10 Hairstyles for Long Straight Hair

/ 09.11.2015
Easy Hairstyles for Women with Long Hair
Easy Hairstyles for Women with Long Hair

Shorter hairstyles for women may have gained a lot of popularity in recent years, but long hair still remains a hot favorite – an eternal symbol of beauty and feminine charm.

Who doesn't want long, gorgeous tresses? Some women may be of the opinion that it is difficult to grow, manage and maintain long hair, which is true, but on the brighter side, longer tresses can be styled in so many different ways!

You can wear your hair open and let your smooth, silky tresses cascade down your back, braid it for some boho-chic fun, wrap it up in a chic updo or scrunch it to create ultra-glam waves! Most importantly, long hair looks good on almost every woman, irrespective of her face shape, features or even age. So, if you're blessed with beautiful long hair, flaunt your locks with pride.

For those of you who are bored with the same hairstyle and in search of some inspiration, we've compiled a list of beautiful long hairstyle ideas that will help you style your long hair and make it look fabulous for all occasions.

Here are the top 10 hairstyles for long hair:

Loose Wavy Curls for Long Hair
Loose Wavy Curls for Long Hair

1. Wavy Curls

Why tie your hair up or wear it in a ponytail when you can create gorgeous wavy curls and flaunt them to the world? Long, shiny locks curling up in small, loose waves lend you a soft and delicate appeal. This simple hairstyle for long hair is easy to create and perfect for both work and fun.

Remember to use a large round brush while blow drying your hair and apply a styling gel to prep your tresses before you curl them using a big-barreled curling iron. Break the curls gently for a softer look and finish off with a fine hold hairspray. For best results, trim your ends at frequent intervals and keep the hair color fresh and lustrous.

Braided Half-Up Hairstyle for Long Hair
Braided Half-Up Hairstyle for Long Hair

2. Half-Up

We've seen little school girls wear their long hair in cute half-ups and we've seen glamorous divas sauntering on red carpets in stunning half-up 'dos. Needless to say, this hairstyle is eternal, ageless and ever-so-graceful!

If you have long hair, you have the perfect resource to try out a variety of half-up hairstyles that will break the monotony of an un-styled look. You can create cute quiffs, lavish bouffant 'dos, playful beehives and even baby braids to give the traditional half-up an interesting spin. Try a new style every day!

Side Swept Long Hair
Side Swept Long Hair

3. Deep Side Part

With a deep side part, you can make your long hair go from boring to fabulous in a matter of seconds. The deep side part is the simplest and quickest way to style your long hair and goes well with almost all face shapes. But the sweeping, face-framing hair sections break the circular symmetry of round or square faces and help to create a more angular look.

There are a few interesting hairstyle options to try out with the deep side part. You can leave your hair loose and go au naturel, or tie your deep side parted hair into a low ponytail or bun. You can also make a neater side part for a sleek and polished look or create a slanting one to play things up a bit.

Side Part for Long Hair
Side Part for Long Hair

4. Side-swept Hair

There's something uniquely alluring about side-swept hair. The gorgeous, over-the-shoulder hairstyle is super romantic and just perfect for a dreamy date. But the look also works well for window-shopping with the girls during the day or attending a VIP event in your little black dress in the evening.

You can wear your side-swept hair loose or bunch it up in a low side ponytail for added comfort. Bling it up with an ornate hair pin or add a touch of romance by tucking in a red rose.

Whatever look you decide to go with, always spritz some strand-smoother serum spray to make your tresses look smooth, frizz-fee and super shiny.

Full-volume Loose Curls
Full-volume Loose Curls

5. Full-Volume Loose Curls

Synonymous with glamour and elegance, full-volume loose curls are every girl's ultimate go-to hairstyle for any affair that demands dressing-up and looking picture-perfect. Also known as Victoria's Secret Blowout, this hairstyle really makes long hair look extra voluminous and sexy.

Want to know how to make your curls hold for longer wear? Apply a good curl mousses to your long hair before putting your tresses on the barrel of your curling iron. Besides prepping your hair for the process, the product will also help to keep your long hair frizz-free and full of movement.

You can wear these full-volume loose curls with middle parted hair or side swept tresses – in either case, this hairstyle for long hair will up your oomph by several notches!

Braided Updo
Braided Updo

6. Braids

Let us ask you a question – If you have long hair, how many types of braids have you tried to make, apart from the regular one? Truth is, most women with long hair are hesitant to even try out new braided hairstyles, assuming that they'd be complicated and time-involving to create. But that's not really the case! Besides, if you are ever stuck with a technicality, we have a whole bunch of braided tutorials to help you out!

Braids look super cute on everyone, and if you have long hair, you can try out several additional variations such as the braided crown, braided headband, reverse French braided updo, double-braided half-up knot, braided bouffant updo ... and many others!

Why not give these new braided hairstyles a try this weekend? After all, you've got a good hair length to create them!

Gorgeous Blowout for Long Hair
Gorgeous Blowout for Long Hair

7. Blowout

A good blowout can make the dullest-looking long hair bounce with joy. The secret to a good blowout is texture. With a little volume, texture and movement you can totally recreate your humble long hair into a sexy and glamorous red-carpet hairstyle!

There are a few tricks to creating a perfect blowout. Flip your head upside-down while blow-drying your hair to lift your roots and make your hair look instantly more voluminous. Use a large barrel curling iron to create big, flowy curls. Apply a tiny amount of flexible-hold putty on your hair to add texture, and finally, set the look with a tousle waves hairspray!

Bun Hairstyles fo Long Hair
Bun Hairstyles fo Long Hair

8. Buns

Buns are a girl's go-to hairstyle for all occasions – when she is busy, or simply wants to beat the heat; when she is sick and even when she doesn't know how to style her long hair! Thankfully, there are lots of interesting ways to take the humble bun to a whole new level.

With a dash of imagination (and a little time on your hands) you can create swoon-worthy bun hairstyles with your long hair. Right from neat coils to messy 'dos and from braided buns to voluminous chignons, there are lots of looks to try out. What are you waiting for? Grab your hair brush and bobby pins and unleash your creativity!

Oh, but before you begin, do bear in mind that long hair is slightly heavier and tends to pull down an updo. Therefore, keeping a good hairspray handy to secure the style is not an option but a necessity!

Slicked Back Style for Long Hair
Slicked Back Style for Long Hair

9. Slicked Back

The slicked-back is an ultra-glam hairstyle for long hair lifted straight from the cover of a fashion magazine. Although this look can be created with short (and even chin-length hair), it looks best when you have longer tresses. This long hairstyle for women has a very glitzy and sophisticated appeal. You can wear it to work or to a swanky event.

Sweeping a generous dollop of extra-hold hair styling gel through your front hair not only lends this hairstyle a glossy, glamorous effect but also hides dirty roots and keeps every strand is place.

Rock this long hairstyle at a glam party and be the paparazzi's favorite muse!


Faux Hawk for Long HAir
Faux Hawk for Long HAir

10. Long Faux Hawk

If you are looking for an edgy hairstyle for long hair, make your own style statement with a long faux hawk. This bold and beautiful hairstyle is not for everyone, so go for it only if you are absolutely sure and ready to shave off half of your long tresses. Also bear in mind that the hair will take a long time to grow back to the original length, so you might have to sport this hairstyle for a very long time or ultimately get your locks chopped and settle for shorter hair. If you're unsure, try the faux half-hawk instead to get an idea of what the final style would look like.

But, if you're ready to rock this edgy look, you'll need a good volume inject mousse to add bulk to your tresses and a bold hold hairspray to keep your tresses on one side of the head.

The long faux hawk is for those of us who love to be a little different from the rest. Before you go for this ultra-mod style, make sure it is okay to wear it to your place of work!


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