether you want to  show off a new hair color  or are just super proud of your long locks, a sleek half-up hairstyle creates a beautiful showcase for your mane. Be aware that any split or otherwise damaged ends will be super noticeable with this kind of hairstyle, so don't skip any trims!
  •  Zoe Saldana's sleek, messy blowout 
 A casual side sweep paired with a glossy finish is one of  Zoe Saldana 's prettiest, and seemingly most effortless hairstyles to date! It's such an understated 'do, but her shiny, healthy locks are glowy enough to require no further embellishment.
  •  Baby braid 
 Little details like  baby braids  are easy to sport with sleek, smooth strands. So, one pretty plait on your favorite side, or peeking out from behind your ear is a simple, yet pretty way to embellish pin straight hair without over-styling it. Gel optional.
  •  Mussed, straight hair 
 Perfectly straightened hair often looks better when worn a little disheveled. Even though it seems totally counterintuitive to muss your mane post-flat iron, the resulting she's-with-the-band texture will never not be cool.
  •  Sleek low ponytail 
 No hairstyle will ever match the effortless chic capabilities of  a sleek, low ponytail . The placement makes it look so easy, even if you actually spent a significant amount of time straightening your hair! If you prefer, you can secure a low pony to the side, then throw it over your shoulder.
  •  Julianne Moore's flawless side part 
 Academy Award winner  Julianne Moore  has an auburn mane to die for. when she wears it smooth and straight, the actress never has so much as a solitary strand out of place. To reach similarly dizzying, frizz defying heights, keep your tresses in check with a serum after blow-drying.
  •  Center part blowout 
  Blowouts  are notoriously hard to maintain during the summer, due to humidity and the generally ravaging effects we've come to expect from not-so-lovely bouts of neck sweat. However, if you know you'll be spending the majority of your day in an air conditioned oasis, this center parted style is more than worth trying!
  •  Smooth, straight, long hair 
 A cascade of long, glossy strands speaks for itself. So, if you like to do little or nothing with your mane, parading your boundless patience in a loose, flowing hairstyle could be the perfect look for you! Just make sure you keep your ends strong with hair oil and leave-in conditioner between washes.
  •  Sleek side part 
 The simplicity of a sleek, side parted hairstyle is almost always worth wearing your hair loose for, even when it feels like 100 degrees outside. Define the part with a tail comb for the most accurate line, then finish with a high-shine hairspray to add gloss and  keep flyaways at bay .
  •  Freida Pinto's straight bob 
 Less hair is easier to deal with in the heat - less styling time, less product needed - so if you're considering a late summer chop, you should definitely contemplate a sleek bob à la  Freida Pinto . It's the kind of short haircut that looks chic regardless of the season, and it'll grow back into a lob before you know it, should you change your mind...
  •  Karlie Kloss's straight, low ponytail 
 With a side part, long bangs and an impossibly chic, low placement, this ponytail proves once again just how versatile  Karlie Kloss 's medium length hair really is! It's the perfect night out hairstyle for any season, and it translates perfectly to daytime wear with a more pared down beauty look.
  •  Blake Lively's straight blowout 
 Actress  Blake Lively  is rarely spotted without her trademark tousled waves, but she sure knows how to kill  a smooth, straight blowout  from time to time! With just a hint of a curve through the lengths, Blake's mane is full-bodied and effortlessly pretty.
  •  Eva Longoria's sleek ombré hair 
 With dark roots and glowy bronde ends,  Eva Longoria  makes  ombré hair  look so easy! The smooth texture showcases the multidimensional color beautifully, while the subtle layers add shape and stop the hair from appearing weighed down.
  •  Half-up fishtail braids 
 When you want to keep your hair out of your face, but don't want to put all of your hair up, a half-up  fishtail braided  'do is the perfect styling solution. All you need to do is braid two large pieces of hair, one from each side of your face, then join them at the back and secure with bobby pins. Fix with plenty of hairspray and you're good to go!
  •  Liya Kebede's slick middle part 
 Not all wet look hairstyles are as scary as they sound, and this middle parted look from model  Liya Kebede  is one of the more accessible options. It's so effortlessly cool, and the added product essentially makes the hair frizz-proof!
  •  Disheveled half-up braid 
 Pin straight hair doesn't have to mean a perfectly sleek finish, as demonstrated by this cute half-up braid. This style is undone, but not totally messy, and the braid helps to keep the hair back off the face.
  •  Twisted bangs 
 Another perfect styling option for growing out bangs, this cute twist keeps an in-between fringe under control while the sharp side part and smooth, straight strands maintain polish. Before pinning the twist in place, spritz your bobby pins with dry shampoo to give them extra grip.
  •  Doutzen Kroes' wet look hair 
 If you're looking for a dramatic, sexy way to style straight hair for a night out, look no further than  Doutzen Kroes ' wet look 'do. This style doesn't require any embellishment, and we love Doutzen's fresh faced makeup and bold red lip!
  •  Sleek lob 
 A lob (long bob) is the perfect compromise when you can't decide if you want to go for a full-on short bob, or stick to something more within medium-length territory. It has enough length to whip up into a bun, without the time-consuming maintenance requirements of longer locks (blowouts!)
  •  Half-up baby braid 
 This adorable baby braid is so dinky! It's quite fiddly to do on your own hair, but if you're particularly good with plaits, or have a friend who is, this sleek half-up hairstyle is definitely worth the effort!
  •  Jennifer Lopez's highlighted hair 
 While many people believe wavy hair is best for  showcasing highlights ,  Jennifer Lopez  makes a great case for sleek, straight tresses, too! The honeyed blondes really pop, adding dimension to JLo's locks.
  •  Straight hair with a headband 
 Straight hair creates the perfect canvas for a  statement headband . No fuss, no muss, just a gorgeous showcase for your favorite accessory! To keep frizz at bay, mist your hair all over with plenty of hairspray to create a protective barrier between your strands and any moisture in the air.
  •  Timeless middle part 
 Thick, long hair parted right down the middle is a striking minimalist look. To lift the hair at the root, scrunch in some volumizing mousse before blow-drying, then flip your head upside down to complete your blowout once the hair is only slightly damp. Once dried, calm and nourish the lengths with hair oil, then set with hairspray.
  •  Natasha Poly's half-up hair with a ribbon 
 Model  Natasha Poly  always has amazing hair on the red carpet, and this sweet-yet-sultry ribbon look more than did her blunt cut mane justice. We also loved the way she chose a black ribbon to help tie her whole look together!

Unless you're blessed with naturally pin straight strands, keeping your hair sleek during the summer can be tough. That said, there are some hairstyles worth making the effort for, as long as you have the time, and the heat protectants! Check out some of our favorites in the gallery above.

Whether you're looking for motivation to do battle with your flat iron, your blow-dryer, or simply to avoid yet another topknot, these smooth operators are guaranteed to inspire you. Plus, it's always nice to win a few points against the relentless humidity many of us have to deal with!

We see you, frizz, and you don't scare us.

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