24 Cute updos to avoid a summer hairstyle rut

/ 08.07.2015
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  •  Double braided updo 
 With two adorable braided headbands, this enchanting chignon is like something out of a fairytale... or Game of Thrones. It's perfect for dealing with humidity, and it's guaranteed to keep long hair up and under control for as long as you need it to be.
  •  Low chignon 
 With a perfectly imperfect texture, this low chignon updo is impossibly pretty! It's almost tousled, almost piecey, but not quite either. To recreate the undone finish, scrunch some volumizing mousse through damp hair, then rough dry on a medium heat, using your hands instead of a brush to guide the hair.
  •  Sleek low knot 
 With a glossy finish, this simple low knot positively sparkles! To get the same sheen on your own locks, straighten your hair with a flat iron before putting it up, and make sure you spritz it generously wiith a high shine spray to complete the look!
  •  Voluminous pomp updo 
 With a ton of volume and a striking silhouette, this high volume pompadour isn't easy to ignore, or forget! To lift the hair as much as possible right off the bat, spritz it with a volumizing heat protectant, then blow dry your hair with your head flipped upside down.
  •  Curly chignon 
 Curly hair lends itself perfectly to all kinds of updos as the texture has so much grip! To get pretty, defined curls to work with, apply a smoothing cream from roots to ends, then blow-dry your curls on a medium heat with the diffuser attachment.
  •  Braided crown 
 If you want to feel like a princess, and you don't have hair you can basically sit on, try a braided crown updo! It quite literally transforms your mane into your crowning glory!
  •  Zoe Saldana's curly chignon 
 As seen at this year's Oscars,  Zoe Saldana 's chic curly chignon was all about old Hollywood glamor and A-list elegance. It had just a little added volume at the back to fill out the style, and those glossy curls were flawless!
  •  Headband updo 
 Looping the lengths of your hair around a stretchy headband is a really easy way to create a romantic updo in mere minutes! To add texture beforehand, apply dry shampoo to the roots and mid-lengths of your hair.
  •  Jennifer Lopez's messy updo 
 With the lengths piled high atop her head,  Jennifer Lopez  was more than ready to dance the night away with this voluminous, messy updo! To create a similarly full-bodied chignon, mist the lengths and your hair with a volumizing hairspray, then gently backcomb to add height before securing the updo.
  •  Messy updo 
 Whether you're dealing with second day hair or trying to keep the effects of humidity to a minimum, this messy updo is a really easy option. All you need to do is twist and pin individual pieces of hair to the back of your head until it's all up! For a voluminous look, spritz your strands with a volume-enhancing spray first.
  •  XXL beehive updo 
 Channel your inner vintage goddess with a voluminous beehive! Bigger than Holly Golightly's trademark style and smaller than Amy Winehouse's iconic look, this classic sixties inspired updo is something everyone should try at least once.
  •  Doutzen Kroes' low chignon 
 If you're in need of a little sophisticated romance, this hairstyle from  Doutzen Kroes  has got you covered (sorry, Tinder). The trick is to create a few loose waves before putting the hair up, using a texturizing heat protectant and a 1" curling iron.
  •  Twisted chignon updo 
 Perfect for short and medium-length hair, a twisted chignon updo allows you to pin individual pieves of hair over each other until everything is up and you're left with something that resembles a complicated chignon. All the intricate detail, none of the effort!
  •  Braided headband 
 Perfect for long hair, this braided headband updo creates a chic, boho look that is just as easy to dress up for a night out as it is to pare down for a cute brunch 'do. It's also perfect for second and third day hair as it does a wonderful job of hiding dirty roots!
  •  Low braided bun 
 A low braided bun is an elegant option for any occasion! To make sure the hairstyle doesn't fall victim to frizz and flyaways, mist your palms with water, then smooth them over the sides of your finished 'do, after applying hairspray.
  •  Sleek chignon 
 If you have somewhere fancy to be this weekend, this sleek updo will keep your strands on point, with not a single flyaway in sight! Apply a smoothing cream to enhance your blowout, then finish with a glossy hairspray.
  •  Reverse French braided updo 
 If you're up for a challenge, try this reverse French braided updo. The technique requires flipping your head upside down and beginning the braid at the nape of your neck, working up towards the crown. When you get there, twist and pin the lengths of your hair into a messy chignon.
  •  Mid-height bun 
 Whether you need something practical, or you want a hairstyle that is understated enough to showcase your favorite accessory, a mid-height bun is a great go-to. Just make sure you set the finished look with plenty of hairspray to protect against frizz and flyaways.
  •  Triple braided updo 
 If you're into braids, this triple French braided updo might be right up your street. It requires some advanced braiding know-how (and a lot of patience) but we think the results are totally worth the effort! To make the styling process easier, spritz your hair with dry shampoo to give your strands extra grip while braiding.
  •  Voluminous pomp 
 You can take any updo to the next level by adding a pomp, be it a French twist or simple ballerina bun. To make sure all that volume doesn't fall flat, apply a volume enhancing mousse before blowdrying your mane, and finish your updo with plenty of hairspray!
  •  Messy wet look bun 
 You can style this low shine look with hair that is actually wet (and thus make your morning routine ten times faster) or you can cheat your way to fashion's favorite finish with some regular strength gel!
  •  Big braided bun 
 For anyone with really long locks, try weaving them into a long braided ponytail, then pin the pony into a big bun for a deceptively simple yet gorgeous result. Whether you have a yoga class or a friend's wedding to attend, this hairstyle has got you covered.
  •  Low key beehive 
 Beehive hairstyles don't always have to be overstated. This wearable look has enough added height to keep the silhouette recognizably retro, but isn't quite as dramatic as bigger versions of the iconic sixties style. This means you can get away with this look absolutely everywhere, from a family dinner to a night on the town.
  •  Double braided chignon 
 Another updo for the braid brigade, this gorgeous look is oh so pretty! If you can't get the hang of the technique by yourself, it might be worth asking a friend to help you out.

In the dead of summer, choosing yet another updo can be about as inspiring as brushing your teeth: it's little more than a habit by this point, born of necessity and kept alive by neck sweat and humidity. As such, putting our hair up is just one more thing we have to deal with when all we really want to do is cat nap until fall. But, we must keep going and, more importantly, we must keep going in style!

If you, too, are doing your utmost to avoid falling into a summer updo rut (oh topknot, we love you really), check out the hairstyles in the photo gallery above. From braided chignons to fancy buns, there are all kinds of coiffures to choose from, whatever your plans. Which one will you steal first?

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