10 Ways to Style Your Bob Haircut

/ 09.21.2015
Have Fun with These Super Cute Bob Hairstyles
Have Fun with These Super Cute Bob Hairstyles

We all go through that annoying phase in life when we just leave our hair be, hoping that it will grow. Although we don't necessarily want to cut our tresses, we do want to try a fresh hairstyle and look different every once in a while! No matter how long our hair, it is neither possible nor easy to achieve a new and noticeably different look so frequently; the situation gets even more frustrating when you have a bob!

Sounds like the story of your life? We'll tell you how to break the habit of styling your bob. We've got tons of easy hairstyling tips for bob haircuts, inspired by the hottest hair trends and Fashion Week styles for you to try and achieve a fresh look without altering your hair length. So, if you're stuck in a monotonous rut and don't know what to do to make your boring hairstyle look interesting and on-trend, don't give up hope just yet. Take a look at these 10 absolutely fantastic ways to style your bob that we've pulled together just for you:

Bob Cut with Blunt Bangs
Bob Cut with Blunt Bangs

1. Bob with Blunt Bangs

If you wish to give your blunt bob a more modern and chic vibe, there's no better way to do it than to go for long, peek-a-boo blunt bangs.

Straight, eye-grazing blunt bangs fall right below the eyebrow and look super-stylish! Depending on whether you have straight, wavy or curly hair, your blunt bangs may require some additional management to keep them pin-straight and extra smooth. But the best thing about these bangs is that the length allows you to pull and pin them back whenever you want (BTW, that's another easy way to style your blunt bob!) Plus, if you're tired of your fringe, you also have the option of growing them out. Bob hairstyles with blunt bangs are in vogue right now and there's no reason why you shouldn't give them a go!

Bob Hairstlyle: Fake Bangs with Bobby Pin
Bob Hairstlyle: Fake Bangs with Bobby Pin

2. Fake Bangs for Bob Haircuts

Don't want to trim your face-framing fringe? You can always try out fake bangs to get an idea of how you'll look, while also giving your old bob hairstyle a new twist. No, we're not talking about hair extensions. As underrated as bobby pins may seem, they are indeed your best friends.

Creating fake bangs with bobby pins is very easy. All you need to do is create a side part, pull down a section of your hair over your forehead and and pin it behind your ear with a bobby pin. As simple as that! You can create this bob hairstyle with any type or texture of hair and sport it just about anywhere. However, if you are looking for something a little fancier, replace bobby pins with another hair accessory – try a dressy barrette an ornate hair pin!

Bob Hairstyles: Headbands
Bob Hairstyles: Headbands

3. Accessorize Your Bob with a Headband

Headbands instantly remind us of Gossip Girl and Blake Lively!

Truth is, headbands are not just for gyms, grocery shopping or chilling on the couch anymore; they've made a major comeback this year and can be spotted everywhere. So, if you wish to style your bob without cutting your hair, say hello to the hottest hair accessory of the season!

Headbands solve two purposes. One, they help to keep hair off the face and two, they lend any boring hairstyle a fun upgrade. Headbands are great for all types of hair and quite practical for those who are growing out their bangs. Most stores selling fashion accessories are flooded with a mind-boggling variety of headbands varying in type, design and material, so you can choose whichever kind you like, right from sleek Alice bands to ornate circlets!

You can wear a headband right at your hairline to tame your flyways and achieve a sleek look with your bob, or push it back slightly and create a slightly quiffed look.

Bob Hair with Middle Part
Bob Hair with Middle Part

4. Refresh YourBob with New Hair Part

Want to style your bob haircut without shortening your tresses? Change your hair part! It might seem hard to believe but sometimes, changing your hair part can give you the appearance of a new haircut. As you flip your hair in a direction other than your usual side, you create an illusion of volume, texture, angles and layers.

Whether you have smooth straight hair, wavy tresses or curly locks, you can change your bob hairstyle instantly by altering your hair part. From a modish middle part to a quirky off-center part and from a classic side part to a sexy deep side part, you can play with various styles to make your bob hair look fresh and new every day. Why spend money at the salon when you can get a new bob hairstyle at home for free?

Pst... Looking for some Fashion Week FROW inspiration? Style your chin-length bob with a sharp middle part to create the hottest short hairstyle of the season!

Pinned Up Bob Hairstyle
Pinned Up Bob Hairstyle

5. Pinned-Up Bob

If you think you can't do much with a bob, you certainly haven't tried to pin it up! You can create a variety of cute and easy updos just with a couple of bobby pins. Pin back your face-framing hair; make a middle part and pin up hair sections on both sides or go for the classic side-pinned style. You can create interesting pin-ups with all lengths of bobs – from very short bob to lob (long bob).

Pinning up your hair may seem quite monotonous but the good thing is that this hairstyle looks good on everybody. With a little creativity you can lend your ordinary bob haircut an extraordinary new style every day!

Sculpted Bob
Sculpted Bob

6. Sculpted Bob Hairstyle

Bored with your regular bob hairstyle? Give it a glamorous upgrade.

Just because you have short hair does not mean you cannot style it in fashionable ways. Sculpted bob hairstyles look ultra-feminine and super classy and are perfect to wear to work or to a glam affair. But, they do take a little more time than your regular groom-and-go bob hairstyles, so make sure you have at least half an hour on your hands to set those hot rollers in the morning. Also, to secure the style for longer wear, don't forget to spritz your favorite hairspray after taking the rollers off. Team up your elegant hairdo with long, dangly earrings or ornate ear cuffs.

Tousled Bob Hair
Tousled Bob Hair

7. Bob with Tousled Waves

Tousled waves are in fashion and you can certainly try them with your bob too. Although with shorter hair, you will get subtle, barely-there waves, with the right hair styling products you can create better-defined texture and a cool, beachy appeal.

You need not visit a salon to get bob hairstyle with tousled waves. This is a simple DIY short hairstyle that you can achieve with a curling iron, a heat protectant spray and a good tousle waves hairspray. While styling your bob, remember to keep the pieces around your face gentler as compared to the rest of your hair. Needless to say, always finish with a good spray to set your hair for longer wear.

Bob Hairstyle with Deep Side Part
Bob Hairstyle with Deep Side Part

8. Bob with a Deep Side Part

Lend your bob hair some sexy swagger with a deep side part.

From red carpets and runways to sidewalks and Instagram, this hairstyle can be seen everywhere! There are several great advantages of wearing your bob with a deep side part . For one, it is the simplest way to style a bob. It also flatters every face shape. But most importantly, it draws attention to the most beautiful features of your face, including your eyebrows, eyes and cheekbones.

So, the next time you get bored with your mundane bob hairstyle and can't figure out what to do with those short straight or wavy tresses, just wedge-out a deep side part and give your bob hair an instant, stylish upgrade!

Messy Bob Hairstyles
Messy Bob Hairstyles

9. Messy Scrunched Bob

Spice up your relationship with your short bob hairstyle and try out a messy look.

The messy scrunched bob is best-suited for thick, straight-to-wavy hair. The asymmetrical effect of this contemporary, almost 'bedhead' hairstyle helps to add volume, texture and movement to your short hair and makes you look fabulous.

You can experiment with a variety of interesting messy bob hairstyles to find your signature look. Use a good deconstruction gum to style individual hair pieces and seal your look for longer wear with a generous spritz of your favorite hairspray.

Soft Vintage Curls for Bob Hair
Soft Vintage Curls for Bob Hair

10. Bob Hairstyle with Short Vintage Curls

Vintage hairstyles are back and better than ever. They are all over red carpet events and star-studded award ceremonies. If you have a bob and are tempted to try out a retro hairstyle, you can go for an easy, DIY version.

Tight vintage curls add texture and movement to your short bob hair and make fine strands look more voluminous. They work best with slightly wavy hair and suit all face shapes. This hairstyle smidges on the glamorous side, but with the right outfit you can pull it off as elegantly to work as to a cocktail party.

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