10 Hairstyles for square face shapes

/ 08.17.2015
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  •  Deep side part 
 A sleek side part is the perfect minimalist look for square faces!
  •  Sideswept waves 
 Hollywood's favorite hairstyle looks amazing on a square visage as it both elongates the face and softens harsh lines.
  •  Messy pixie 
 With a disheveled finish and some choppy bangs, this messy pixie is perfect for square faces.
  •  Side parted layers 
 A carefree side part and subtle layers create the perfect frame for square faces. Plus, you can rock this look with long side bangs, too.
  •  Parted bangs 
 Textured, parted bangs soften the lines of a square face shape. You can use a small amount of flexible hold product to keep them in place, just be careful not to over-apply.
  •  Curly bangs 
 A textured fringe, whether curly or wavy, creates a softer, more rounded look.
  •  Off-center part 
 A slightly off-center part frames the face beautifully and isn't quite as intense a perfect middle part.
  •  Long rounded bangs 
 Rounded bangs that are shorter in the middle than they are at the sides create a slightly rounder appearance while drawing attention to the eyes and cheekbones.
  •  Wavy bob 
 The wavy bob looks good on every face shape, fact.
  •  Bob with bangs 
 Seriously, all bobs look awesome all of the time. Just keep it slightly longer than your jawline with a square face shape.

Choosing a haircut that flatters your face shape can make the difference between a look you think is okay and a style you absolutely love. We're zooming in on some of the best cuts for square shapes today, and you can check out our recommendations in the gallery above. Maybe you'll find your new signature hairstyle among them!

How to tell if you have a square face

Generally speaking, square faces tend to have straight sides and an angular jawline with only a minimal curve. If you have a square shaped face, it's likely to be almost as wide as it is long, with a roughly equal distance between your hairline and your cheekbones, and your cheekbones and your chin.

If you aren't sure what your face shape is, consult with your stylist to get a second opinion, and to discuss all of your options before getting your hair cut.

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