10 Women's Hairstyles That Are Trending This Month

/ 01.22.2016
Hottest Hairstyles of This Month
Hottest Hairstyles of This Month

January is all about starting afresh – changing our lifestyle, picking up a new hobby or transforming the way we look. Your hairstyle plays an important role in defining the new you! The cards are on the table and we already have an idea of the hairstyles that will be popular in 2016. However, instead of jumping on the bandwagon and going for a full-fledged hair makeover, we believe in taking things slow and enjoying the gradual transformation process. Therefore, we thought it would be a good idea to begin with the first month of the New Year and tell you which hairstyles have begun to build their reputation in January. We're sure this approach will help you plan your hair journey accordingly, avoid a drastic alteration and look your stylish best!

Ladies, here are the top ten women's hairstyles that are trending this month:

Shaggy Pixie Hairstyes
Shaggy Pixie Hairstyes

1. Shaggy pixies

After a short hiatus, shaggy pixies have made an unapologetic comeback this month. So if you had been slicking your hair to make your short, androgynous hairstyle look more demure all through last year, now is the time to trade in your hair gel with some deconstructing gum to style individual hair pieces, or better still, let them enjoy their own character! A choppy pixie truly frees you from styling limitations, no matter what the texture of your hair. So go ahead, enjoy a sassy new short hairstyle and take inspiration from Lily Collins or J.Law to grow it out into a bob later this year!

Textured Bob Hairstyles
Textured Bob Hairstyles

2. Textured Bobs

We doubt that bob hairstyles will be dethroned from their privileged position anytime soon. So, it only makes sense to go with the flow while the trend lasts! Thankfully, bob hairstyles are quite versatile and can be trimmed to suit any face shape. What's even better is that this month is all about textured bobs, which means you can now sport a hairstyle that is not only hip but also right for your specific hair texture (isn't that a dream come true!).

Stop worrying whether your hair is too straight, too wavy or too curly for a bob and call up your hair stylist now! If you like shorter hairstyles, we recommend the Gatsby-inspired short bob with baby bangs. If you like shoulder-length hairstyles, we endorse the layered lob hairstyle – a look that suits almost every woman!

Sleek Long Bobs
Sleek Long Bobs

3. Sleek Long Bobs

Long bobs have taken on a sleeker, more polished direction this month and are enjoying a lot of attention everywhere. While the long bob offers a great length to experiment with volume and texture, the sleek, glossy finish sends the glamour quotient of the hairstyle through the roof. While last year was all about carefree, tousled, salt-sprayed finish, it seems like 'mirror-shine' will be the buzz word trending in the beauty circles in 2016. Going by Instagram and Pinterest feeds of celebrities and social media influencers, we know how quickly the trend is picking up.

Ladies, join the cause for shinier strands this January! Spritz some strand smoother serum spray all over your hair to lend a high-definition shine to your tresses and make them look soft, smooth and sexy!

Statement Bangs
Statement Bangs

4. Statement Bangs

Bold, blunt, textured fringe is in this month and how! Even women with curly hair are ditching their heat styling tools and going for a pair of sweet statement bangs to transform their looks.

A textured fringe is a great way to embrace your hair's natural texture and structure, while lending a cool-girl vibe to your hairstyle and indeed your personality. What's even better is that these statement bangs require very little maintenance and virtually no heat styling, and save you time, energy and money!

If you have wavy hair, just work in a tiny amount of deconstructing gum through your forelocks and scrunch them with your fingers to lock in their natural structure. If you have gorgeous curly hair, apply a tiny amount of curl taming mousse through the pretty curves to soften, tame and define them and have your bangs looking great throughout the day. Do talk to your hairstylist though and express your desire to wear your bangs in your natural hair texture, so that he/she can cut the forelocks accordingly.

Strobed Hairstyles with Hair Contouring
Strobed Hairstyles with Hair Contouring

5. Strobing: Face-Contouring Loose Hairstyles

It seems like women have finally understood how hairstyles should be leveraged to contour the face and draw attention to the best features on it. Loose, face-contouring hairstyles are enjoying a (capital-M) major moment this month and are predicted to garner more fan following as the year progresses. How is this done, you ask? With hair color, of course! Inspired by strobing – a technique used widely in the world of make-up (all thanks to the Kardashian sisters!), hair contouring comprises the application of the right combination of light and dark hair colors to highlight those areas where light would fall most naturally, and create optical illusions to accentuate or conceal certain facial features.

For example, if you have a round face shape, apply lighter color tones around your hairline – from ear to ear – and go for darker tones underneath the ears as well as on the lower ends of your hair. While the lighter tone will lend a sense of length to your face, the darker shade will add pointiness to it.

Talk to your hair colorist to plan your strobing journey as per your face shape.

High Pontytails
High Pontytails

6. High Ponytails

The trend of establishing one's individuality with a statement hairstyle banks heavily on the 'ease' factor. Women are just going with the flow and adopting hairstyles that are easy to create and even easier to manage and maintain. Enter high ponytails – the paradigm of statement hairstyles that are low on maintenance but high on wow factor.

Just work in a tiny amount of volume inject mousse through your hair before gathering it up in a high pony and forget about your hair for the rest of the day! Whatever your hair texture, the product will ensure that you high ponytail has enough body and movement to look great and keep your mood uplifted too!

Flipped Hairstyles
Flipped Hairstyles

7. Flipped Hairstyles

Blunt ends are out – flipped looks are in! After straight and wavy blowout monopolizing all the limelight last year, January 2016 began with a gradual movement towards 60s inspired flipped hairstyles (Remember J.Lo wore her hair in a flipped hairstyle earlier this year at the Golden Globe Awards?). Although a retro hairstyle, the look does look fresh and chic.

To flip your hairstyle, all you need to do is spritz your hair with some heat protectant hairspray and curl out the ends using a flat iron. Finish off with some fine control hairspray and your hair is set for the day! Go ahead, flip your collarbone-grazing hair and let us know if you would like to go with this look more often.

Slick, Swept-Back Hairstyle
Slick, Swept-Back Hairstyle

8. Slick Swept-Back Hairstyles

When it comes to keeping every strand in place, nothing gives you better assurance than a slick, swept-back hairstyle. If we were to guess why slick, swept-back hairstyles are trending this month, we would promptly point to the cold weather (Go figure!).

Just apply a tiny amount of styling gel in your hair and use a fine-toothed comb to brush it all back and away from your face. The product will help to tame flyways, control frizz and lend a glamorous finish to your hairstyle, while keeping all the attention focussed on your gorgeous face.

Braided Hairstyles
Braided Hairstyles

9. Braided Hairstyles

While you would probably be used to braiding your hair over weekends or while going to bed at night, there is a major hairstyle trend shift happening this month. Braids of all kinds are coming out of the closet and enrolling in charm school. Braiding techniques of yore and plait styles that had gone off the radar for a while have reemerged and are setting social media on fire. More and more women are trying out boxer braids, milkmaid braids, reverse French braids, boho-chic baby braids and crown braids and wearing them anywhere and everywhere! Take a look at our compilation of power braids that are predicted to make their mark this year and get fresh inspiration on how to style your medium-length to long hair.

Structured Updos
Structured Updos

10. Structured Updos

After a satisfactory affair with textured chignons, buns, knots and other updo styles last year, we start the year with a fresh perspective. This month, updos are all about structure and innovation, as seen all around us. Even a lazy-girl updo such as the top knot is getting reinvented and influenced by twists and braids! So, get your Velcro rollers out and load up on strong control hairsprays and bobby pins; you'll be making more structured top knots and updos from now on. For inspiration, do check out our list of updos that you can create with any texture of hair and sport just about anywhere!

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