10 Trendy Hairstyles for Blonde Hair of All Lengths

/ 11.12.2015
Best Hairstyles for Blonde Hair of All Lengths
Best Hairstyles for Blonde Hair of All Lengths

Blonde hair looks luxurious and seductive. It's always in fashion and can be styled in many different ways. Of all the hair colors, golden strands reflect light most brilliantly and make your mane look vibrant and voluminous. From ashy platinum and pale golden to balmy beach and sweet strawberry – the spectrum of blonde hair colors is truly vast!

The best thing about blonde hair, whether in the high-wattage bright category or in the dark, cooler end of the spectrum, is that it looks good even when it's not styled to perfection! In fact, it looks just as sexy when it's messy as it does when sculpted glamorously.

Get your bookmarking finger ready so that you know exactly which style you want on your next hair appointment, or to try out some self-styling at home! Whether you have naturally blonde locks or have dyed your hair in a shade of gold, here are some of the trendiest hairstyles for blonde hair of all lengths:

Pixie Hairstyles for Blonde Hair
Pixie Hairstyles for Blonde Hair

1. Sexy Pixie

A pixie might just seem like a hassle-free, short-cropped hairstyle for women, but it can actually be styled in a variety of ways to look incredible! If you have blonde hair and a pixie haircut, you can sweep it back with some styling gel to create a slick, polished look for work. You can also style individual hair pieces using some deconstruction gum to create a tousled effect for a party or tease your forelock and set it with some strong hold hairspray to create a chic pomp hairstyle, à la Scarlett Johansson, for a glam event!

Blunt Bob Hairstyles for Blonde Hair
Blunt Bob Hairstyles for Blonde Hair

2. Blunt Bob

A blunt bob is another awesome short hairstyle for blonde hair. Don't believe us? Look at Naomi Watts or Jennifer Lawrence for some swoon-worthy inspiration! Contrary to popular belief, a blunt bob is not just another straight, boring and low-maintenance hairstyle. There are many ways to style your bob to make it look absolutely fabulous and draw attention to your best facial features.

Apply a tiny amount of deconstructing gum on your damp hair and scrunch it with your fingers to create an effortlessly tousled effect; Spritz some strand-smoother serum spray all over your hair to lend it a sleek, glamorous finish. Pin-up your lovely locks on one side to create a fresh, new look or wear your hair with a chic quiff! Even better – try out all these styling ideas to sport a new look every day! You can also pair your blunt bob with asymmetrical bangs to transform your wash-and-go hairstyle into a salon-styled coiffage!

Layered Bob Hairstyles for Blonde Hair
Layered Bob Hairstyles for Blonde Hair

3. Voluminous Bob

There are many good reasons to wear your blonde hair in a voluminous bob. Whether you have a short, layered haircut or have added a tousled effect to your precious locks – a voluminous bob will allow the lustrous multi-tones of your blonde hair to show more prominently and make your mane look full and gorgeous!

There are a couple of ways to add volume to your regular bob hairstyle. Spritz some heat protectant hairspray all over your tresses and curl thick sections of hair on a medium-barreled curling iron to create loose curls. These pretty curves will instantly make your bob look voluminous.

Alternately, you can gently tease the under layers of your hair, spritz some strong hold hairspray over the sections and smooth over the top layers to make your bob look fuller. Or, just work in some deconstructing gum through your tresses and scrunch them with your fingers to lend your bob a slightly undone, voluminous finish.

Grungy Blonde Hair
Grungy Blonde Hair

4. Grunge Hair

We mentioned in the beginning of this article that blonde hair looks great even when it's messy; a grungy hairstyle proves just how good it can look! Lived-in, undone looks are in and are a great solution for days when we don't have much time to shampoo our hair or to style it for that matter! The good thing about creating a grungy hairstyle with blonde hair is that the natural overtone of golden strands – even if they're dirty – is much brighter than that of any other hair color. So while your hair does not look as dirty (take our word for it!), it still looks styled!

To create this fashionably undone hairstyle, worn in a small amount of hairstyling mousse through your damp hair, spritz some heat protectant hairspray all over your mane and blow-dry it on medium heat setting. Give your tresses a good finger-scrunch and you're good to go!

Half-Up Hairstyles for Blonde Hair
Half-Up Hairstyles for Blonde Hair

5. Half-Up Hair

Don't want to wear your blonde hair loose and yet not keen to tie it up all up either? A half-up may be a perfect solution to dispel all your hairstyling dilemmas! Full of texture, movement and subtle detailing, this hairstyle is just perfect for blonde hair as it lends some depth to your mane without making it look over the top.

You can wear you blonde hair in several cute half-up styles. Create a middle hair part, plait two baby braids on either side and pin them up at the back of your head to create a braided half-crown hairstyle. Section off about 3-4 inches of face-framing hair around your forehead, give it a slight tease and pin it up in a quiff. Trace out a soft side part and pin up your hair on both sides to create a neat, office-appropriate hairstyle. Apply some styling gel on your hair, brush back all the face framing sections and secure them with a fancy barrette clip at the back of your head or simply make a half-up ponytail to keep all the loose hair off your face!

Forward Bun Hairstyle for Blonde Hair
Forward Bun Hairstyle for Blonde Hair

6. Forward Bun

Perched a little closer to your forehead than to your crown, a forward bun is a super chic updo for blonde hair. Wondering why this hairstyle is perfect for blonde hair? Well, the color of your tresses makes this updo look light, effortless and on-trend, as compared to darker hair colors that often make top knots look heavy and sort of attention seeking.

Also known as the front bun, this updo is very easy to create with medium-length hair of any texture. Remember, the chunkier your updo, the better it'll look, so before styling your hair, spritz your roots with some high-lift creation hairspray to give your strands an instant boost. Next, flip your head forward, gather all your hair a little further away from your crown (closer to your hairline) and secure it in a ponytail with elastic. Wrap the pony around the base of the elastic and tuck in bobby pins as you go to secure your forward bun. Mist your updo with some hairspray and head out in style!

Sleek Low Pony with Blonde Hair
Sleek Low Pony with Blonde Hair

7. Sleek Ponytail

There's no denying the fact that you can never go wrong with a ponytail and when it's sleek, it can be worn to any occasion! Blonde hair makes your sleek pony look lush and glamorous by reflecting light radiantly and creating a multi-tonal effect. Before styling, mist your tresses with some strand-smoother serum spray to make them extra smooth and lend them a soft, glossy finish.

It doesn't matter whether your hair is straight, wavy or curly – you can create a sleek ponytail in less than 5 minutes and sport it anywhere.

Twisted Side Ponytail with Blonde Hair
Twisted Side Ponytail with Blonde Hair

8. Twisted Side Ponytail

A twisted side ponytail is an interesting variation of the sleek pony; as the name suggests, it comprises twisting a tiny section of your side hair and merging it with the main ponytail tied on the opposite side of your neck.

Like all ponytail hairstyles, this variant too can be created with straight, wavy or curly hair. However, it looks better with slightly textured hair. Alternately, you can make a side pony and then curl up the ends using a medium-barreled curling iron to induce some fun in this sleek hairstyle. Don't forget to mist your pony with some heat protectant hairspray before styling!

Messy Chignon for Blonde Hair
Messy Chignon for Blonde Hair

9. Messy Chignon

When you can't beat humidity, use the texture and volume of your blonde hair to your advantage and create a sexy, messy chignon. This updo is suitable for all hair textures and can be worn anywhere. The golden tint of your strands reflects multiple hues, making every twist and fold look brilliant and your hairstyle simply gorgeous.

A messy chignon is a terrific solution for unwashed hair! All you need to do is spritz some dry shampoo on the roots, rake and lift your hair with your fingers, twist it and pin it up in large chunks at the back of your head. Spritz some strong hold hairspray to make your chignon stay put throughout the day. You can wear this updo to work, a date or on a night out with friends.

Hollywood Waves with Blonde Hair
Hollywood Waves with Blonde Hair

10. Hollywood Waves

When you want to let your hair down, you should do it with style! Everything about Hollywood waves spells glamour, which is why it is a perfect hairstyle for your luxurious blonde hair.

These glamour waves work best with medium-length to long hair. They can be created quite easily at home and made to look salon-styled. All you need is a good heat protectant hairspray, a strong hold hairspray and a large-barreled curling iron.

To create pretty curves in your hair, create a side part (or a middle part), divide your hair into 6-9 vertical sections and mist them generously with heat protectant hairspray. Roll each section loosely on the curling iron and let it set on medium heat for a couple of seconds. Spritz some hairspray and let the curled section slide off the iron. Repeat these steps with all the hair sections to get gorgeous glamour waves that'll make heads turn wherever you go!

Hope you enjoyed this article and are ready to try out a couple of styles on your blonde hair. Give them a go and let us know which one's your favorite!

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