10 Common Hairstyling Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

/ 12.01.2015
Common Hairstyling Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
  Common Hairstyling Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Don't we all just want a hairstyle that looks like it was custom-made for us? A precise haircut, an awesome hair color and a personalized style can makes us look good and feel confident. Where the right hairstyle can draw attention to our best facial features and even enhance them, a wrong one can dispel all our dreams of sporting a magical mane.

Let's face it – we've all made some or the other hairstyling mistake at least once in our lives; a set of bangs that did not suit our face shape, a bob that was too short or a layered hairstyle that looked way too choppy. But we don't have to repeat them again!

Here's a compilation of the most common hairstyling mistakes that we make and how to avoid them:

Choose a Hairstyle that Suits Your Face Shape
Choose a Hairstyle that Suits Your Face Shape

1. A Hairstyle that Does Not Suit Our Face Shape

We have a natural tendency to follow and replicate what's on trend; the same holds true for hairstyles too. The important point to remember is that your hairstyle should work with your hair type, texture and length, and contour your face beautifully. A good hairstyle always complements and enhances your best facial features, while concealing certain others that you don't want to draw attention to.

For example, if you have a round face shape, opt for a straight hairstyle that frames and even conceals the sides of your cheeks and makes your face appear longer. At the same time, avoid a hairstyle that has way too many pieces – such as a short choppy bob; it will make your head look poufy.

If you're forcing your lovely locks to acquire a particular shape, then it might be time to rethink your hairstyle. An easy tip to find out whether a hairstyle will suit you or not is to see how your hair looks immediately after it's dry. Once dried, your tresses should automatically take on a nice form to complement your face shape.

Also, while styling your hair, you need to pay heed to its natural texture. If your hair is dry and frizzy, imagine how your hairstyle would look after you've applied a product to address the issue.

Choose a Hair Color that Complements Your Skin Tone
Choose a Hair Color that Complements Your Skin Tone

2. A Hair Color that Does Not Match Your Skin Tone

One of the most common hairstyling mistakes that we make is dyeing our mane in a color that does not match our natural skin tone. A wrong hair color can not only dull down our gorgeous facial features and complexion but also make us look older than our actual age.

While choosing a hair color, make sure that it perks up and brings out the subtleties of your skin tone. As a thumb rule, you should go for a warmer hair color such as honey blonde, strawberry blonde, golden ombré, almond brown, chestnut, light copper or chocolate brown if you have a light to olive skin tone; for medium to warm complexion, choose to color your hair in a shade of champagne blonde, ash brown, dark auburn, toffee, caramel, apricot, cinnamon or dark red.

At the same time, if you have very pale skin, steer clear of very dark hair colors such as jet black, as these shades will make your light skin tone appear paler.

Important Tips for Color Highlights

If you're planning to get color highlights in your hair, consult a professional colorists to choose the right tints that will complement the natural tone of your hair, bounce off light and make your strands look shiny and multi-dimensional. Both thickness and placement of color streaks are important to create a rich color tone, make your mane look lush and voluminous and make your hairstyle stand out.

Get Bangs that Suit Your Face Shape
Get Bangs that Suit Your Face Shape

3. Getting Bangs That Do Not Suit Your Face Shape

A sweet set of bangs can truly transform the way we look. Therefore, it is important to choose the right fringe that not only makes our face look proportionate but also makes us feel like a million bucks!

To avoid making a hairstyling blunder as far as bangs are concerned, find out your face shape and the features that you'd like to highlight. Heavy, eyebrow-grazing bangs can make a long face look less elongated; wispy, asymmetrical bangs can make the angular edges of a square face look less severe and side-swept bangs can create appropriate angles to contour a round face beautifully.

Choose a Hair Part As Per Your Face Shape
Choose a Hair Part As Per Your Face Shape

4. Choosing the Wrong Hair Part

Something as simple as parting your hair the right way can make a big impact; it can instantly upgrade your hairstyle and revolutionize the way you look. A wrong hair part, on the other hand, might neither complement your face shape nor distribute your hair evenly to soften up any facial extremities, such as a very wide forehead, a widow's peak or a receding hairline.

To avoid this hairstyling mistake, here are a few general rules to follow:

A side part helps to make a round face look slightly longer; a middle part is best suited for women with square face shapes. Those with oval faces can rock a deep side part that makes the face appear visually shorter while those with heart-shaped faces should go for an off-center hair part that looks both stylish and different.

Use Hair Styling Products to Improve Your Natural Hair Type and Texture
Use Hair Styling Products to Improve Your Natural Hair Type and Texture

5. Not Using the Right Hairstyling Products

To make your precious locks look healthy and beautiful, it is important to give them the specific nourishment, pamper and protection that they need. However, sometimes even the best of us can load our hair with the wrong styling products, especially in this tricky fall weather when our mane seems to have a mind of its own and our hairstyle looks out of whack.

When your hairstyle looks piecey or clumpy, when your sculpted curls look flat or your gorgeous wavy hair looks limp, you've applied the wrong hair product on your tresses.

To avoid this hairstyling mistake, apply a tiny amount of frizz remover cream or restorative oil on dry, frizzy hair; work in a tiny amount of high-lift creation hairspray or volume inject mousse through fine hair; run some elastic curl mousse through your hair to make your curls stay intact and hold longer; make your straight hair look sleek and polished by misting it with some strand smoother serum spray and ensure that your wavy hair looks textured throughout the day by spritzing some tousle waves hairspray on it.

The right hair product will make your tresses more manageable and ensure that your hairstyle looks gorgeous.

Address Dry and Frizzy Hair Issues
Address Dry and Frizzy Hair Issues

6. Not Addressing Limpness or Frizz in Your Hair

If you're wondering why your hairstyle's been looking a little off lately, check the texture of your hair – is it too frizzy or too limp? The type, texture and appearance of your hair is influenced by a host of factors such as dry, cold or humid weather, the natural properties of your scalp as well as your lifestyle. Not addressing limpness or frizz may ruin your hairstyle.

Limp Hair Problems

If you have limp hair, the first thing to do before styling your hair is to pump some volume into your strands. Work in a tiny amount of non-greasy volumizing mousse through your tresses to make your hair look bulky, without weighing it down. No matter what the natural texture of your hair, if your strands are flaccid, your hairstyle would look flat.

Frizzy Hair Problems

If, on the other hand, you have thick hair, which is dry, frizzy and out of control, you need to treat it with some frizz vanishing cream before trying out any hairstyle. Frizz is a common problem faced by those with curly hair. If not checked in a timely manner, the curls may lose their gorgeous structure and start to look flat and out of shape. Therefore, before you style your curly hair, work in a specially formulated elastic curl mousse through your locks to restore the health, bounce and shine in your curls.

Do Not Overload Your Hair With Products
Do Not Overload Your Hair With Products

7. Overloading Your Hair with Products

Too much of anything is bad; overloading your hair with products is just as detrimental to your mane as using the wrong products. Heaps of products weigh your hair down and make your hairstyle look flat. To avoid this hairstyling mistake, make sure that you only apply relevant products that are formulated for your specific hair type and texture. If you're allergic to a particular item, avoid using it altogether!

Before styling your hair, make a note of what your strands need. Do they look greasy or too dry? Do you need to add volume to your tresses or give them a sleek and smooth, wet look finish? Do you want a straight hairstyle, loose waves or glamorous curls? Will you wear your hair loose or sculpt it in an updo?

These questions will help you narrow down your choice of hair products and use only those items that you really need to create a perfect hairstyle.

Use the Right Hairbrush
Use the Right Hairbrush

8. Not Using the Right Hairbrush

Just as we can't expect a headband to do a scrunchy's job, we can't use one hairbrush to meet all our hairstyling needs.

Every hairbrush has a specific purpose and to get a perfect hairstyle, you need a perfect hairbrush!

While a wide toothed comb helps to detangle your hair easily, a boar-bristle brush helps to distribute natural oils throughout the scalp and along the shafts of your hair, making your strands look naturally shiny. A paddle brush is not only great for awesome straight blowouts but also helps to flatten out frizzy hair.

A vented brush, which can reach your hair from all angles, speeds up your hair drying time. A round brush helps to create a super voluminous blowout at home; a tail comb is perfect for creating sharp hair parts while a teasing brush is specifically designed to ease the back brushing process without damaging your strands.

Ladies, remember: using a wrong hairbrush can cause serious damage your tresses; choosing the right one, however, can help you create the hairstyle of your dreams!

Choose an On Trend Hairstyle
Choose an On Trend Hairstyle

9. Sporting a Dated Hairstyle

While it's quite convenient to find a 'safe' hairstyle that suits us and stick to it, wearing our hair the same way over a long period of time makes it less of a signature look and more of a 'dated hairstyle'.

Why get into a rut when there are so many new and on trend hairstyles to try!

Dated hairstyles not only look out of trend but also add years to your face. Changing your hairstyle every now and then can make you look and feel fresh. It also helps to show a more fashionable side of your personality. Choose a new look that suits your face shape, flatters your bone structure and works well with your natural hair type, length and texture.

Get a Haircut When It is Due
Get a Haircut When It is Due

10. Not Getting a Haircut When It's Due

Finally, the biggest hairstyling mistake that we commit is waiting too long between haircuts. Most often, we just wait for our lovely locks to grow out and don't go anywhere near a pair of shears (although our strands give us plenty of cues to suggest that a haircut is due!)

Truth is, going too long without a haircut makes our strands look limp, uneven and out of shape. No matter how much we try, our hairstyle just doesn't work!

Ladies, do your precious locks a favor – don't wait too long to trim your hair. Try to stick to a regular 6-8 weeks schedule, even if you chop only a few centimeters of your tresses. We understand how long it takes for your hair to grow, but without a regular trim, there's a greater chance of developing split-ends and sporting a hairstyle that lacks a 'wow' factor.

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