10 Hottest Men's Hairstyles for Winter

/ 12.11.2015

Looking for easy winter hairstyles that'll look dapper even when swept by a few gusts of wind and show the fashionable side of your personality? We've sheared our way through a maze of men's hairstyle trends and rounded up the hottest styles that will make you look oh-so-good this season.

Whether you're in your mid 20s or pushing 40s, a college student or a white collared jetsetter, you'll surely find your signature winter hairstyle in the list below, no matter what the length and texture of your mane or the shape of your face:

Hairstyles with a Cool Side Part for Men with Short Hair
Hairstyles with a Cool Side Part for Men with Short Hair

1. Side Swept Hairstyle

If you're looking for a fail-safe hairstyle for your short hair that'll look good no matter what the season or the time of the day, a cool side-swept hairstyle will fit your bill perfectly.

Even with their restricted lengths, short side-swept hairstyles look quite stylish and are very easy to manage and maintain. In fact, they belong to the category of hairstyles that are always in trend!

This short clipper cut looks quite professional and works well for young as well as older men – case in point: George Clooney! While the sides and the back are cut very short, the top hair is kept slightly long so that it can be side-parted.

Side-swept hairstyles for the office can be slicked in place with some styling gel or swept up slightly with the help of some deconstructing gum to create a quick party look.

This hairstyle works will all textures of hair and looks exceptionally good on men with oval face shapes.

Fringe Hairstyles for Men with Short Hair
Fringe Hairstyles for Men with Short Hair

2. Fringe Hairstyle

Ideal for men with long or square face shapes and high foreheads, fringe hairstyles look super dapper and help to cover up a part of the forehead, thus shortening the length of the face but accentuating a striking, manly jaw. They are characterized by longer front hair, which is swept down the forehead and lends the impression of man bangs – hence the name.

Fringe hairstyles offer ample flexibility to style your hair. You can brush your man bangs forward or rake them neatly to a side to create an angular side sweep. Work in a tiny amount of deconstruction gum through your forelocks to lend greater hold to the strands and make them stay put throughout the day.

A fringe hairstyle works well with straight or wavy hair texture.

Blowback Hairstyles for Men with Short to Medium-Length Hair
Blowback Hairstyles for Men with Short to Medium-Length Hair

3. Blowback Hairstyle

An Ivy League blowback has all the elements that characterize gentlemen's hairstyles. It is neat and polished and works well with all textures of hair – straight, wavy or curly. While the sides and the back are tapered to perfection, about an inch or two of the face-framing hair is kept longer than the rest of the top hair. Needless to say, a blowback banks heavily on a perfect graduated fade; however, you can decide how short you want to go with your hair. Go for a super short buzz cut like Matt Damon or keep your hair slightly longer a la Joe Manganiello.

Blowback hairstyles are ideal to wear to work and look just as cool off-duty. Styling your forelock with a tiny amount of hair putty will ensure that your strands stay in place even in the windy winter weather.

Oh, did we mention that blowbacks are one of the most trending men's hairstyles this season?

Slicked Back Hairstyles for Men with Medium-Length Hair
Slicked Back Hairstyles for Men with Medium-Length Hair

4. Slicked Back Hairstyle

Slicked back hairstyles remind us of Leonardo DiCaprio's coiffage in The Great Gatsby. A medium-length trim and a smooth, polished texture, which can be created with straight, wavy or curly hair, characterize this classic men's hairstyle of the 1020s.

Slicked back hairstyles are all about sophistication and are therefore ideal to sport during this holiday season. A small quantity of hair gel lends this style its trademark glossy finish and doubles as a shield against the harsh winter weather, keeping the strands well lubricated and in place. Wear your hair slicked back (as in the picture above) or with a sharp side part.

Think elegance and extravagance – think slicked back hairstyles. From family dinners and date nights to cocktail parties and black-tie events – your slicked back hairstyle will make you the center of attention wherever you go.

Messy Wavy Hairstyles for Men with Medium-Length Hair
Messy Wavy Hairstyles for Men with Medium-Length Hair

5. Messy Hairstyle

Up until a few years ago, men kept their hair close-cropped and well groomed, so that it was easier to manage. Messy hair is one of the most recent trends in the world of men's grooming. With more and more gents embracing the natural texture of their hair these days, messy hairstyles have shot up in popularity tremendously. Besides, they just seem like a natural choice for windy winter days!

While men with medium-length hair are keener to adopt natural-looking hairstyles, there is a clear-cut difference between a weather-ruined coiffage and a carefully created messy texture – it's all about the shape and style!

A strategically disheveled hairstyle not only accentuates the natural texture of your hair but also makes your mane appear fuller and shapelier.

If you have wavy or curly hair, work in a tiny amount of deconstruction gum through your tresses and rake them with your fingers to create a messy hairstyle. Avoid wearing your hair with a sharp hair part; instead, trace out a softer, more zigzag line that divides your hair randomly.

Messy hairstyles look so cool, they might not be entirely appropriate for work. But since this season is all about fun and 'letting your hair down', why not try it out, perhaps off-duty?

Windswept Waves
Windswept Waves

6. Windswept Hairstyle

With a little tease here and a slight tousle there, windswept strands make for a perfect winter hairstyle for men, irrespective of their face shape. Windswept hairstyles look cool and sexy and work best with medium-length hair. However, given the unkempt finish of the style, you'd probably not want to sport it to your place of work, but would rather reserve it for more casual and laid-back occasions.

To lend a windswept texture to your mane, just use a small quantity of deconstructing gum to style the front and top sections of your hair. You can rake the hair-pieces in random directions, finger-sweep them to one side or lift them up for a bold and striking look!

Brushed Forwards Hairstyles for Men with Medium-Length Hair
Brushed Forwards Hairstyles for Men with Medium-Length Hair

7. Brushed Forward Hairstyle

Brushed forward hairstyles look cool on men with curly hair and long face shapes. As is the trend these days, this hairstyle comprises close-cropped sides and back and slightly longer top and front hair. The forelock helps to cover up a high forehead and makes the face look more proportional. Add some layers on the top to make your mane look even and shapely and sport this hairstyle to work or to a party.

Brushed forward hairstyles work best when styled with a tiny amount of curl taming serum. The product makes the curl easy to style, stay intact and hold longer, especially in windy winter weather. It also lends a soft shine to your mane, making it look lush and ready for the holiday season!

Men's Hairstyles for Afro Curls
Men's Hairstyles for Afro Curls

8. Afro Curls

You must've gleaned by now that winters are all about letting your hair relax. Plenty of natural texture and movement are replacing sharp and clean-cuts and it all makes sense – after all, why would you want to spend hours fixing your hair, when Mother Nature has a different plan!

Enter: Afro hair – the most natural of all hair types and textures, that looks best when left in its original form and character. Intrinsically curly or very curly in nature, afro hair looks super cool; if moisturized often and well with a good quality restorative oil and hair conditioner, makes the mane look soft and gorgeous.

To rock your 'fro this season, work in a tiny amount of elastic curl mousse through your hair every 2 days. The product will not only moisturize and define your curls but will also help to control frizz and make the coils stay intact and hold longer!

Pompadour Hairstyles for Men With Short to Medium Length Hair
Pompadour Hairstyles for Men With Short to Medium Length Hair

9. Pompadours

Revived by none other than the 'King of Rock n Roll' Elvis Presley in the 1950s, the pompadour is a classic men's hairstyle comprising longer strands on the top and shorter locks on the sides and back. It is one of the trendiest hairstyles for men this winter and can be created with semi-short to medium-length hair of any texture.

A pompadour hairstyle suits all men, irrespective of their face shape. It can be styled in two ways – by slicking the hair up or by wearing it with a side part. Lend your pomp hairstyle a rich, glossy finish by dabbing a tiny amount of hairstyle gel through your hair or create a more textured look by rubbing in some deconstructing gum to style individual hair-pieces. No matter, how you choose to wear your pompadour, it'll look super hot and on point this winter!

Man Buns for Men with Long Hair
Man Buns for Men with Long Hair

10. Man Buns

Hot Tend Alert! What is it about guys sporting man buns that make women weak in the knees? Perhaps it's the 'ultimate rockstar' appeal of these updos or the 'I'm too hot to handle!' attitude of men who sport them, or both – we'll never know. But, what we do know for sure is that man buns, just like most hairstyles listed in this article, have fought their way to the top of the hottest men's hairstyle trends this winter.

Created with long hair (of course!), a man bun can be styled in many different ways. You can create a sleek, wet look bun by working in a tiny amount of styling gel through the lengths of your hair or sculpt a more natural-looking knot by scrunching in some deconstruction gum through your strands to lend them better grip and extra hold.

That's not all! You can tie your man bun at the back of your head for a more polished look or at the nape of your neck for an easy-going, weekend hairstyle.

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