10 Effortless summer hairstyles you can wear everywhere

/ 06.23.2015
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  •  Easy half-up hair 
 Got some new sunglasses? Show them off with an easygoing half-up hairstyle! All you need to do is pin the top layers back and mist with hairspray.
  •  Messy bun updo 
 A messy bun, especially a high-volume one, is a great way to deal with humidity and it'lk keep your hair off your neck, too.
  •  Slick side part 
 An edgy, slick hairstyle will protect your hair from frizz, creating a fresh, clean look that will help you keep your cool when temeratures soar.
  •  Braided low ponytail 
 Low ponies demonstrate total easy and are always effortlessly chic. Why not switch up the look by braiding it?
  •  Half-up wavy hair 
 Mermaid waves are a classic summer hairstyle and the texture works beautifully with a half-up 'do!
  •  Cute side braid 
 If you're leaving the house with damp hair, try braiding it. Not only does this hairstyle look cute with a headband, it'll help to prevent frizz and flyaways while your hair dries!
  •  Twisted chignon updo 
 If you love the practicality of a bun for summer, but want something more intricate, try a twisted chignon. Simply twist and pin individual pieces at the back until all of your hair is up.
  •  Braided pigtails 
 Pigtails make for a gorgeous casual summer look. They're easy to style, and with a low placement, completely appropriate for grownups!
  •  Fishtail braided headband 
 A braided headband is a surprisingly easy way to keep your hair up and off your neck. All you need to do is braid your hair into pigtails then pin them up into a headband.
  •  Wavy hair with a headband 
 If you don't know how to deal with day two waves, try using some dry shampoo to add texture and lift, then pop your favorite headband on!

Summer is the season for effortless hairstyles - the kind that actually are effortless! Whether you want to keep your hair off your neck, prevent frizz or look like a total sun goddess, there's are many beautiful, easy hairstyles to try this summer. For all the inspiration you need, check out the photo gallery above.

Styling tips

1/ Perfect your waves

Summery, tousled waves are a huge beauty staple during the warmer months, and to get the look just right, you need a texturizing product like Advanced Hairstyle TXT IT Tousle Waves Spray. It will create beachy waves while protecting your hair from heat damage. You can use it with your blow dryer, or a curling iron, whatever you're most comfortable with.

2/ Make your style last

Although it can be really tempting during the summer, try to avoid over-washing your hair. On in-between days, use a dry shampoo like Advanced Hairstyle BLOW DRY IT Longwear Spray to absorb excess oil and add lift.

3/ Prevent frizz

Humidity and sweat can cause all kinds of problems for your hair, but the biggest one is frizz. To keep your hair calm, create a protective barrier with a finishing spray like Advanced Hairstyle SLEEK IT Strand Smoother Serum Spray.

Products needed

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