10 Best Hairstyles for Fine Hair of All Lengths

/ 11.05.2015
Hairstyles for Fine Hair
Hairstyles for Fine Hair

Women with fine hair are always looking for hairstyles that would make their mane look fuller. But, before we take a look at the best hairstyles for fine hair, it is important to understand that fine hair does not mean thin hair. Fine hair only means that the diameter of your hair strand is smaller than average, which makes any hairstyle you try out look a little flat. But hey, there's no reason to worry! With a few styling tricks and the right hair products up your sleeve, you can create some truly awesome hairstyles for fine hair of all lengths!

Tousled Pixie
Tousled Pixie

1. Tousled Pixie

If you have fine hair and sport a super short haircut such as a pixie, make your mane look thicker by inducing some texture and movement in it. Go for a tousled effect and style individual hair pieces to make them look stylish and well spread out.

No matter what style of pixie you have, a slightly tousled effect would certainly look awesome on you. Take a small amount of deconstruction gum on your fingertips and rub it on individual hair sections, styling them in random directions as you go.

Blunt Bangs
Blunt Bangs

2. Blunt Bangs

An eyebrow-grazing blunt fringe actually makes fine hair strands appear thicker by creating a sense of volume! By cutting your bangs in a straight line, you distribute the density of your strands evenly and make your hair look bulky. Plus, a blunt fringe looks quite bold and draws immediate attention to the face!

You can style the rest of your hair the way you want – leave it au naturel, make some waves or sculpt some loose curls – but pair it with pin-straight blunt bangs and notice the dramatic change you bring to your overall look!

To make your blunt bangs look perfect at all times, it is important that you flat-iron them on a regular basis. Don't forget to mist your fringe with some heat protectant spray before straightening it out.

Layered Bob
Layered Bob

3. Layered Bob

A classy, layered bob, cut at chin-length and tapered at the back (so that it cuddles your neck just right), is an awesome hairstyle for women with fine hair. Bob hairstyles are not only trendy but also suit almost all women, irrespective of their face shapes. When you add layers to your bob, you lend a multi-dimensional effect to your fine strands and make your mane look fuller.

Depending on your personality and lifestyle, you can go for a choppy bob or a chic, angled bob with an asymmetrical finish. When you blow-dry your damp hair, use a medium-barreled round brush to curl your tresses under and make your style look slightly puffy.

Alternately, you can also spritz your roots with some high-lift creation hairspray to give your strands a boost; flip your head down, brush your hair outwards and flip it back again for a sexy, voluminous layered bob hairstyle!

Crimped Hair
Crimped Hair

4. Crimped Hair

If you have straight or wavy hair, which is quite fine and does not make your hairstyle look very appealing, you could crimp your strands to make your hair look thicker.

The best thing about crimping is that it can be done without any heat styling, so you needn't worry about damaging your tresses. Besides, this trend is hot off-the-runway and looks great on all women, irrespective of their face shape.

Make 6-8 tight baby braids with your damp hair before going to bed. Let the braids set overnight and untie them in the morning to get gorgeous, naturally crimped hair! Ideally, it takes about 30 minutes to 1 hour for the crimps to set, so you can actually try out the technique anytime you want! However, for best results, spritz your braids with some hairspray, so that the crimped effect is more prominent and lasts longer.

Wear your crimped hair loose or tie it up in a ponytail – you'll never have worry about your hairstyle looking flat again!

Textured Updo
Textured Updo

5. Textured Updo

Who said you couldn't create beautiful updos with fine hair? The trick lies in adding texture and volume and creating heavier lines that make your mane appear thicker. To make a gorgeous layered updo, you need some volume inject mousse, a medium-barreled curling iron, some heat spray and some bobby pins. Did we forget something? Oh yes, a good heat protectant hairspray!

Work in a tiny amount of volume inject mousse through your tresses. The product has safe thickening agents that make your hair look voluminous and stay bouncy for long hours. Next, divide your tresses into 4-5 vertical sections and spritz some heat protectant hairspray on them. Starting from your chin-length, roll each section down on the curling iron to make loose curls. Repeat this step until all the sections are curled. Spritz some hairspray to set the pretty curves.

Now, run your fingers gently over the curls and break them. Gather all your hair at the nape of your neck (or on the side, if you like!), wrap it in a bun and secure it with bobby pins. Tug your hair gently with your fingers to slightly loosen the updo and finish with a generous spritz of hairspray!

This updo works best with medium-length hair; its textured finish creates visual bulk, giving the appearance of thicker hair!

Curly Blowout
Curly Blowout

6. Curly Blowout

Curls look sexy and playful; they also make fine hair look thicker! If you have straight or wavy hair, which is not very thick, create some sculpted curls and make your hair look heavy and luxurious. The best thing about curls is that they suit all women. So, if you have shoulder-length to long hair, there's absolutely no reason for you to not sport some pretty curves!

Go for tight curls or slightly loose, beachy ones, depending on your preferred style. However, if you have a round face shape, stick to loose curls that won't make your head look too poufy. Wear your gorgeous curls with a deep side sweep and make your hairstyle look plush and on trend!

Flipped Side
Flipped Side

7. Flipped Side

Sometimes, a minor adjustment can make a big difference; the same holds true for flipped hair too! If you have fine hair, which you've been wearing with the same hair part for as long as you can remember, maybe it's time to switch sides!

Just alter your hair part and notice the difference it makes to your hairstyle! When we part our hair at the same location every day, our hair picks up the habit and begins to look flat over time; the effect is even more prominent on fine strands.

Just spritz some high-lift creation hairspray on the roots of your hair and change your hair part. To add more volume, you can tease the roots around your crown and mist them with a strong hold hairspray to set the style. Your hair will instantly look thicker and fuller. Plus, you'll have a brand new look without really doing anything!

This simple trick works wonders with fine hair! No matter what the length or texture of your hair, keep alternating between hair parts every once in a while to look different and feel gorgeous!

8. Shaggy Hairstyle

If you have fine, shoulder-length hair and don't like how flat it looks, revamp your hairstyle with a '70s shag. Retro hairstyles are in vogue these days and this one's just perfect for making fine hair look thicker.

Work in a small amount of volumizing mousse through your tresses, and muss them up with your fingers to create an overall fuller effect. Part your hair in jagged lines to make your strands stick out a little more and give the illusion of thicker hair!

Braided Updo
Braided Updo

9. Braided Updo

Braided updos are perfect for fine hair. In fact, a braided headband, a braided crown, or any other style that involves wrapping your braid around the hairline, not only gives an appearance of thicker hair but also shows off your fashionable side! You can always make your braids look chunkier by slightly teasing the hair sections before plaiting them.

The hairstyle looks even better if you have bangs! A braided updo with a fringe breaks the monotony of a simple hairstyle. Plus, it gives an impression that you have a lot of thick hair to play with!

Dark Hair Color
Dark Hair Color

10. Dark Hair Color

Last but not the least, if you have fine hair, opt for a dark hair color that will make your mane look fuller and give the impression of thick, lush hair. Dark hair colors such as caramel, chestnut, deep auburn and mahogany are always in trend and suit all skin tones and facial features. The rich undertones of the hair dye make your hair look thicker and your mane denser.

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