12 Best Hair Colors for Men

/ 10.13.2015
Best Hair Colors for Men
  Best Hair Colors for Men

When it comes to hair color, why should women have all the fun? We've rounded up the best hair colors for men that are in trend this season. Whether you want to spice up your hairstyle or hide your greys, you will find plenty of ideas and tips to choose the right hair color that matches your skin tone, haircut as well as lifestyle!

Golden Blonde
Golden Blonde

1. Golden Blonde

Warm things up a bit this fall by coloring your hair golden blonde! Golden blonde hair color is perfect for men with light to medium skin tones; if you have light eyes, you're a perfect candidate for this hair color shade too!

This hair color works best with short cropped, thick, wavy hair. Work in a small amount of hair styling gel to style your hair. You can wear a side swept style to work and sport an angled faux hawk for casual occasions.

Dark Blonde
Dark Blonde

2. Dark Blonde

Guys with light skin tones and cool undertones can go for a dark blonde hair color this season. This color helps to draw attention to dark brown eyes and is perfect for medium textured hair, which is neither too thick nor too fine.

Dark blonde hair color is associated with quintessential 'cool dude' looks – it is exciting and fun and best complements a spiked hairstyle, a Mohawk, a shag or an asymmetrical undercut.

The best thing is that your hair looks great even when the dye begins to fade, so there's nothing to lose!

Cool Blonde
Cool Blonde

3. Cool Blonde

Have natural blonde hair? Step up your hairstyle game by coloring your tresses in a shade of cool blonde. This light hair color is in major trend this season. If you have a light complexion and thick hair texture, go for this uber cool hair color.

Cool blonde does not go well with fine hair as the shade itself is a tad see-through (so, fine hair looks even finer!). Even distribution is imperative to rock this hair color, which is why you should avoid dyeing your hair at home. Book a salon appointment and let your hair colorist work up his magic!

Style your cool blonde hair with a side part or a messy look; run a matte finish hair deconstruction gum through your mane and style individual hair pieces the way you want!

Medium Brown
Medium Brown

4. Medium Brown

Color your hair medium brown to show off a short, spiked hairstyle!

Medium brown hair color complements almost all skin tones. However, it looks best on men with fair to medium complexion and a neutral undertone.

Like most shades of brown, this hair color too suits all men, irrespective of their age, hair length, profession or lifestyle. Some of the best hairstyles for medium brown hair include messy curls, brushed back hair, neat side part, slicked back 'do and rebel waves.

Dark Brown
Dark Brown

5. Dark Brown

If you have never colored your hair before and want to have a dry run just to see how you'll look with a different hair color, dark brown is one of the safest options to try!

Dark brown color looks good on all men, irrespective of their skin tone, face shape and hair length. Whether you have short hair or long, a thick mane or fine tresses, a layered haircut or a pompadour – this hair color is guaranteed to look good on you!

Add a dab of styling gel to lend your dark brown hair a better hold and a sleeker finish.

Chocolate Brown
Chocolate Brown

6. Chocolate Brown

A truly dreamy hair color, chocolate brown goes well with all skin tones – light, medium or dark. This shade of brown generally works well with thick hair. However, if you have fine hair, simply spritz your hair with a good quality high lift creation spray or work in a small quantity of volumizing mousse to amp up your hair volume and make your mane look fuller.

Chocolate brown hair color looks good on most men, irrespective of their profession and lifestyle. Short side sweep, wind-swept hair, tousled effect, shag, brushed forward style and brushed back look – there are plenty of men's hairstyles that work well with chocolate brown hair!


7. Caramel

Caramel hair color looks absolutely delicious on men! Don't believe us? Ask the women around!

This rich shade adds texture and movement to your hair, making it look vibrant. Caramel hair color is best suited for men with warm skin tones. If you have blue or green eyes, this hair color will surely make them stand out!

The shade smidges a bit on the dark brown side and you can try out a color with an undertone of copper or gold for your mane to look thick, glossy and on trend!

Short side sweep and windswept hair are the two styles that go well with caramel hair color.


8. Copper

If you love experimenting with your hair and are not afraid to try out a slightly brighter hair color, go for copper.

Copper colored hair suits guys with light to medium skin tones and warm undertones. However, the color has a 'cool boy' vibe about it and therefore might not be office-appropriate for everyone. If you do wish to dye your hair copper, we recommend that you go for a subtle shade that is not too bright.

Copper colored hair goes well will shaggy hairstyles. Ask your hairstylist to give you an edgy razor cut to rock the color!

9. Steel Grey

Natural, chic and fashion-forward, steel grey hair color wins all the awards in the men's top hair color category. A dark shade of hair color with a grey undertone looks gorgeous on men with medium complexion.

Steel grey is the hair color for business executives, jet setting professionals and all those men who want to look sharp, sexy and in-control. For those of you wanting to conceal your natural grey hair without giving out the impression that you've dyed your mane, steel grey can be a great choice!

Wear your medium-length steel grey hair brushed back, side swept or slicked back for an elegant, polished look. Work in a small quantity of hair styling gel or hair wax to make your style last all day!

10. Grey

The first thing you notice about George Clooney is his striking salt and pepper mane. If your hair too is getting better with age (just like Clooney's), a grey hair color will help you turn up your charm!

Why color your hair grey when it is greying naturally? Because more often than not, the coverage of greys is not uniform throughout your mane and this might make you way look older than your actual age! Dyeing your hair makes the color look more consistent. Besides, grey is the color of a confident and stylish man; it makes women swoon!

Did you know that grey is also one of the hottest hair colors of the season? Even younger men are going for the silver fox look and dyeing their tresses these days to look classy and sophisticated!

If you have medium to warm complexion and thick hair, go for the all-grey look! Use a little pomade to create a sharp side part hairstyle or sport a close crop style!


11. Blackish Brown

If you're looking for a color that is closest to your natural dark hair shade, go for blackish brown.

Black-brown hair color perfectly complements men with warm to deep skin tones and works well with all types and textures of hair. In fact, the dark undertone of this shade makes fine hair look thicker, lending visual volume to your mane.

This rich but subtle hair color suits every guy, whether he is a college student or a working professional.

Use a tiny amount or styling gel to rake your hair up and away from the face and create a cool, professional look. To achieve a matte finish, use a deconstruction gum and create a short side sweep.

Dark Black
Dark Black

12. Dark Black

Dark black hair color is ideal for men with medium to dark skin tones and warm undertones. A jet-black mane makes your eyes pop and accentuates the best features of your face. This color makes your hair look voluminous and is therefore perfect for guys with fine textured hair.

Rock this swish hair color with a short haircut and faded sides or an undercut. Create a neatly combed side sweep for work and tousle your hair with some deconstruction gum to create a wind-swept style for the night!

Here's hoping that you got plenty of ideas and tips to choose the right hair color that suits your personality and lifestyle! After you dye your mane, do remember to switch to a color protective shampoo and conditioner to protect your hair and make the color last longer.

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