2016: 5 New Hairstyles to Adopt for a Fresh Start

/ 01.06.2016
2016: 5 New Hairstyles to Adopt for a Fresh Start
   2016: 5 New Hairstyles to Adopt for a Fresh Start

Those January blues can mark a sobering time after all the fun and hectic whirlwind of the holidays. Whether you make New Year Resolutions or not, adopting a new hairstyle can be the perfect antidote and set you up for an exciting 2016.

The fashion trends for this year are bold and romantic, with a strong 70's influence. Bold make-up is back with a vengeance, and requires a striking mane to complement the look.

Here are five fabulous new styles to take your tresses forward:

Bubble Ponytail
Bubble Ponytail

Bubble Pony

The more creative A-listers have begun sporting this chic, avant-garde look. It's perfect with the long fashion silhouette dominating runways right now, showcasing an elegant long neck.

Gather your long, tangle-free hair into a sleek, low ponytail and smooth through a little serum. Secure with 2 bands – or more, if you want to go wild for bubbles! Slide the second band down, then either keep the bubble sleek or puff it out with your fingers. Spritz with a high-shine hairspray.

Choppy Bob
  Choppy Bob

Choppy Bob

Do your cheekbones a big favor in 2016 and go for this edgy bob with plenty of layers and dimension. The asymmetrical elements are right on trend, and make your facial features appear more balanced. This look can be trimmed to suit any face shapelong, oval, round or square – and can be worn sleek or teased and wild, to suit any occasion. The layers can be cut to create volume or tame volume, so make sure your hairstylist fully appreciates your hair type.

When styling at home, there are so many options it's dizzying. You can tousle it with a little styling wax for texture, flat-iron it for a sleek, straight bob hairstyle, or even curl it for vintage, waved glamor.

French Braided Updo
  French Braided Updo

French Braided Updo

This style is neat enough for the boardroom, yet so feminine and romantic, it works just as easily with a party dress. French braids might seem tricky to create, but they're actually simple once you've got the technique.

Start with tangle-free, dry hair, rub in a little mousse and divide into three vertical sections using a tail comb. Clip unbraided hair aside while you loosely French-braid each third, starting near the hairline and pulling in more strands as you braid towards the back of your head.

Once all the hair is gathered, make a classic three-strand braid down to the ends. Secure each with a small band, weave them in a bun and fix with bobby pins. Tease out a few tendrils to soften the look, and spritz with hairspray.


Glam Curls
   Glam Curls

Glam Curls

Fashion loves voluminous curls more than ever this year! Enhance and protect your natural curls using high quality products: ultra-gentle shampoo, a protein-rich conditioner and cream-based styling products. Never commit the cardinal sin of brushing your curls when dry, it creates frizz.

To create curls on straight or wavy, mid-length to long hair, apply mousse and heat protectant before blow-drying with a round brush. Create a low side part then roll your locks on a medium-barreled curling iron. Spritz with shine-enhancing hairspray and hello red-carpet gorgeousness!


Glossy Side Part
   Glossy Side Part

Glossy Side Part

Sleek, on trend, with a smidge of rock-chick, this style may already feature in your repertoire, so how about a fresh take on it for 2016? Parting it lower at the front can make all the difference. Though this look suits most women, it's particularly flattering for a longer face shape and beautifully sets off a sultry pair of eyes!

Treat your mane to a deep conditioning mask and leave it for at least ten minutes before rinsing. Wrap it in a T-shirt to soak up excess moisture without over-drying the hair shafts. Trace out a hair part low at the front, smoothing it to frame your face and clip it to set. Raise the side part a little for the rest of your hair so it's more manageable. When your hair is 90% dry mist generously with heat protectant spray and blow-dry in sections, directing the flow downwards to keep the cuticle ultra-flat and shiny. Work in a little serum, unclip your side part and mist with high-shine hairspray.

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