10 New Ways to Style Wavy Hair of All Lengths

/ 01.28.2016
10 New Ways to Style Your Wavy Hair
10 New Ways to Style Your Wavy Hair

Neither unexcitingly poker-straight nor naughtily curly, wavy hair is, in our opinion, the best hair type. From barely-there bends to more pronounced curves, this hair variety looks naturally lush and lively and makes the mane look fuller. It also looks good on most women, irrespective of their face shape or age.

By far the biggest advantage of having wavy hair is that you can try out a whole bunch of textured and voluminous hairstyles without really having to get into intricate styling techniques, especially those involving heat. With a little help from the right products, you can create gorgeous 'dos that look effortlessly chic and bang on trend.

If you're blessed with wavy hair, here are 10 new ways to style it:

Short Wavy Bob
Short Wavy Bob

1. Short Wavy Bob

Wavy hair and a short bob cut make for an awesome combo. While the length looks trendy and allows easy manageability, the wavy texture makes the short and modest hairstyle stand out! The best way to style your short wavy bob is to leverage and define the natural texture of the pretty curves. Emulsify a tiny amount of deconstructing gum in your palms and scrunch it in your hair to make the wavy texture look more pronounced. This will also help to lift up limp strands, make your mane look perky and voluminous and leave you with a vogueish hairstyle.

Tousled Long Bob
Tousled Long Bob

2. Tousled Long Bob

A medium-length tousled bob takes your hair out of the confines of 'prim-and-proper' hairstyles and allows its natural character to stand out. We believe that wavy hair is all about having fun and that is exactly what a tousled bob does. Full of volume, texture and movement, it is like the livewire of all wavy hairstyles and shows the playful side of your personality.

Tousle your wavy hair to perfection by spritzing it with tousle waves hairspray at the time of blow-drying. The sea-salt spray will help to define the carefree, undone waves and lock the sultry texture for longer wear. Wear your hair with a deep side part or with side-swept bangs for that extra wow factor.

Sleek Waves
Sleek Waves

3. Sleek Waves

With all the playful texture and movement going on in your mane, there must be times when you feel like taming your hair down and wearing it smooth and polished. Sleek waves will help you get there! Usually worn with a sharp hair part, this hairstyle makes your wavy tresses cascade down your back in perfect symmetry, so that every strand is under control, at all times. A red carpet staple and a preferred choice of Hollywood stars and supermodels, sleek waves are the final world in wavy hair coiffage.

Spritz your hair generously with strand smoother serum spray to remove tangles and make your tresses soft, smooth and shiny. Twist small sections of hair on a medium-barreled curling iron to create proportionate loose waves. Break the tighter bends with your fingers for a more natural looking finish and tame flyways and cowlicks with a generous mist of hairspray.

Accessorized Side-Parted Hairstyle
Accessorized Side-Parted Hairstyle

4. Accessorized Side-Parted Hairstyles

Side-parted hairstyles look good on most women irrespective of their face shape, which is why they are so popular. If you like wearing your hair with a strict side part, an interesting way to make it stand out is by accessorizing it. While spring is not far away, all of us can do with a little dash of color to make our appearance pop on the gloomiest of winter days. Use a colorful hair clip to sweep one side of your front hair away from your face and uplift your style and mood instantly!

Accessorized side-parted hairstyles are rather minimalistic but make a big impact. It is just a matter of how creative you can get with your everyday look. However, do not over-accessorize, as it'll take attention off your hairstyle and make it look too loud. Remember what Coco Chanel said, "when accessorizing always take off the last thing you put on."

Twisted Half-Up Hairstyle
Twisted Half-Up Hairstyle

5. Half-Up Hairstyles

If you're bored of wearing your hair loose and aren't not too keen on securing it in an updo, make your styling needs meet midway with a half-up hairstyle. Try out this fairytale-inspired 'do with multiple twists to sweep loose hair off your face while flaunting your gorgeous waves.

The multi-layered texture on top offers a beautiful contrast to the cascading wavy hair below, lending you a hairstyle that oozes romance and is ideal for a special date night. Smooth in a tiny amount of volume inject mousse through your mane to add body and grip to your strands, and tousle your tresses ever so slightly for a fuller-looking finish.

Chunky Side Braid
Chunky Side Braid

6. Chunky Braids

Leverage the wavy texture of your hair to create some of the most sought-after voluminous braided hairstyles that rank high on creativity and style. A side braid, teased and mussed to perfection never goes out of fashion. In fact, it is one of the safest bets to survive a bad hair day!

Prep your hair by misting it with some strand smoother serum – you don't want knots and tangles to get in the way of plaiting! Gather all your hair to one side of your neck and plait it into a regular braid, a reverse French braid or a fishtail braid. Use a toothbrush to muss up the weaves or tug at hair pieces to create an undone finish. For an XXL braid, you can also tease the lower layers of your hair to create extra volume before plaiting it all together into a braid of your choice.

Tousled Chignon
Tousled Chignon

7. Tousled Chignons

From windswept buns to deconstructed knots – tousled chignons come in many variations. Texture is of utmost importance in these 'dos, which is why they are best created with wavy hair. The more curves your hair has, the better your chignon will look!

Scrunch a tiny amount of volume inject mousse evenly throughout your hair and massage the roots with your fingertips to build some height. Finger comb your hair, gather it at the nape of your neck (or on the side) and twist it into a chignon, slipping in bobby pins as you go to secure the updo. Finish off with some hairspray to lend a long lasting hold to your hairstyle and tuck in a flower for a romantic touch.

Wavy Ponytail
Wavy Ponytail

8. Wavy Ponytails

It's difficult to find a hairstyle as simple as a ponytail. Just gather all your hair, tie it up and get going! We're so used to sporting ponytails that we often forget that they can be tweaked in a variety of ways to create absolutely knockout hairstyles that are low on labor but high on style! A wavy ponytail is a perfect case in point.

Apart from wearing your pony high or low-slung, you can pair it with a vintage-style beehive created with loads of hairspray, wear it with a quiff achieved with a tiny amount of high lift creation spray or slick it with some styling gel to create an out-of-shower, wet look texture. Wear your wavy ponytail with any outfit, anytime and anywhere!

Updo with Headband
Updo with Headband

9. Updos with Headbands

Of the many mainstream hairstyles that are inspired by runway fashion, we absolutely love those involving updos with headbands. With all the smooth bends, loose face-framing wisps and textured layers, accessorized updos have a certain imperial vibe about them that both enchants and impresses. (Did your thought just drift to Game of Thrones or 300?)

Make a braided bun and slide in a sleek, floral headband to match the romance of your updo. Alternatively, create a chic beehive and accessorize it with a thin leather headband for a glamorous, retro look. Before sculpting your updo, do remember to apply a tiny amount of frizz remover cream through your hair to keep flyways and fuzzy strands under control and lend your hairstyle a polished finish.

Princess Waves
Princess Waves

10. Princess Waves

Finally, from intricate updos we move to long, princess waves – a delightful loose hairstyle that (almost) every woman dreams of sporting. If you have naturally wavy hair that extends well below your shoulders or back, princess waves would look terrific on you.

Braiding is the easiest way to add texture along the lengths of your strands and create princess waves. Plait as many loose braids as you can with your hair (preferably damp) and spritz them generously with hairspray to seal the texture for longer wear. Allow the pretty curves to set for 10-15 minutes, then untie the braids and finish with another light mist of hairspray.

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