12 Hottest Hair Color Trends for 2016

/ 01.14.2016
The Hottest Hair Color Trends of 2016
The Hottest Hair Color Trends of 2016

A brand new year calls for a brand new hair color. Which shades and tones will emerge as trendsetters and rule the popularity charts in 2016? Which old trends will get re-invented; which new hair coloring techniques will go mainstream and which hair dye inventions will set the social media on fire? Eager to find out? Here are 12 of the hottest hair color trends for 2016:

1. Butter Blonde and Rose Gold

Cool blonde shades will take a backseat and warmer, sun-kissed gold tones will make a comeback this year. Whether you're a natural blonde or have gone for a lighter, icy hair color last year, now is the time to prep your hair for the big switch to deeper, buttery hues such as sandy blonde and beige. Also, 2016 will mark a major shift from other cool colors ( such as grey, violet and silver) and focus on a more warmer palette comprising shimmery and romantic rose gold and peach shades.

2. Color Melting Technique

If you're looking for an easygoing hair color that is understated but striking, there's a new hair coloring technique in town devised just for you. Color melting is trending in a major way and is predicted to garner more popularity and fame as the year progresses. Ideal for women who like to stay on-trend without looking too fashion-forward, the color melting technique involves application of multiple color tones in a manner that they seem to 'melt' together and lend a natural, multi-dimensional effect to your mane. Each tone used in this technique reflects light differently, making your hair look voluminous and drop-dead gorgeous.

3. Copper Red, Pink-Copper and Ronze

This year, the family of red hair colors will see reinventions like none other. Strong, shimmery copper will be the most popular red hair color in 2016. With amped up intensity and tons of glossiness (think Julianne Moore's rich hair color), this 'autumnal' shade will surely stand out and trend like no other tint in the family of reds. 'Cuivre' (meaning 'copper' in French) is the buzzword to look out for if you want to dye your tresses in a shade of copper-red in 2016.

The pink-copper version of tortoiseshell red blends (ecaille) will also grow in popularity this year. A perfect option to refresh grown-out strands and best achieved with balayage hair highlighting technique, pink-copper hair is sure to set ecaille hair trend on fire in 2016!

Also, an interesting mix of copper-red and bronze-brown, known as 'ronze' (perhaps for the lack of a better word!) is coming up on the hair coloring scene. Although the striking hue instantly lights up your face and skin tone, it's user group is very selective. So, before dyeing your hair, it is imperative to consult your colorist to know if ronze would suit you.

Seriously loving my new hair. #darkrootsblondehair #trendsetting

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4. Darker Roots

Super-hot in Hollywood at the moment (check out Naomi Watt's hair color) darker roots are predicted to be huge this year. Well, that's one good news for ladies who want to grow out their roots or go back to their natural hair color. Deliberate darker roots have a sexy je ne sais quoi feel about them, are extremely low maintenance and help you save tons of money at the hair salon. Ask your hair colorist to apply a semi-permanent dye at the roots and leave the shafts and tips a few shades lighter for a stunning look.

5. Neon Streaks

Neon color was big last year and social media exploded with psychedelic images of women with punky purple, shocking pink and party blue hair. If you too were tempted to try out the trend but were apprehensive about making your head explode with funky colors, you're in luck this year. Streaky neon accents will take over the audacious full-blown hair dye, leaving you with just enough pop peekaboo of bright color (to show off your stylish, carefree and adventurous side.

Remember, when it comes to experimenting with hair colors, less is always more!

6. Tortoiseshell Ombré

From runways to sidewalks, ombré hair color was everywhere last year. This year, however, master hair colorists have gone a step ahead and invented a new trend to make this popular hair color even more versatile. Enter tortoiseshell ombré – a new technique that involves blending three or more colors and applying them along the lengths of the strands to create added dimension and movement. Also known as the 'ecaille blend', this new ombré will be ideal for women with fine hair as the multi-tonal effect will add an appearance of more body and make the mane look voluminous.

7. Multi-tonal Platinum

Borrowing its characteristics from the opal hair coloring technique, but replacing multiple colors with varied shades of blonde, the multi-tonal platinum will be hot this year. If you got your hair colored platinum last year and want to go back to a warmer shade of blonde, a multi-tonal effect will make your transition easy and attractive. The appeal of the multi-tonal platinum lies in the fact that when you look at the hair from different angles or under different light conditions, it reflects a stunning array of blonde colors – ranging from cool to warm – blended perfectly to create a spectacular multi-dimensional effect.

8. Hair Strobing Technique

Taking inspiration from the popular contouring technique in makeup, hair strobing gleaned a lot of popularity last year (Thanks to key strobing celebrities Gigi Hadid, Perrie Edwards and Cara Delevingne who set the trend on fire). It's fame is set to grow this year too as more and more women get their strands highlighted at places where light would hit most naturally, with the aim to draw attention to the best features on their face. If you're planning to give this hot hair color trend a go, consult an expert hair colorist to find out which shades would best compliment your natural hair color as well as your skin tone and face shape before taking the plunge.

9. Balayage French Highlighting Technique

Balayage, which somewhat lost its place to rainbow and opal highlights and fluid hair painting in 2015 will boomerang on the hair coloring scene and will be huge this year. An awesome French hair highlighting technique where every streak of color is carefully and custom applied by hand, balayage leaves the mane with a gorgeous multi-tonal effect abnd plenty of movement. Ideal for all hair textures and lengths – right from the shortest pixie to the longest Rapunzel-like tresses, it is also a great hair dyeing option for those who don't have time for frequent touch-ups. Sounds like you? You know what to do!

Woody Brown Hair Color
Woody Brown Hair Color

10. Woody Brown

Always wanted to go darker with your lovely locks? Now is the time! Ranging from chestnut to chocolate, brown hair color will take on a darker, more woody tone this year. With wide-ranging options that can be played with to suit everyone, brown has always been a safe hair color option for almost all women, irrespective of their age, skin tone, facial features or natural hair color and texture. If you're planning to go back to your original dark hair color this year, a woody tone of brown will be right up your alley. Do choose the shade carefully though and ask your hair colorist to apply a coat of gloss for added shine in your strands.

11. Babylights

Hitting the hair highlighting scene in 2015, babylights are all set to go mainstream in 2016. Babylights are quite similar to the French balayage highlights. However, the involve streaking the hair with softer, more subtle tones of blonde to create a natural (almost baby hair like) finish. If you're not into bold, chunky streaks and want to opt for something that's closer to the natural shade of your hair, but highlights your strands ever-so-slightly to create a fuller, multi-dimensional effect, babylights could be your thing. If you wish to get an idea of what babylights look like, Karlie Kloss' dainty hair would serve as the perfect reference.

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12. Dip-Dyed Ends

Last year, dip-dyed ends taught us how to have fun with our hair without committing our entire head to a single bright color. As the name suggests, dip-dyed ends involve dyeing the ends of your strands in a shade that is in stark contrast to the overall color of your hair. It looks fresh and fun and what's even better – you can always chop off you tresses if you get bored of the dyed ends! So, are you ready to color your tips pink, purple or green this year?

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