10 Awesome Bob Hairstyles to Try This Fall

/ 11.13.2015
Awesome Bob Hairstyles for Fall
  Awesome Bob Hairstyles for Fall

Apart from making us look super attractive and sassy, bob hairstyles are quite easy to style and maintain too, which is why they're one of the most versatile women's hairstyles in recent years. As the need to protect and pamper your hair during the fall months increases, a bob saves you from the hassle of spending hours grooming and managing your precious locks during this tricky season. Besides, with so many interesting variations available to make the hairstyle work for any face shape, you can rest assured of looking stylish and bang on-trend!

Most bobs can be styled with just a blow dryer, a hairbrush and one styling product – be it a deconstructing gum, a hair wax, a styling gel or hair fix putty. So, your hair is never loaded with products, especially during the cold and humid fall months when build-ups are common and it's not easy to manage your hair.

For anyone sporting the same hairstyle for a very long time, a bob can truly be a game changer. It can not only transform your look but also your persona! Let's take a look at some of the most awesome bob hairstyles to try this fall:

Short Wavy Bob
Short Wavy Bob

1. Short Wavy Bob

A short wavy bob is an eternal hairstyle sported by women of all ages. From red carpet celebrities and super models to regular office going women and college girls – this textured short crop has become the 'go-to' hairstyle for anyone wanting to look chic.

This short bob has just the right amount of texture that gives the appearance of 'barely there waves', so while your straight hair does not look very flat, your thick hair does not appear too poufy either. The textured finish helps to make fine hair look thicker, which is why this is a great hairstyle for women who want to make their mane look fuller and vivacious.

To add a wavy effect to your short bob, spritz some tousle waves hairspray all over your damp hair and divide it into small vertical sections. Twist each section on a small-barreled curling iron and blow-dry it. When your hair is dry, run your fingers through the strands to make the waves look more subtle. Spritz some hairspray and you're ready to flaunt your short wavy bob!

Edgy Bob
Edgy Bob

2. Edgy Bob

Movement, texture and contouring are of vital importance in an edgy short bob. At the same time, one must also make sure that an edgy bob suits their face shape and enhances their personality. If you are one of those women who love to experiment with their hair and try out cool, messy, daring hairstyles, an edgy bob may be right up your alley!

A deconstructing gum is the only hair product you need to style your edgy bob. The product works like magic and adds great hold to your strands without weighing them down or making them look greasy. Take a tiny amount of deconstructing gum on your fingertips, rub it on individual hair pieces and style them as you go to achieve the kind of look you want. A carefully disheveled look works best with an edgy bob and brings out the cuts and contours of your hairstyle.

Layered Bob
Layered Bob

3. Layered Bob

If you are looking for a sassy, high-volume short hairstyle, we highly recommend a layered bob. This choppy hairstyle is an incredible way to add fullness and texture to your hair without curling or teasing your hair.

You can style your layered bob in various ways. If you have fine hair, spritz some high-lift creation hairspray on your hair roots to give your strands an instant boost and make your mane look more voluminous. While blow-drying your dry hair, roll chunky hair sections on a large round brush to lend a curvy texture to your tresses. Add babylights to add a glimmer of color throughout your mane instead of heavier streaky highlights and give your stylish layered bob a trendy upgrade this fall!

Fringe Bob
Fringe Bob

4. Fringe Bob

Bold fringe bobs are for women who have a penchant for shapely, geometric haircuts. A sweet set of bangs (the 'fringe' in the 'bob') makes this hairstyle look sexy and youthful! The best thing about a fringe bob is that it can be trimmed in a variety of ways to not just suit but also contour your face shape. For example, a slightly longer, chin-grazing bob makes a long face appear slightly oval while thick, blunt bangs make a long face look more square-ish!

No matter what the texture of your hair, go for a fringe bob for a hot-on-trend short hairstyle that will not only look sexy and suit your face shape but will be incredible to maintain in the tricky fall months too!

Piecey Bob
Piecey Bob

5. Piecey Bob

The careful layering and texturing in a piecey bob makes fine strands appear thicker. It is a timeless hairstyle for women of all age groups and works well with straight and wavy hair. Add some color highlights to lend a vibrant, multi-tonal effect to your mane and wear your hair with textured waves or curls.

To style your piecey bob, blow dry individual hair sections using a round hairbrush. You can seal the pretty curves by misting your hair with some strong hold hairspray or break them to create more natural-looking tousled waves. Don't forget to prep your hair with a quick-dry primer hairspray before blow drying it!

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6. Asymmetrical Bob

An asymmetrical bob is the most exclusive of all bob hairstyles and is perfect for women who crave a slightly higher dose of glamour in their everyday wash-and-go hairstyles. With one side of hair longer than the other, an asymmetrical bob gives the classic cut an edgy finish. This bob style looks best on women with round, oval and square face shapes and typically works well with all hair textures – straight, wavy and curly.

Wear it poker-straight and make your cheeks appear less wide or create a tousled effect or loose curls to add some excitement to your regular hairstyle. You can get your hair trimmed in choppy layers for a fuller looking mane, get tie-dyed tips or highlights and wear your bob with bangs to complete a hip, trendy look!

Long Bob
Long Bob

7. Long Blunt Bob

A long bob or a lob is also gaining a lot of popularity amongst women who don't want to crop their hair too short and yet don't want to sport longer hair. Typically, if you let your bob grow out, it will become a lob. A blunt bob, also known as an A-line bob, comprises cutting the ends of your hair in a straight line.

It is an awesome hairstyle for women with round face shapes since the straight lines of the hairstyle contour wider cheeks and make the face appear less wide. However, avoid this hairstyle if you have a long face shape, as the extended, straight fall of this shoulder-grazing hairstyle will make your face look more elongated.

To style your long bob, spritz some strand-smoother serum spray on your tresses and brush them thoroughly to detangle knots and make your strands look smooth and shiny. You can wear your long blunt bob with a middle part or a side sweep and with or without bangs.

Long Bob with Bangs
Long Bob with Bangs

8. Long Bob with Bangs

If you don't like the minimalistic appeal of a long bob and think it's too plain for your taste, add some pretty bangs and lend an element of fun to your hairstyle. A lob looks awesome with a fringe and you can tailor your forelocks according to your face shape to draw attention to the features that you want to highlight.

While getting bangs to pair with your long bob, leverage the natural texture of your hair so that you don't need to groom them every now and then, especially in this erratic fall weather. Spritz some fine hold hairspray to have them stay put in place throughout the day and save you the hassle of frequent touch-ups.

Wet Look Bob
Wet Look Bob

9. Wet Look Bob

A wet look bob looks super sexy and with just the right amount of slickness, can be worn anywhere too! Wet looks are in major trend these days and there's no reason why you shouldn't try it out with your bob haircut. Wear a 'dewy' wet look bob with a side part to work and play it up with a slicked back look for an after work party!

To lend a wet look finish to your bob, work in a tiny amount of hair styling gel through your damp tresses and rake them with your fingers to create a fresh, 'out of the shower' hairstyle. Alternately, use a fine-toothed comb to brush back all your gelled hair and create a glossy and glamorous slicked back look for a night out.

Faux Bob
Faux Bob

10. Faux Bob

Don't have a bob cut and don't want to sacrifice the length of your hair either? You can still wear your hair in a bob! Thanks to faux bob styles, you can have a test run with a short, popular hairstyle before actually cutting your tresses. The good thing about this bob hairstyle is that you can create it with any texture of hair – straight, wavy or curly. Plus, you can wear it neat or slightly disheveled too!

Before creating a faux bob, make sure that your hair is smooth, detangled and frizz free. Work in some frizz remover cream to make your tresses soft, shiny and easy to style. Next, create a hair part – in the middle, off-center or on the side, depending on what looks good on you. Starting from the ends, roll under vertical sections of hair and secure them at the nape of your neck with the help of bobby pins and you've got yourself a faux bob!

Spritz some hairspray to tame flyways and set your faux bob hairstyle for longer wear!

P.S. Don't forget to click some selfies and take your friends' expert opinion on whether you should go for a bob cut!

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