12 Women's Street Hairstyles Inspired by New York Fashion Week Spring 2016

/ 09.17.2015
Coolest street style inspiration from NYFW Spring 2016
  Coolest street style inspiration from NYFW Spring 2016

The New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2016 gave us plenty of hairstyle inspiration to try out over the next season. You may be of teh opinion that most of these hairstyles are way too fashion-forward for your taste and therefore not suitable to wear in public. Hmmm... we get you! This is why we've compiled a list of the coolest women's street styles that you can wear with confidence just about anywhere – whether to work, to run an errand, while taking your dog out for a walk or for hanging out with your friends!

From groom-and-go styles to slightly detailed hairdos, we've got 'em all! So sit back, relax and enjoy our compilation of women's hairstyles that have made the streets of New York a little more stylish. Who knows, you may find your signature hairstyle somewhere in this list!

(P.S., did we mention that all of these are runway-inspired hairstyles?)

Sleek straigt hairstyles for fashion-conscious women
Sleek straigt hairstyles for fashion-conscious women

1. Sleek hair

Worn by supermodels, queens of Hollywood as well as style divas, sleek hair was seen everywhere at NYFW Spring 2016. We spotted our very own L'Oreal Paris spokespersons Doutzen Kroes and Soo Joo Park flaunting their poker-straight, sleek hairstyles. Master Hairstylist, Rodney Cutler gave some very fascinating sleek, straight hair looks to models walking the runway for fashion designer Tadashi Shoji.

Seems like the craze for straight, sleek hair has caught up with the ladies in New York too ... and why not! The style looks clean, posh and ultra-feminine; it can be created with all hair lengths; it suits everyone and most importantly, goes with all kinds of outfits! Seriously, what's not to like? If you think sleek, straight hair looks flat and boring, there are so many ways to style those loose tresses; you can try blunt bangs, pinned-back bangs, a low ponytail, a sleek bun or even a different hair part everyday!

So, what do you think? Will you trade your natural waves or curls for a sleeker mane?

Chic and elegant or cool and fun - headbands are for eveyone!
 Chic and elegant or cool and fun - headbands are for eveyone!

2. Headbands

Yes ladies, headbands are back in fashion and we saw a whole bunch of them at NYFW SS16. From vintage scarves to fancy bandeaux and from ornamental coronets to sleek ribbons, we saw them all! French 'hair visionary', Didier Malige created varied and interesting hairstyles around headbands for the Reem Acra Spring 2016 show, which we believe can be easily replicated off the runway too.

Personally, we believe that headbands are the best way to secure and accessorize hair in the most interesting and economical way. There's a mind-boggling variety of headbands available in the markets these days – right from thin metallic bands and sleek braided elastics to cool Alice headbands and decorative circlets. You can choose one for each day of the week, wear it to work or to a party and even match it with your outfit.

Easy and quick-fix buns suit ever face shape
Easy and quick-fix buns suit ever face shape

3. Buns (Neat, Messy, High, Low and Multiple)

As one of the most popular women's hairstyles at NYFW this season, buns came in all varieties, forms, shapes and sizes.

Some of the most amazing and easy-to-do bun hairstyles that inspired us this season were the ones created by Ted Gibson for Carmen Marc Valvo SS16 show, Jordan M for Mansur Gavriel's Spring 2016 collection, Kevin Marques and Pierra Matta for Adam Lippes' show, Joseph DiMaggio for Katie Gallaghar SS16 show and Antoinette Beenders for Osklen Spring 2016 collection.

Multiple buns created by Orlando Pita and worn by models walking for BCBG Max Azria and twisted top knots styled by Laurent Philippon for Gypsy Sport Spring 2016 show were particularly creative and funky. Check these exquisite bun hairstyles out. We're pretty sure you'll find plenty of ideas to try out for your next hairdo!

Bangs - blunt or assymmetrical, which style do you choose?
Bangs - blunt or assymmetrical, which style do you choose?

4. Bangs

Bangs resurrected as a major hairstyle trend quite recently. Needless to say, they were seen all over NYFW SS16 and even outside of the event. Ladies, pay attention – look at the hippest creations of master hairstylists Ohne Titel and James Pecis. You'll understand how versatile and easy to style your fringes can be!

In the meantime, we spotted some really funky bang hairstyles on the streets of New York. These included asymmetrical bangs, middle-parted bangs and super-short wet-look macro bangs on women with cropped pixies! Would you try these out?

Sleek half-up hairstyles: super neat, super creative!
Sleek half-up hairstyles: super neat, super creative!

5. Half-ups

We all resort to some sort of a half-up hairstyles every now and then. The beauty of this women's hairstyle lies in the fact that it is super versatile and can be created in so many different ways.

We got some fantastic half-up hairstyle ideas from the sleek hairdos at Milly Spring 2016 show and the creations of hairstylist Odile Gilbert for Altuzarra Spring 2016 collection. You can create these half-up hairstyles with all hair lengths and textures and wear your hair half-up just about anywhere!

Hair accessories: bringteh bling on!
Hair accessories: bringteh bling on!

6. Hair Accessories

NYFW Spring 2016 has revived yet another women's hairstyle trend – that of using hair accessories – and made it an extremely popular street style. Hair pins, bandeaux, hair clips, barrettes, hat clips, hair bows, bow clips, hair slides, hair grips, hair beads, barrette clips, bulldog clips, head chains, hair combs, tiaras, and floral hair corsages – you'll be surprised to see the kind of decorative add-ons stylish women are tucking in their tresses these days!

Want to try out an uber-cool but low maintenance hairstyle? Wear a hair accessory! Hair accessories can be worn to fix and set hair as well as to adorn it. Looking for some runway inspiration that you can 'actually' try out in real life? Check out Karlie Kloss's look at Diane Von Furstenberg Spring 2016, the super awesome hairstyles created by Odile Gilbert for the Rodarte SS16 collection or Marshall Lin's hairstyles created for the Alice + Olive show this season. With the right hair accessories, you can transform any bad hair day into a fabulous one!

Doutzen Kroes looks smashing with her sleek, off-center hair
Doutzen Kroes looks smashing with her sleek, off-center hair

7. Off-center part

The off-center part is another major runway-inspired women's street hairstyle trend right now. An off-center part is exactly what you think it is – hair softly parted a little away from the middle to create a different look. To get a clearer idea of the off-center part, check out Douzten Kroes' hairstyle from the Givenchy Spring 2016 show.

The next question is – why you should go for a center part? First, because it works really well with round, long, pear and heart shaped faces and second, it looks a little more natural than a strict middle part or an exacting side part. Plus, the look is fresh and interesting, so why not give it a try! You can work out an off-center part with straight, wavy or curly hair of any length.

Fashion Week or not, blowouts are the best!
Fashion Week or not, blowouts are the best!

8. Blowouts

Blowouts are not just restricted to runways; they are back on the streets! We can see them on sidewalks, on subways in offices and in superstores. It's great to see regular women making an effort to perfect at-home, DIY blowouts and achieve flawless, salon-styled hair, similar to the looks created by Candace Henderson for the models showcasing Francesca Liberatore's collection at NYFW Spring 2016.

A DIY blowout requires a good amount of time (and some practice) to perfect. So, all you gorgeous working women out there who want to wear gorgeous cover girl blowouts to office, reserve a little extra time for fixing your hair every morning. You can also sport this trendy women's hairstyle at brunch meets, while window-shopping with your girlfriends, at a weekend party or on a special occasion. We bet you'll love the way your tresses blow in the wind when you walk!

A word of advice: Blowouts look best on straight hair. So, if you have wavy hair, go for a more tousled style to show off your layers.

High, low, neat or messy, a ponytail is a girl's best friend
High, low, neat or messy, a ponytail is a girl's best friend

9. Versatile Ponytails

Is there any place on this earth you can't where a ponytail to? We doubt it! We saw plenty of fascinating ponytail hairstyles at New Your Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2016 and some really exciting renditions of runway-inspired styles on the streets of New York.

Amongst our many favorites was the rope twist ponytail created by world renowned hairstylist Allen Ruiz for Public School Spring 2016. We also liked the sleek bun-cum-long ponytail created by French hairstylist Diego Da Silva for Giulietta as well as Tippi Shorter's mussed, long ponytails for the LATINISTA show.

Women wearing ponytails to work or to run an errand is not a new trend. What is new, however, is the variety of different types and forms of ponytails that we get to see on the streets these days! From sleek, high ponytails to tousled wavy ponies and from braided ponytails to half-up ponies, there are many styles and variations going around. So, the next time you tie a pony, give your usual 'do an unusual twist!

Mussed hair: effortlessly sexy!
Mussed hair: effortlessly sexy!

10. Deep Side Part

Deep side part is a classic women's street hairstyle but NYFW Spring 2016 gave us lots of creative inputs to sculpt this hairstyle a tad differently to up the glam quotient.

Amongst the varied deep side part hairstyles that we saw on the runway this season, we found the works of two hairstylists particularly interesting. First, Sarah Lucero's earthly, natural styles created to complement Nanette Lepore's collection, and second, Mischa G's works for the Marc Jacobs show. These two shows give us plenty of ideas on how to create a natural deep side part with any type or texture of hair. To find much-needed inspiration for more glamorous and uber sexy looks, we happily turn to images of models showcasing Diesel Black Gold Spring 2016 collection.

These variations of the deep side part are hot from the runway and are being sported by fashionistas everywhere. The styles are very sexy, very feminine. The next time you want to try something wild with your hair, create a deep side part and pair it with a mussed-up look.

Messy low knot - when you're short on time
 Messy low knot - when you're short on time

11. Messy Low Knot

The casual, messy low knot seen on the most stylish runways translates to 'busy woman's hairdo' on the streets. It basically comprises gathering all your hair at the nape of your neck and tying it up in a knot, quite haphazardly. No brushing, no styling and no time wasted. But there's something really sexy about this women's street hairstyle (quite like women without any make-up) the more natural it is, the better it looks!

We got to see plenty of messy low knots at NYFW SS16. The most messy (and therefore the most natural and beautiful) amongst them were the 'dos created by hairstylist par excellence, James Pecis for both Lela Rose and Ryan Roche shows. We found fresh inspiration in the multiple messy low knots created by Thomas Osborn for Jonathan Simkai's collection. Hairstylist Jeanie Syfu also presented some very interesting modern interpretations of the classic messy low knot for Marissa Webb's SS16 collection. Do check these exciting messy low knot hairstyles out. You may find some major inspiration in all that mess ... after all, there's beauty in chaos too!

Braids, braids everywhere!
Braids, braids everywhere!

12. Braids

Braids have reigned the streets for decades now! When women want to forget about hairstyling, give their over-exerted lovely locks some rest and protect them from erratic weather fluctuations, what do they do? – They braid their hair.

We saw some very creative renditions of this popular street style for women at NYFW SS16. From exciting multi-colored braids created by Joseph DiMaggio's for Degen Spring 2016 collection and Edward Lampley's baby braids for Desigual to Orlando Pita's braided headbands for Hervé Léger and multi-sectioned fishtail braids styled by Eugene Souleiman for Victor Alfaro's SS16 line-up – there were plenty of ideas to take away.

Braids are so versatile, you can wear them everywhere. They can be created with straight, wavy and curly hair, look super cool on everyone and have a boho chic feel about them. No wonder they've always been so popular... on and off runways.

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