10 Timeless Hairstyles that Are Always in Trend

/ 11.27.2015
Hairstyles that are always in trend
Hairstyles that are always in trend

Hair trends may come and go, but some popular hairstyles stick around for years and earn the title of 'timeless'. In this article, we'll tell you the chicest hairstyles that are always in trend. From the coolest short pixies to the plushest long layers – whatever your hair length, type, texture or styling needs may be, you'll surely find something to fall back on in this bunch of hairstyles that've stood the test of time:

Pixie Hairstyles
Pixie Hairstyles

1. Pixies

The pixie is not only one of the best short hairstyles in history but is also as relevant today as it was back in the late 1950s when it originated. While Jean Seberg is credited as one of the earliest adopters of this androgynous hairstyle, it was Audrey Hepburn's breathtaking close-crop in Sabrina that drove women to the salons to get their long hair chopped.

Today, there are many interesting ways to style a pixie and more celebrities than ever before to turn to for some swoon-worthy inspiration. From Charlize Theron's neat, close-cropped pixie in Mad Max: Fury Road to Scarlett Johansson's tousled pixie in Avengers: Age of Ultron – there are a whole bunch of celebrity-inspired pixie styles to try!

Work in a tiny amount of hair styling gel and slick your strands in place to give your pixie a polished finish or style individual hair pieces with some deconstructing gum to create a windswept effect in your short crop.

Short Bobs
Short Bobs

2. Bobs

From silent-era actresses such as Anna Mary Wong and Louise Brooks in the 1920s' via Molly Ringwald in late '80s to Jennifer Lawrence in 2015 – the bob has surely been in fashion for generations! Whether you're growing out your pixie or planning to get a hair cut, a bob will be a perfect choice to meet your hairstyling needs.

If you have naturally straight hair, go for a sleek bob with side-swept bangs to create a soft yet stylish hairstyle. A tousled bob will make for a perfect short hairstyle for those with naturally wavy hair. If you're blessed with curly hair, go for a sassy asymmetrical bob hairstyle with longer layers in the front than at the back.

While a bob is quite a stylish hairstyle in itself, there are plenty of ways to induce some extra oomph in your mane. One of the many ways to style your bob is to run a tiny amount of deconstructing gum through your tresses and finger combing them to create a modish, sexy and undone look.

Long Bobs
Long Bobs

3. Long Bobs

Long bobs have ruled the women's hairstyle scene since time unknown. We are serious! Did you know that in the medieval era, women wore their hair shorter, generally chopped at the neck or shoulders? Yep – that's how far back in time the long bob goes!

From sleek, neck-grazing haircuts to layered, shoulder-length hairstyles – long bobs have always been a reliable coiffage for women wanting to sport medium-length hair. As hair trend evolved over the decades, this popular hairstyle evolved too, with the result that today we have numerous variations of the lob, suited to individual hair type and texture.

Long bobs look good on all women. They can also be tailored to suit one's face shape. If you have a round face, a side-swept lob as well as a straight, asymmetrical bob with longer front hair will take the curviness off your face and look awesome on you. If you have a long face shape, go for a layered bob that creates an impression of volume and makes your face look wider.

If you're after a rocker-chic look, a choppy bob will fit your bill perfectly. Just scrunch in some deconstructing gum to create a texturized effect in your hair and style individual pieces the way you want. If you want to wear a sleek, office-appropriate hairstyle, a sleek long bob, set to perfection with a gentle spritz of strand-smoother serum spray, will be the best match for your styling needs.

Shag Hairstyles
Shag Hairstyles

4. Shags

The shag is a classic retro hairstyle that stills look on point today as it used to a few decades ago. Very chic, very rock 'n' roll, shag hairstyles work quite well for those with fine hair and can be paired with piecey bangs to get a hot, on trend look.

The beauty of a shag hairstyle lies in its natural, lived-in finish. While styling your hair, it is important to keep the choppy layers looking as prominent as possible, without making the hairstyle look poofy.

For best results, work in a tiny amount of volumizing mousse through your hair and muss it up with your hands to spread the product and create a fuller effect. To balance off the volume, part your hair in jagged lines; this will also make your strands stick out and lend an illusion of thicker hair.

The best shag hairstyles are created with shoulder-length hair and look incredible on women with long or oval face shapes.

A modern take on 1960s Flip Hairstyle
A modern take on 1960s Flip Hairstyle

5. 1960s Flip

The flip has dominated women's hair trends since the late '60s and has been the go-to hairstyle for those looking for simple yet sophisticated looks. Hassle-free styling and easy manageability are two of the major reasons for the flip's continued popularity over the decades.

This medium-length hairstyle has lots of layers but is quite well-structured and therefore looks chic and sophisticated. The ends of the hair hint at an upturn (flipped out) and long layers help to soften up the look.

The flip is ideal for those with thick hair. The layers help to slash the bulk from the mane while giving you an effortlessly gorgeous hairstyle that is great to wear to work or to a party.

The flip suits all women, irrespective of their age or their face shape and is best worn with a side sweep. Add a soft shine to your hairstyle by spritzing your tresses with some strand-smoother serum spray.

Short Hair with Bangs
Short Hair with Bangs

6. Bangs

Bangs have been around for quite a few decades now and if fashion predictions are anything to go by, they are not disappearing anywhere anytime soon! From pin-up bumper bangs or Betty bangs that scream retro chic to modern wispy bangs that are marvelously versatile and can be paired with just about any hairstyle, the humble forlocks have indeed come a long way!

Whatever your face shape or hair type and texture – a bangs can help you create a big impact with minimum effort. They are also known to make you look younger, redefine your face shape and draw attention to your eyes.

While long, wispy bangs are slightly easier to style and maintain, a blunt, eyebrow-skimming fringe calls for a lot of upkeep. For best results, blow-dry and style your bangs with a round brush right after your come out of the shower and spritz some strong hold hairspray to make them retain their shape throughout the day.

Bangs make for some of the most gorgeous side-swept hairstyles too! Whether you have a pixie, a long bob or waist-grazing hair, pairing it with a fringe will instantly enhance its appeal.

High-volume Waves
High-volume Waves

7. Waves

From Farah Fawcett's signature hairstyle in 1970s to Karlie Kloss's tousled tresses in 2015 – not once has wavy hair gone out of style in over four decades! The beautiful texture lends more than just volume to the mane; it makes any hairstyle look vibrant and playful.

Whether you are wearing a tousled bob, natural-looking loose waves in your medium-length hair or gorgeously sculpted Hollywood waves in your long tresses – the textured effect will enhance the appeal of your regular hairstyle and lend it an instant glamour upgrade.

To make the wavy texture look well defined and last longer, spritz some tousle waves hairspray on your hair before curling it loosely on a medium-barreled iron and mist it with a strong hold hairspray after creating the pretty curves.

Naturally Curly Hair
Naturally Curly Hair

8. Natural Curls

Natural curls look effortlessly gorgeous, no matter how you style them. Perhaps that's the reason why they've always been in vogue! However, unlike straight or wavy textured hair, curly hair requires a little extra care and protection, especially in the humid fall weather. Whether you have loose curls, tight ringlets or afro hair, it is important to keep your mane hydrated at all times.

From short bobs to long cascading locks and from voluminous updos to pretty half-ups – there are so many ways to wear your curly hair! Before styling your lovely locks, work in a tiny amount of elastic curl enhancing mousse through your mane to lend extra hold, superior texture and high-definition to your curls and make them bounce with good health.

Sleek, Straight Hair
Sleek, Straight Hair

9. Sleek & Straight

You don't have to go into a styling frenzy to look gorgeous; sometimes, the simplest of tricks make a big impact. Sleek, straight hair, that has been a timeless go-to hairstyle for women over generations, is proof that the route to achieving a perfect look is rather simple.

The best thing about sleek and straight hairstyles is that they look good on all women. What's even better – you don't need to empty your coffers at a salon to give your hair a smooth finish.

Before styling your hair, work in a tiny amount of frizz remover cream, through your tresses to block humidity, add a nice shine to your strands and make them easy to style. After flat-ironing your hair, spritz it generously with a good quality weather control hairspray to make the polished, straight texture last throughout the day!

Long Layers
Long Layers

10. Long Layers

From Jennifer Aniston's decade-old signature look to Amanda Seyfried's soft, romantic locks – long layers have and always will be in fashion. Ideal for women with long hair, layers make for a quintessential girl-next-door hairstyle that looks cool, is quite easy to style and manage and can be sported anywhere. Long, layered hairstyles are also perfect for those with wavy hair as the pretty curves weigh the tresses down, making them look sleek and well groomed.

There are many ways to style your long, layered hair. Let it loose or create a romantic half-up hairstyle. For best results, spritz your tresses with some strand-smoother serum spray before styling to make the strands smooth, shiny and polished.

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