10 Easy Hairstyles with a Side Part for All Hair Lengths

/ 10.20.2015
Super easy hairstyles to make with a side part
Super easy hairstyles to make with a side part

For most of us, a side part comes very naturally. The good news is that hairstyles with a side part are in major trend these days. We saw a whole bunch of them at the Fashion Week and Emmys this season. Side-swept hairstyles look flattering on all women, irrespective of their face shape and instantly amp up their charm. Whether you have a short pixie hairstyle, long flowy hair or medium length tresses, you can never go wrong with a side-parted hairstyle.

Wouldn't it be awesome to gather some easy and on trend hairstyles with side parts up your sleeves? From office appropriate hairstyles to romantic date-night hairdos, we've rounded up some gorgeous hairstyles that you're bound to love.

Short Hairstyles with a Side Part: Pixies and Bobs
Short Hairstyles with a Side Part: Pixies and Bobs

1. Pixies and Short Bobs

One of the easiest ways to rock a pixie cut or a short bob is to pair it with a side part. Besides looking super stylish, these side-parted short hairstyles help to cover up the forehead and make a long face shape look less elongated, as well as lend a beautiful angular contour to a round face.

You can wear your short hairstyle with a side part in a variety of ways. Work in some tousle waves hairspray through your hair and scrunch it with your fingers to create some texture; apply some deconstruction gum to style individual sections of hair; dab a tiny amount of styling gel on your strands to achieve a polished finish or blow dry damp hair to create an au naturel hairstyle!

Ponytail Hairstyles with a Side Part
Ponytail Hairstyles with a Side Part

2. Ponytails

Give your regular ponytail hairstyle an on trend upgrade by pairing it with a side part. A sweeping side part plunging on your forehead will look gorgeous and lend a very delicate and feminine appeal to your overall look.

You can wear a high pony or a low one and tie it at the nape of your neck or on the side! No matter what the shape of your face or the texture of your hair, a side parted ponytail is bound to look good on you! Alternate between sleek and tousled ponytails to add some spice to your regular hairstyle!

Pinned up Hairstyle with a Side Part
Pinned up Hairstyle with a  Side Part

3. Pinned up hairstyle

There are so many ways to wear your hair loose! But if you're looking for a fun and trendy side-parted hairstyle that you can wear just about anywhere, this pinned up style might be a great option for you!

Ideal for straight, wavy and curly hair, this hairstyle with a side part instantly amps up the charm of a mundane hairdo and makes you look fresh, fun and fashionable! It also gives you a chance to try out a variety of hairpins, clips and accessories! So, go ahead and have a dry run with this pretty hairstyle on a date, at work or simply for running errands. Secure one side of your hair with a flowery hair corsage, an ornamental barrette clip or simple bobby pins!

Tousled Waves with a Side Part
Tousled Waves with a Side Part

4. Tousle Waves

Looking for a sexy side-parted hairstyle that you can wear just about anywhere? Nothing beats the popularity of tousle waves!

This hairstyle has a sensual, beachy appeal and is ideal for medium length hair. What's more – you can create it at home without any heat styling!

Simply make 3-4 braids with your damp hair and wait for about 30 minutes for them to set. Untie the plaits and mist your hair with a good quality tousle waves hairspray. Rake your fingers through your hair and create a soft side part. Finish off with a generous spritz of fine control hairspray to set your beachy waves for longer wear!

Classic French Twist with a Side Part
Classic French Twist with a Side Part

5. French Twist

Classic, timeless and always glamorous, the French twist is one of the few hairstyles that have a permanent place in every woman's heart!

If you're looking for an elegant hairstyle to wear to work or to a party, don't think twice before going for a French twist. Smooth, slicked-back sides lend this hairstyle a polished appeal. Add a touch of glamour to this side parted updo by tucking in an ornate hairpin or a comb clip.

Dab some high-shine styling gel on your hair to achieve a sleek finish or create a small bouffant at the crown on your head to lend a retro feel to your updo. Leave a few wisps of face framing hair on both sides of the part loose to add a hint of romance to your hairstyle.

Low Side Parted Chignon
Low Side Parted Chignon

6. Messy Chignon

If you don't like tight, pulled-up hairstyles and are looking for something a little more relaxed and yet romantic, a messy chignon will fit your bill perfectly. You can create this beautiful side-parted hairstyle with shoulder-length hair of any texture – straight, wavy or curly.

A casual, messy chignon looks best when it is slightly loose and chunky. So, if you have straight or wavy hair, spritz some volume inject mousse on the roots to boost your strands and build volume. On the other hand, if you're blessed with curly hair, mist your tresses with a curl taming serum to make them easy to manage and sculpt.

This side-parted chignon can be worn to work, to a date or even to a red carpet event!

Fishtail Braid with a Side Part
Fishtail Braid with a Side Part

7. Side Braid

By now, you have a fair idea that braids are in trend this season. But did you know that a side-parted low braid can be an awesome day-to-night hairstyle too? Wear your side braid to work in the morning and simply untie it to get beautiful crimped hair for a night out on the town!

This hairstyle is ideal for medium length to long hair of straight or wavy texture, looks cool on all face shapes and literally takes 5 minutes to create! There's really no reason to not trade your regular braided hairstyle with this one! Try out a neat plait or a disheveled fishtail braid to match your outfit, occasion and mood!

Retro Hairstyles with a Side Part
Retro Hairstyles with a Side Part

8. Retro Curls and Vintage Bob

A side part is ideal for creating lavish retro hairstyles with gorgeous face-framing waves, swooping finger curls and sculpted ringlets. Vintage hairstyles have made a big comeback this season and if you haven't sported a retro hairdo before, now is the time to try one out before they go out of trend.

Retro curls and vintage bob are two of the easiest and no-fuss side-parted retro hairstyles that you can try with medium length to long hair. Both these hairstyles make your tresses look shorter in length, so you don't really need to cut your precious locks.

To make sculpted retro curls, just twist the ends of your hair on a curling iron, allow them to set on a medium heat setting and let the curls slide off the barrel. Once the curls cool down, spritz a bold control hairspray to lock them for longer wear. Don't forget to mist your hair with some heat protectant hairspray before curling it, so that your strands are shielded from the damages of heat styling.

To make a vintage bob, create a side part and brush your hair thoroughly to remove all nots and tangles. Roll under your hair sections and secure them around the base of your neck using bobby pins. Finish with a generous spritz of fine control hairspray to make your vintage bob stay put in its place.

Side Swept Glamour Waves
Side Swept Glamour Waves

9. Side-Swept Glamour Waves

A perfect hairstyle for long, straight hair, side-swept glamour waves will make you the center of attention at every party!

You don't need a squad of master stylists to create this red carpet worthy hairstyle. You can create salon-styled glamour waves at home with a little help from a curling iron and some hairspray. Gather all your hair on one shoulder to create a trendy style and show off your gorgeous neck, collarbone and earrings!

Slicked Back Updos with a Side Part
Slicked Back Updos with a Side Part

10. Slicked Back Updo

What's life without a little razzle-dazzle? If you like to keep things classy and polished, you'll love slicked back updos!

Slicked back hairstyles are in vogue these days and everyone, right from supermodels and celebrities to next-door fashionistas, is giving the hair trend a go. Whether you have short hair, medium-length tresses or long locks, you too should try the slicked back style at least once to see how you'll look!

To create a glossy, wet look side sweep, work in a small quantity of high-shine hair styling gel along the length of your tresses and comb your hair to detangle knots. Sculpt your hair the way you want and finish with a light spritz of hairspray to make your hairstyle stay put for hours!

Whether you wish to wear a slicked back pixie, a wet look bob or a super sleek chignon, always start with a tiny amount of styling product so that your hair does not look too greasy. You can always add more gel later if required.

Create beautiful hairdos by leveraging your hair's natural character. Whether your hair develops a side part naturally or you have to carve it out using a comb, these quick and easy side-parted hairstyles are definitely worth a try!

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