10 Ways to Style Your Bohemian Waves

/ 11.10.2015
Best Ways to Style Your Bohemian Waves
Best Ways to Style Your Bohemian Waves

'60s and '70s inspired bohemian waves have made a big comeback this season, albeit taking a softer, more contemporary look. 'Boho' is an abbreviation of 'bohemian'; boho-chic hairstyles look super stylish and are incredibly easy to create too! Bohemian waves are free-spirited and have a character of their own, which is why boho hairstyles allow you to play with the natural texture of your hair and get a fresh, effortlessly styled look.

Whether you're looking for a modish hairstyle for your naturally wavy hair or want to sport a different hairdo that looks both chic and unique, we'll tell you a few ways to style your bohemian waves.

But first, if you don't have wavy hair, here's a short step-by-step tutorial on how to make bohemian waves before trying out any of the following boho-chic hairstyles:

How to Make Bohemian Waves
How to Make Bohemian Waves

You'll Need:

- Advanced Hairstyle TXT IT Deconstructing Gum

- Advanced Hairstyle BLOW DRY IT Quick Dry Primer Spray

- Advanced Hairstyle LOCK IT Bold Control Hairspray

- Medium-barreled Curling Iron

Get the Look

Step One

Apply a tiny amount of Advanced Hairstyle TXT IT Deconstructing Gum in damp hair. This product will add texture and hold to your tresses.

Step Two

Mist your damp hair with Advanced Hairstyle BLOW DRY IT Quick Dry Primer Spray and curl it on the medium-barreled curling iron – one section at a time.

Step Three

Gently run your fingers through the curls to break them. Upon breaking, the loose curls will look wavy and disheveled– giving you exactly the kind of finish that you want to achieve.

Step Four

Spritz some Advanced Hairstyle LOCK IT Bold Control Hairspray all over your bohemian waves to set them for longer wear!

Now let's get to creating some awe-inspiring hairstyles with your bohemian waves!

Short Half Hawk
Short Half Hawk

1. Short Half Hawk

If you don't like popular short hairstyles sported by all and sundry and want to try out something edgy and different, a bold half-hawk hairstyle will surely keep you ahead of the pack and bang on trend!

This is a super cool short hairstyle that you can create with your naturally wavy hair or sculpted bohemian waves. Besides, you can easily style your hair in less than 5 minutes, which is a boon, given the shortage of time on rushed mornings!

To create a trendy short half hawk, just work in some deconstructing gum through your semi-dry or damp hair and scrunch it with your fingers, lifting the strands at the roots, to create added texture. Create a soft side part, sweep back the smaller section of your hair and secure it with a bobby pin behind your ear (Please refer to the image above). Sprits some hairspray and head out in style!

Middle Parted Long bob with Wispy Bangs
 Middle Parted Long bob with Wispy Bangs

2. Middle-Parted Long Bob with Wispy Bangs

We can't talk about boho-chic hairstyles and not mention bangs! Bohemian waves and retro bangs are interconnected and together stand for everything that characterizes the free spirit of the '60s and the '70s.

The best thing about this retro hairstyle is that you only need to style your bangs; there's no need to do anything with your long bob – it'll take care of itself. Middle-parted bangs look as hot now as they used to look a couple of decades ago.

To make your fringe look soft and wispy, create a soft middle part (another characteristic feature of the '70s!), spritz your face-framing hair sections with some heat protectant spray and curl them inwards (towards your face) loosely on a small curling iron. Spritz some hairspray and you have a perfect boho hairstyle!

Although this style looks good on long bobs, you can certainly try it with longer hair too!

Loose Hair Accessorized with a Headband
 Loose Hair Accessorized with a Headband

3. Loose Hair Accessorized with a Headband

Just look at the image above – doesn't everything about the hairstyle remind you of the Flower Power Movement of the late '60s and early '70s? One of the many fashion cues that we picked up from this season's Fashion Week is that floral head accessories, especially headbands, are going to stay in trend over the coming year. Interestingly, they are also the perfect pairing for loose bohemian waves!

Wear your wavy hair loose and sweep off the face-framing sections with a floral hairband. Sport this 2-minute boho hairstyle at work, on a date or even at a wedding!

Half-up Micro Waves
 Half-up Micro Waves

4. Half-up Micro Waves with Braided Crown

One of the easiest ways to style your bohemian waves is to pair them with a half-up braided crown. Just like bangs, bohemian-esque braids also enhance the appeal of a regular loose hairstyle and make it look fantastic and wearable for all occasions.

Side note: Micro waves are tighter waves that almost resemble soft curls. To create them, just curl your hair sections a little tightly on a small-sized curling iron.

To create this half-up hairstyle, your face-framing hair should be long enough to braid. Make a sharp middle part and plait about half an inch of face-framing hair on each side to make two regular baby braids. Sweep the braids to the back of your head and secure them with bobby pins to make them look like a braided crown. Spritz your hair with some fine hold hairspray and you've got yourself a super pretty boho-chic hairstyle to wear just about anywhere!

Middle-Parted Mermaid Waves
Middle-Parted Mermaid Waves

5. Middle-Parted Mermaid Waves

Mermaid waves are all about texture and movement. They look good on all woman, irrespective of their face shape and are quite ideal for those with fine hair who want to make their mane look full and voluminous. These waves work best with medium-length to long hair. Besides, you can sport this effortlessly gorgeous hairstyle just about anywhere!

While the technique to create mermaid waves is the same as creating bohemian waves, the curves are a bit tighter and resemble loose crimps. If you don't wish to follow the heat styling process explained in the beginning of this article, there's an no heat alternative too!

Just spritz your damp hair with some tousle waves hairspray and divide your tresses in 5-6 vertical sections. Plait each section into a semi-tight braid and let them set for a couple of hours (or overnight!). Untie your braids and unfold your gorgeous mermaid waves! Spritz some hairspray to set your pretty curves and get ready to make heads turn wherever you go!

Styling tip: Wear your mermaid waves with a middle part to add a retro feel to your hairstyle.

Braided Updo
 Braided Updo

6. Voluminous Crown Braid

Of the various braided hairstyles that we talk about and recreate, a crown braid is simply our favorite! It looks stylish, keeps hair off the face and makes the mane look voluminous – seriously, what else could we possibly ask for! If you're looking for an easy way to style your medium-length to long wavy hair, this updo is definitely worth a try!

To make this gorgeous hairstyle with your wavy hair, make two medium-sized braids just above your ear on each side. You can decide how thick you want your braided crown to be, but we think – the chunkier, the better! If you have fine hair, you can tease the sections slightly before plaiting them to make thicker looking braids.

Wrap both the braids around your head (just like you'd wear a hairband) and secure the ends underneath your loose hair using bobby pins to create a voluminous crown braid. Spritz some hairspray all over your mane and you're done!

Leave the loose waves be as they are, or style individual hair sections by scrunching a tiny amount of deconstructing gum in your tresses.

Romantic Chignon with French Side Braid
 Romantic Chignon with French Side Braid

7. Romantic Chignon with French Side Braid

Looking for a date night hairstyle or a wedding updo? Sculpt your wavy hair into a chignon with a French side braid. The tousled finish of this updo leverages the wavy texture of your hair and therefore this romantic boho hairstyle is easier to create than it looks.

Here's what you need to do to create this beautiful hairstyle with your medium-length, wavy hair – create a side part; leave out an inch of face framing hair on the larger side, make a loose French braid right behind it and secure it at the back of your head with a bobby pin. Gather all your loose hair at the nape or on the side of your neck; twist it like a rope and wrap it into a bun, securing with bobby pins as you go.

Wrap the end of your French side braid around the bun and tuck in a couple more bobby pins to secure your updo. Barring a few wispy strands, sweep back the rest of your face-framing hair on the side and pin it underneath your chignon. Spritz some hairspray and set your updo for longer wear!

Beachy Waves with Baby Braids
 Beachy Waves with Baby Braids

8. Beachy Waves with Baby Braids

This is by far the coolest hairstyle that you can make with bohemian waves. Beachy waves with baby braids look fresh and youthful and are ideal to wear to a party, a date or a night-out on the town with friends.

To make this chic hairstyle, just trace out a soft middle part (or a side part if you like!) and make 5-6 regular baby braids on both sides of the part. Don't forget to make a couple of plaits behind each ear, so that they cascade down your shoulders and make the textured effect show more prominently. Leave out a few strands of face-framing hair on each side to lend a romantic touch to your hairstyle.

Tousled Side Braid
 Tousled Side Braid

9. Tousled Side Braid

With all the texture and movement going on in your mane, it is only natural to think about creating a vogueish tousled hairstyle. Have you thought about making a disheveled, voluminous side braid? There are several reason to try one! It is hot on trend; it makes fine hair look thicker and it helps you get gorgeous in a flash! Convinced? Here's how to make a tousled side braid with your wavy hair:

Tease the bottom layers of hair around your crown and spritz some bold control hairspray to set the volume. Sweep the top layers over the teased section and gather all your hair on the side of your neck. Give it a gentle tease and plait it into a regular braid or a more intricate fishtail braid; secure the end with elastic. Using your fingers, tug your braid gently and make it a little loose. Spritz some bold control hairspray all over your mane to set your tousled hairstyle for longer wear.

Chic, carefree and effortlessly gorgeous – this hairstyle is truly worth wearing everywhere!

Reverse French Braided Updo
 Reverse French Braided Updo

10. Reverse French Braided Updo

If you're up for challenges and have some time to spare, you may like to try out this intricate reverse French braid updo. We guarantee that once you master the technique of braiding your hair upside down, you'll want to sport this boho updo more often!

This updo gives a fresh spin to an old classic hairstyle and works best with medium-length hair. To create a reverse French braid, flip your head and start braiding your hair from the nape of your neck all the way up to your crown. Secure the braid with elastic and twist the end around your crown like a disheveled bun. Secure the bun with bobby pins and finish off with a generous spritz of hairspray to set the look for longer wear.

You don't need to aim at perfection with this updo – the more unkempt it is, the better it'll look!

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