10 Practical hairstyles for adventurous summer vacations

/ 05.21.2015
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  • Practical AND pretty vacation hairstyles
  •  Fishtail braided headband 
 For a seriously cute hiking hairstyle, look no further than a braided headband. You can wear your hair all up, or just create a mini headband to keep your strands off your face.
  •  Braided half-hawk 
 When you want to leave your hair down, try an edgy braided half hawk. You can easily tie it all back into a ponytail or knot when practicality wins out over the desire to showcase the wavy movement.
  •  Mid-height ponytail 
 The humble pony is never a bad idea when you need to keep your mane under control, and a mid-height placement creates plenty of movement.
  •  Fishtail pigtails 
 To protect your hair from the sun and generally keep it out of trouble, try some fishtail pigtail braids. It's a cute, detailed hairstyle, and you can always pin them up into a headband when you fancy a change!
  •  Off-center topknot 
 For a laid back, adorbale look, try an off-center topknot. It'll keep your locks under wraps while creating an interesting silhouette.
  •  Long tousled braid 
 When you're dealing with drty hair, a messy braid is the perfect go-to hairstyle. With a mussed, windswept finish, this 'do is right on trend, too!
  •  French braided updo 
 If you're really good at braiding, try a French braided updo. While braiding the hair on both sides of your hair will take some time, the resulting hairstyle will stay put for as long as you need it to.
  •  Messy high ponytail 
 Another textured look, messy ponytails are a perfect quick fix when you're out and about, and you need to keep your hair out of the way.
  •  Headband updo 
 If you're camping, or don't have much space to pack a ton of hair accessories, take a headband and a few bobby pins to create a durable, easy updo in just a couple of minutes.
  •  Messy knot hairstyle 
 Disheveled buns and knots are ideal for keeping the hair off the neck and preventing frizz while you get down to whatever activities you have planned!

When you're hiking, sailing, climbing, surfing or walking, the last thing you want to worry about is your hair. So, if you have an active, adventurous vacation planned this summer, you'll need some practical hairstyles to keep your hair out of the way! The good news is functional updos can also be pretty and chic, especially when braids and on-trend textured waves are involved.

To help you figure out how to wear your hair while getting back to nature, check out the gallery above and remember to pack plenty of bobby pins...

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