10 Hair Care Tips for Soft, Shiny and Healthy Tresses this Year

/ 01.21.2016
Hair Care Tips for Women
Hair Care Tips for Women

Through the years, you must have taken a number of resolutions to give your hair the proper care, protection and pamper that it deserves. From DIY hair care tips to YouTube video tricks, expert advice from your friends to celebrity secrets divulged in beauty magazines – you've probably tried out a bunch of things to keep your tresses looking their very best. However, the important thing to understand is that when it comes to hair care, one size does not fit all. So, while a deep conditioning treatment worked for your friend, it might not be suited to your hair type or texture.

Whether you're spending too much time and money on hair products and not getting the desired results, can't seem to figure out how to stop hair breakage or don't understand why your hair appears dry and parched all the time – don't worry, we'll help you find relevant answers to all your hair care woes and ensure that your precious locks get the best cut, color and condition in 2016.

Here are the top 10 tips for great hair this year:

Do you need a haircut?
Do you need a haircut?

Tip #1: Get your hair trimmed every 4-6 weeks

The essential first step to making your hair strong, healthy and beautiful is to get it trimmed every 4-6 weeks. Even if you're planning to grow out your hair, a regular ½ inch trim will ensure that all dry and split ends are chopped off and your hairstyle stays in great shape. In fact, when split-ends are out of the way, your hair grows faster! So don't skip your salon appointments; go, get your hair cut.

Fight and control frizz
Fight and control frizz

Tip #2: Don't ignore frizz

A majority of us believe that frizz is a part-and-parcel of winter. It doesn't have to be! Honestly, who likes a halo of fuzz to ruin their hairstyle? No one! Thankfully, there are lots of easy and economical ways to control frizz and save our hairstyle from looking out of whack in the cold season. Just get a good quality frizz vanisher cream and smooth over a tiny amount on your top hair every morning. The product will lock out humidity, prevent the occurrence of frizz and condition the cuticles, leaving you with soft, sleek, polished hair.

Use dry shampoo
Use dry shampoo

Tip #3: Use dry shampoo to make your blowout last longer

Want to make your blowout last longer? It's easy! Simply spritz some dry shampoo on your hair on the 3rd day post blowout and brush it through. Your hairstyle will look just as gorgeous as on the day you got it styled at the salon. A note of caution though: don't blow dry your hair after spraying it with dry shampoo as it will make your strands look dirtier.

Tame Flyways
Tame Flyways

Tip #4: Use a toothbrush to tame flyways

Using for a fuss-free fix for those annoying flyways that pop up out of the blue and ruin your hairstyle? Look no further than your dental kit! Yep, you read that right. Your toothbrush can help to nip the problem in the bud and keep all stray hair under control throughout the day. All you need to do is sprits a toothbrush (umm, not the one you use!) with some hairspray and use it to smooth out stray strands along your hairline, around your hair part as well as above the ears. You can do the same for cowlicks and any other loose hair. Ever thought it could be so simple and economical!

Blow dry with cold air
Blow dry with cold air

Tip #5: Blow dry with cold air to lock style

Do you often blow-dry your hair? Are you attempting a DIY blowout at home? Once your tresses are dried, switch the blow dryer to cool mode and blast your strands with cold air. Doing this will help to lock a nice shine in your hair and give your blowout a long-lasting, salon-styled finish. Now that's blow-drying like a pro!

Condition your hair
Condition your hair

Tip #6: Don't apply hair conditioner on your scalp

Have you ever noticed how your scalp becomes oily all by itself a day or two after shampoo? That's because it releases natural oils that are essential to keep our hair moisturized, soft and healthy. If you apply conditioner directly on your scalp, not only might the product block pores but also make your scalp look way too greasy and weigh your hair down. For those with sensitive skin, over-greasiness can also trigger acne and other skin-related problems (yep, true that!). For best results, always apply conditioner at least 2-3 inches away from the scalp. Make sure you pay special attention to the tips of your hair, which are most prone to dryness.

Color your hair when it's slightly dirty
Color your hair when it's slightly dirty

Tip #7: Color your hair when it's dirty (unwashed)

There's a reason why expert hair stylists recommend you to color your hair on second or third pay post shampoo. The scalp has a nice coating of natural oils that act as a buffer between the skin and the hair dye and prevents irritation and other dye-related side effects. If you have sensitive skin, never color freshly shampooed hair, since your scalp is most vulnerable to irritation and inflammation right after a wash. There is yet another advantage of coloring unwashed hair. Second day hair is much relaxed and therefore easier to section-off. This allows uniform color distribution throughout the mane.

Use heat styling protectants
Use heat styling protectants

Tip #8: Shield your hair during heat styling

Who doesn't like well-behave hair styled to perfection? With your favorite heat styling tools in hand, every day might seem like a good hair day. However, any form or amount of heat is bad for your hair and the more you heat style, the more havoc is wreaked on your precious locks. Is there a way out of this vicious cycle? There sure is! Heat protectant products shield your strands from the damages of heat styling, keep the moisture levels intact and prevent your tresses from looking battered.

Thermal smoother creams and hairsprays prep your hair for heat styling, while also helping to fight frizz and making our hairstyle stay intact for longer wear. So, the next time you pick up your blow dryer, flat iron or curling iron to style your short, medium-length or long hair, prep and protect it first!

A very important tip here: while blow-drying or heat styling your hair, avoid hot spots. Instead of concentrating on particular areas for long durations of time (or repeatedly), keep the styling tool moving so that excess heat does not dry out or damage your strands or scald your scalp!

Use Velcro rollers to add curly texture
Use Velcro rollers to add curly texture

Tip #9: Air dry your hair with Velcro rollers for added bounce

If you have been following our articles, you would remember how we have asked you to ditch all heat styling tools or at least limit their use to as little as possible, especially in winters. If you've followed our advice (thank you!) and have taken to air drying your hair (have you noticed a change in your hair texture?), here's another smart tip to make your precious locks look even more gorgeous and bounce from root to tip:

After you've shampooed and conditioned your hair, wrap damp sections in Velcro rollers and allow them to air dry. When you take your hair off the rollers, it will be lush, bouncy and full of soft, curly texture all over!

The same trick can be used by those of you with naturally curly hair. Just remember to work in a small amount of curl taming cream through your lovely locks before twisting them in Velcro rollers and leaving them to air dry. It will help to lock the structure of the curls and make them stay intact and hold longer.

Now, doesn't this sound much simpler and easier than a curly blowout?

Choose the right hairbrush
Choose the right hairbrush

Tip #10: Use a ceramic hairbrush to style textured hair

Do you love to add texture to your straight hair and experiment with your looks? You should use the right hairbrush to make your strands shiny and smooth. Make a ceramic round brush your textured hair's new best friend. Although ceramic brushes are a tad more expensive than regular hair brushes, they are totally worth every penny spent.

Ceramic is well known for its quick heating properties. The brush does the same; when in contact with hot air, it heats up quickly, emits negative ions and glides through the strands without any snags or hassles. The hot air then breaks down the hydrogen bonds in your tresses and makes them smooth, glossy and frizz free.

Well, that was a lot of information on the 'science of hair styling'. Why don't you use a ceramic round brush the next time you attempt a wavy blowout at home and tell us if you notice any difference in the overall finish and appeal of your hairstyle!

All these hair care tips are simple and economical. You don't need to go out of your way to follow them. Just try to incorporate as many as you can in your daily lifestyle and see the difference they make to your mane!

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