10 Best Updos to Protect Your Hair in Winter

/ 12.08.2015
Winter Updos to Protect Your Hair
Winter Updos to Protect Your Hair

Most of us believe that dry, coarse and lack-luster hair is – just like a cup of hot chocolate and snowy days is a part of winter. But, it needn't be so! We've compiled a list of some really simple and beautiful updos that you can create to make your hair look as gorgeous in the colder months as in the middle of summer. Whether you have straight, wavy or curly hair, these buns and chignons will help to lock in moisture in your tresses, protect them from the dry weather and keep them healthy, shiny and beautiful all through winter:

Sleek Low Bun
Sleek Low Bun

Winter Updos for Medium Length Hair

Our hair needs some extra TLC in winter, partly because the humidity that keeps our strands moisturized during summer is absent during the colder season. Add to that the fact that we spend so much time in spaces with indoor heating. This wreaks havoc on our hair and makes it dry, battered and brittle. Split ends too are a common occurrence during winter.

If you wish to save your precious locks from distress, these updos will help to protect your medium-length hair this winter:

1/ Sleek Low Bun

A sleek bun looks very neat and is ideal to wear to work. It is practical and minimalistic and can be created in under two minutes.

For a polished texture, work in a tiny amount of strand smoother serum spray through your tresses before gathering them neatly at the nape of your neck and twisting them into a bun. Tuck in bobby pins to secure your updo and spritz some hairspray to tame flyaways and lend your hairstyle a smooth and elegant finish.

Low Braided Knot
Low Braided Knot

2/ Low Braided Knot

This low braided knot proves the fact that understated elegance is quite easy to achieve. A cute and chic hairstyle that you can pull off at work, on a date or at a wedding, this knotted updo has all the elements to make it your signature hairstyle this winter.

Just part your medium-length hair on one side, gather it at the nape of your neck)or on the side, as shown in the picture), braid it and then twist and pin it into a knot. Pull out a few wisps of hair to lend your hairstyle a romantic appeal and finish off with a gentle mist of hairspray.

Really Easy Chignon
Really Easy Chignon

3/ Really Easy Chignon

Your winter updo really can't get any easier that this chignon! It's sleek, it's chic and it can be worn to any occasion – whether formal or casual. It also protects your strands from dry, cold and windy weather.

Apply a tiny amount of frizz vanisher cream through your hair to make your strands soft, smooth and manageable. Neatly comb and gather all your hair at the nape of your neck and tie it into a low ponytail. Divide the pony into two sections of equal width; twist the sections like a rope and wrap and secure them into a chignon, using bobby pins.

Wish to add a little holiday sparkle to your updo? Weave in a sparkly metallic ribbon in your ponytail or tuck in an ornate hair comb to accessorize your updo.

Low Textured Bun
Low Textured Bun

4/ Low, Textured Bun

A low, textured bun is another prime example of an understated winter hairstyle that looks awesome and can be worn to absolutely every occasion.

Like all the other updos mentioned above, this bun too can be created with any texture of hair – straight, wavy or curly – hence, the name! What makes this knot stand out is its chunky pulled-together look.

If you are planning to skip a shampoo, this is a perfect hairstyle for in-between washes. Before securing your low ponytail into a bun, gently tease the lower layers of your hair to lend a voluminous finish to the updo. For a slick and polished look, dab some styling gel on the top of your hair to tame flyaways and set every loose strand in place.

Headband Updo
Headband Updo

5/ Headband Updo

This headband hair tuck is another quick and easy updo that will protect your hair in winters. All you need to do is put on a stretchy, elastic headband and loop in small chunks of hair around it, until all your loose tresses are up. Gently tug at hair sections to give your updo a carefully disheveled finish. Tuck in some floral hair accessories for a dreamy, romantic look.

This headband updo has a sweet, boho-chic vibe about it and is a perfect choice for a date night. But you can also wear it to work, for running errands or while shopping for the holiday season!

Twisted Chignon
Twisted Chignon

Winter Updos for Long Hair

While short to medium-length tresses may still be easier to manage, control and protect during winters, we do have a tough time taking care of our long hair during the colder months. As the mercury begins to drop, oiling and conditioning our hair becomes indispensable, but shampooing it ever too often to wash off product build-ups and keep the roots squeaky-clean seems like an ordeal.

If you're looking for some easy winter hairstyles for long hair that can be created in-between washes, these updos will fit your bill perfectly:

6/ Twisted Chignon

This winter updo for long hair looks quite sleek and polished and is therefore perfect for formal occasions such as a client meeting, a job interview or an office dinner party. A gentle spritz of strand smoother serum spray lends this chignon its polished finish.

After applying the product, brush your hair through to detangle all knots and make your tresses silky smooth. Gather all your hair in a ponytail and secure it with elastic. Divide the pony into 3-4 sections; twist each section like a rope and wrap it around the base of the elastic, tucking in bobby pins as your go. Mist your twisted chignon with some fine control hairspray to lend it a smooth and sophisticated finish.

Ballerina Bun
Ballerina Bun

7/ Ballerina Bun

The sleekest of all updos, a ballerina bun serves multiple purposes. It keeps your hair off your face and back, helps to hide dirty roots and prevents your hair shafts from being exposed to and battered by extreme weather. Besides, it looks good on everyone, works will all kinds of outfits and is perfect to sport just about anywhere!

The trick to sculpting a perfect ballerina bun is to use a hair donut that matches your natural hair color and has a good diameter to accommodate all your loose hair, without leaving out any gaps.

Gather all you hair at the back of your head and tie it up in a ponytail. Slide in the hair donut and twist your ponytail around its base, securing with bobby pins as you go, to create a perfect ballet bun. Spritz some strong hold hairspray all over your updo to tame pesky flyaways and cowlicks and set your hairstyle for longer wear.

If you're after a glossy finish, smooth a tiny bit of styling gel over your top hair after you've created your ballet bun.

Double French Braided Messy Chignon
Double French Braided Messy Chignon

8/ French Braided Chignon

If you like intricate braided hairstyles, this chignon could be just the winter updo you need. If your French braiding skills are rusty, don't worry; here's what you need to do – when you plait your strands, just keep adding thin sections of side hair to the side pieces of the braid and keep weaving regularly (as you would plait a standard braid) till you reach the end. Easy, isn't it?

For this chignon, make two French braids along your hairline running all the way down to the nape of your neck. Join the two braids and twist them up in an updo, tucking in bobby pins as you go.

Alternatively, you can also braid just a single side of your head and lend a textured variation to your updo. Finish off with a generous mist of hairspray and you're good to go!

Voluminous Updo
Voluminous Updo

9/ Voluminous Updo

A gorgeous updo, easily created with straight, wavy or curly hair, this voluminous chignon is the ultimate winter hairstyle that you can wear just about anywhere – to the office, on a date night or to a holiday party!

The best thing about this updo is that it helps you embrace the natural texture of your hair. If your long hair is straight or limp, just work in a tiny amount of volume inject mousse through your tresses to add instant bulk to your mane.

Want to cut a striking silhouette with your hairstyle? Gently tease the top section of your hair and create a quiff before securing the rest of your hair into a chignon. Or, tuck in a flower or an ornate hair pin to lend a dramatic touch to your updo.

French Twist Chignon
French Twist Chignon

10/ French Twist Chignon

Classy, sensual and drop-dead gorgeous – a French twist chignon is the updo to try during the holiday season. Pair it with a bouffant to transform your hairstyle from fairish to fabulous.

Height and volume are the two characteristic features of this classic updo. To create a perfect bouffant, spritz the roots around the crown of your head with some high lift creation hairspray before back brushing the strands. Spritz the teased section generously with strong hold hairspray to set the volume and shape of the bouffant.

Gather all the loose hair at the nape of your neck and wrap it into a French twist. Tuck in plenty of bobby pins to secure your updo and finish off with a generous spritz of hairspray to lend your hairstyle a smooth finish.

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