15 Bun hairstyles to try this weekend

/ 08.28.2015
Which bun hairstyle will you try this weekend?
Which bun hairstyle will you try this weekend?
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Choosing a great hairstyle for the weekend doesn't have to be difficult if you stick to a tried and true classic like the bun. From high topknots to low, low chignons, the bun is a versatile updo that can be worn, recycled and reinvented on any day of the week. That said, we think the simplicity of a cute bun hairstyle lends itself perfectly to the weekend!

Got buns, hon?

On Saturday and Sunday, there's a little more time to play around with placements, braids, and embellishments. You can take the time to weave your bangs into a braided crown, twist an intricate fishtail into a low knot, or work out exactly how to make a braided headband work on your mane.

For all the bun-tastic inspiration you could possibly need, check out the beautiful hairstyles below! Which one will you try first?

1. Braided headband bun

Braided updo
Braided updo

For a fairytale inspired look that's as practical as it is pretty, try teaming a regular bun with a braided headband. All you need to do is braid a large piece of hair on each side of your face, then wrap them over the top of your head to create the headband. Secure the braids with as many bobby pins as you need, then finish with hairspray.

2. Messy bun with braided detail

If you want a romantic look, try a messy bun with a small braid. French braid the hair along your hairline, then trail it back towards the location of the bun (before securing the bun). After completing the braid, fix it in place with bobby pins, then whip the rest of your hair up into a bun. Finish with plenty of hairspray to lock in your style and protect it from humidity.

3. French twist chignon updo

French twist chignon
French twist chignon

If you like your buns to come with a healthy serving of 'je ne sais quoi', try a messy French twist chignon. Before securing the hair at the back, you need to backcomb it at the crown to create a small beehive effect. When you're happy with the added height, twist and pin the ends messily into place, and finish with lashings of hairspray.

4. Voluminous topknot

Voluminous topknot
Voluminous topknot

Something of a lazy girl staple, the XXL topknot is as easy to wear as it is to recreate. To get a really voluminous look, use a bun maker donut. Tie your hair into a high pony, then pop the pony through the middle of the donut. Secure the lengths over the top until you've completely covered the donut. Tease a few pieces loose to frame your face and add texture, then finish with hairspray.

5. Multiple buns

Why settle for one bun when you can have many? Simply create a line of smaller buns stacked from the crown of your head to just above the nape of your neck! Start at the top and work your way down, securing each individual bun before moving onto the next. How much hair you need to use for each one depends on how long and thick your hair is, so you may have to practice a couple of times before you get the spacing right.

6. Reverse French braided updo

Reverse French braided updo
Reverse French braided updo

If you like a challenge, French braiding with your head flipped upside down could be right up your street. It can be a confusing technique to start with, but once you've mastered it, the quirky detail you can add to any updo - buns, ponies, braided buns, chignons, topknots, you name it - is totally worth the effort!

7. Low knot

A low placement suggests total ease with both buns and ponytails, and this nape-grazing knot is no exception! It works best with medium-length and slightly longer cuts, as you need enough length to create a low pony with, only you stop halfway when looping the hair through the elastic for the last time. Camouflage the hair tie by wrapping some of the loose ends around the base of the half-pony, and pinning them in place underneath.

8. Twisted chignon

Twisted chignon updo
Twisted chignon updo

Fancy looking chignons don't have to be fancy at all when you know what you're doing. This seemingly intricate updo is really just small sections of hair twisted and pinned to the back of the head until all the hair is up. But shhh, no one needs to know...

9. Big braided bun

Braided bun
Braided bun

Taking a regular bun to the next level is as easy as braiding it: seriously! All you need to do is tie your hair into a mid-height ponytail, braid the lengths, and pin them into a large, round bun shape. You may need a few extra pins to tack down the middle of the bun, too.

10. Double braided half-up knot

If you really love braiding, this double braided half-up knot is a really cute weekend look! The styling process will take a little while, however, if you aren't used to French braiding at weird angles, or don't have a friend/ significant other/ sibling around to help you.

11. Classic messy knot

Messy knot
Messy knot

Sometimes, a tried and tested 'do is the best option, and this classic messy knot is one such hairstyle! With a few face-framing tendrils and a good amount of texture, it's the perfect do-all bun, whether you have something sporty planned this weekend, or are going to spend it binge-watching TV and ordering pizza with your friends.

12. JLo's half-up bun

Jennifer Lopez's half-up bun
Jennifer Lopez's half-up bun

If you're dealing with second day hair, a half-up bun à la Jennifer Lopez is the perfect style to hide unwashed roots without hiding the lengths in an updo. You can rock this look with any texture, from the kinkiest curls to the sleekest pin-straight strands.

13. Big, messy topknot

Messy topknot
 Messy topknot

Throwing your hair up into a big, messy topknot is potentially the best way to deal with bedhead hair in a hurry, aside from flipping it all to one side and creating a distraction with a bright lipstick. Just make sure you smooth out any bumps on the top and sides of your head when securing the topknot, and spritz your 'do with a high-shine finishing spray to tame flyaways when you're done.

14. Messy wet look bun

Messy chignon updo
Messy chignon updo

If you need to wash your hair but don't want to spend a lot of time blow-drying it after, pin it up into a big, wet-look bun! The slick texture has a cool yet accessible 'fashion' edge, and when your hair dries and you take it down again, it'll be full of natural-looking waves!

15. Literal low knot

To make styling a bun as much fun as possible, try literally tying your hair into a knot instead of twisting it into the desired shape. Leave the ends poking out for a disheveled finish, and gently pull a few pieces of hair loose at the front to frame your face.

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